AMC and ROGUE presents: Big Break Movie Contest

Attention Film Makers

Submission period AUG 16 - OCT 15


Why are you only accepting submissions from the US?

As Rogue Life, LLC (“Sponsor”) is a US-based company, we have chosen to abide by US contest laws, which only allow us to accept submissions from legal residents of the 50 United States.

Does the film have to be in English?

The spoken language does not have to be English as long as there are English subtitles accompanying the film.

What is the minimum film length?

40 minutes. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines a feature as anything over 40 minutes in length, so we’re abiding by that.

I used stock footage in my film, which I purchased – if I provide proof of purchase, will this be sufficient to prevent disqualification?

If you can provide us with documentation that indicates you have the proper rights to use said footage, it is acceptable.

What will the judges be looking for?

Sponsor’s first round judging panel will watch all Submissions and will judge them on the basis of originality, creativity, professionalism, commercial viability, and compliance with the Submission Guidelines.

How were the judges selected?

For the competition, we wanted to get a variety of experienced industry professionals that represent all points of the filmmaking process.  From established producers and film school graduates, studio and exhibitor leadership who review new independent films weekly, to talent and voices that represent the most important audience – the movie guest – the judging panel will have healthy debate and exchanges to get to the 5 five finalists and in deciding the winner.  Remember, you will also have a chance to influence the judges during our voting period after the 5 finalists are determined! 

Will I retain ownership of my film?

Yes, unless otherwise agreed to independently by Sponsor and participant. According to the Official Rules “participant shall retain all right, title and interest in and to the Submission unless otherwise agreed.”

If my film has played at a festival, can I still submit to this contest?

Yes, you can. As long as it hasn’t been distributed commercially in theaters for more than 7 consecutive days, you can submit to the AMC Big Break Movie Contest.

I’ve previously self-distributed my film on DVD. Can I still enter the contest?

If it has not had a commercial theatrical run of 7 or more consecutive days, you can still enter your feature film in the AMC Big Break Movie Contest.

I’m currently working on a project, but won’t have the entire film completed by mid-October.  Can I submit a two-minute segment in good faith?

For consideration, we’ll need a DVD of the completed film by October 15.  Brilliance can’t be rushed, but there is a deadline for this competition!

Which AMC theatres will play the winning movie? 

TBD; however we will make the best effort to place the movie in the winner’s market or the nearest AMC market.

Will the winner’s film get marketing support to compete with other major releases next Spring?

Both AMC Theatres and Rogue/Relativity Media will use their resources and outreach to support the film in-theatre, via social and traditional media, through on-screen trailers and theatre guest communication and via e-mail outreach.   The filmmaker will also have the opportunity to do outreach to support their product via interviews and other unique opportunities.

How will the winning filmmaker profit from the contest?

The winning filmmaker will have his or her film distributed in 50 AMC Theatres nationwide. Beyond that, Rogue will review the winning submission and negotiate an independent deal with the filmmaker, which is currently TBD.

Is this a one-time-only competition?

This is the first partnership between Rogue and AMC Theatres, to bring a new story to the big screen with the public’s vote.  If proven successful – and if the interest and submissions are there – we’ll explore iterations of the contest.

What is AMC independent (AMCi)? 

AMC independent (AMCi) is AMC Theatres’ renewed commitment to advancing and expanding independent film.  In over 80 theatres throughout North America, you will find an increased focus on diverse on-screen storytelling throughout the year.  In addition, at, you can find communities to join conversations about new and upcoming movies, see what’s hitting screens near you and also see exclusive interviews with leading filmmakers and talent about their projects.