The Lycanthropes
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"The Lycanthropes" was our group's entry to the Lookee Loo Showdown for October 2009. The LLS was a seven day film challenge in which you had to write, shoot, edit, export to DVD and hand deliver your project before the midnight deadline. Only five groups were able to meet the deadline. Another aspect that goes easily unnoticed is that one must assemble a crew and cast, not to mention secure locations. For more details on this LLS check out the website. I would like to thank all of the people who crewed up, acted, and provided help and hospitality for this project. I really appreciate your time, patience, and effort. Please note that this was our first attempt at such a challenge and there are plenty of things that we would have done different, if time were not such a factor. "The Lycanthropes" was shot in HD, but exported SD for the showcase. Unfortunately, this video is presented in SD, also. Nonetheless, please enjoy.


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