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Synopsis: The series is centered around five young superhero ninja in the employ of Dr. Kozabur? Nambu of the fictitious “International Science Organization” to oppose a group of technologically advanced villains, known as Galactor, from trying to take control of the Earth’s natural resources. The operational leader of Galactor is an androgynous masked antagonist, Bergu Kattse, who is later revealed to be a shape-shifting mutant hermaphrodite acting on the orders of an alien superior, Sosai X. The main characters featured always wore either teen fashions with numbered T-shirts showing their rank in the team or caped battle uniforms styled after various birds.

Team members included Ken Washio, the team leader & tactical expert; Joe Asakura, his second-in-command,marksman & weapons expert; Jun, the team’s electronics and demolitions expert; Jinpei, the youngest and reconnaissance expert, and ‘adopted’ brother of Jun; and Ryu Nakanishi, the ship’s pilot. The Gatchaman team employed a unique style of highly violent and effective martial arts, developed by Dr. Nambu, that drew from their physical abilities to enable them to perform superhuman feats, akin to their avian namesakes, such as high-speed run and flight, high jumping, silent movement/attack and the like. This fighting system was known as Science Ninja Arts. The team members also used various signature weapons and mecha-style vehicles, which each had a more mundane-looking disguised form. To change modes, each member is equipped with a special wrist device that, aside from being a communicator and tracking device, enabled the change when the proper gesture and voice command “Bird, Go!” is given. Their vehicles are docked in the team’s main vehicle, the God Phoenix, a supersonic plane capable of underwater travel and minor space flight as necessary.

Cast: Emmanuelle Chriqui, David Denman, Colin Ford, David Oyelowo, Ryan Michael Oman

Director: N/A

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation

Release Date: 2011

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