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Half a dozen new posters show off (mostly) new characters and also underline some big changes on the way in The Hunger Games: Mockingkay - Part I.

Warner Bros. is trying really hard to set up a Marvel-style shared universe, but the studio also has to distinguish its stable of DC heroes from the reigning champs of the comic book movie game.

What if Warner Bros. took absolutely the wrong lesson from its previous failures?

That may be exactly what the studio has done: a rumor asserts that WB has a strict "no jokes" rule for its DC event movies.

If you're down to dance with the devil, a new trailer and poster for Horns are ready to hit the dance floor and dance like hell.

2014 is the rare year without a new movie from Pixar Animation Studios, but 2015 is bringing Inside Out, a unique tale that takes place mostly inside the mind of an eleven-year-old girl.

A new image from Inside Out offers out first look at that girl, Riley Anderson.

Harvard symbologist/bad hairstyle aficionado Robert Langdon is returning, but not in the adventure you were expecting.

Tom Hanks will once again don Langdon's terrible hair for director Ron Howard, with production on the Da Vinci Code sequel Inferno kicking off in Italy next April.

Ridley Scott is seventy-six years old and making movies at a prolific rate that puts filmmakers half his age to shame.

The giant stogies Sir Ridley's always chewing on are doubtless part of his secret, but it's equally important that the director keeps plenty of projects in the developmental cooker.

Right now, for example, Scott's in post-production on Exodus: Gods and Kings.  Before that hits in December, he'll already be shooting The Martian.  After that, the director might just shoot a sequel to his 1982 classic Blade Runner.  Or maybe he'll end up making a sequel to not-quite-so-classic Alien prequel Prometheus.

The first TV spot for the eagerly anticipated Gone Girl adaptation is sixty seconds of watching the screws tighten on Ben Affleck.

It's a minute of pure dread and ominousness courtesy of David Fincher, a director who is perfectly suited to tackle Gillian Flynn's novel.

After a delay of more than a year, it appears the reboot/sequel to National Lampoon's Vacation is back on the road.

A pair of very different actors, Chris Hemsworth and Charlie Day, are joining this new Vacation, which follows the next generation of Griswolds on an impossible journey.

With just a bit over two months until Interstellar hits theaters, Warner Bros. has released an extended TV spot that shows off Christopher Nolan's IMAX-ready visuals.

Yet it's not the big vistas or astrophysics-based action that make the biggest impression here.  Instead, it's the unexpectedly aspirational tone, the open emotionalism on display in this story of a father attempting to make the world safe and habitable for his children.

We don't normally truck too much with TV news, what with IAR being a movie site and all, but the 66th Annual Emmy Awards happened with all due pomp and circumstance at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles last night.

Even if we're normally more concerned with the silver screen than the boob tube, when the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences hands out the biggest TV awards around, we pay attention along with everyone else.

Also, quality was rewarded this year.  The final batch of Breaking Bad episodes earned the erstwhile AMC show a boatload of Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series.  Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, and Anna Gunn also received Emmys for their searing final season performances.  Modern Family, meanwhile, won Outstanding Comedy Series.

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