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Steven Spileberg's next may not have a title, but the first official image from his untitled Cold War thriller proves that he and Tom Hanks are indeed working on what could be a great slice of history.

The setup for Get Hard is simple: a guy wants to toughen up before going to prison.

Get Hard's first trailer gives a sense of just how much comedic mileage Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart might get out of the premise.

Johnny Depp's lip-ferret gets a lot of attention in two new Mortdecai TV spots.

Ted 2 is bringing back the titular teddy bear and Mark Wahlberg as his best buddy.

They're both present and accounted for in the very first picture from Seth MacFarlane's comedy sequel.

Wes Bentley is one of the few actors that can successfully balance a career in both independent and studio films. 

Bentley first gained attention for his breakout role in the Academy Award-winning film American Beauty, and has since gone on to appear in such big budget studio movies as Ghost Rider, Jonah Hex, The Hunger Games, and most recently Interstellar. But the actor has also starred in a number of independent films including There Be Dragons, The Time Being, Cesar Chavez, The Better Angels, and the upcoming Night of Cups, which was directed by Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life, Badlands). His latest film is After The Fall, which opens in New York theaters and on VOD December 12th before opening in Los Angeles theaters on December 20th. 

After The Fall was co-written and directed by two-time Academy Award-nominated editor turned first time director Saar Klein (Almost Famous, The Thin Red Line). The film revolves around a suburban father and husband named Bill Scanlon (Bentley) that due to economic difficulties embraces a life of crime in order to support his family. While Bill begins an unusual friendship with troubled police officer Frank McTiernan (Jason Isaacs), his wife Susan (Vinessa Shaw) discovers his secret and becomes determined to do anything to save her family and their lifestyle. 

I recently had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Wes Bentley about After The Fall, Interstellar, and Knight of Cups. The accomplished actor discussed After The Fall, his reaction to its unusual poster, why he liked the script’s economic themes, Jason Isaacs, Bill and Frank’s odd friendship, Susan’s true motivations, Saar Klein’s advantage as a first time director, Interstellar, watching Christopher Nolan direct, Knight of Cups, who has scenes with in the film, working with Terrence Malick, and balancing independent and studio movies. 

In the very first clip from Ex Machina, Oscar Isaac immediately brings up the Turing Test.

You know, the artificial intelligence test named for the guy in The Imitation Game?

Isaac brings it up because his co-star, Domhnall Gleeson, is the human component in an elaborate A.I. test.  What Gleeson doesn't know, however, is that the game goes far deeper than he thought, and the robot with whom he's going toe to digi-toe is a sexy 'bot with some tricks up her metallic sleeve.

Cyber-war is a-brewing over The Interview, a comedy in which James Franco is exceedingly silly.

What better time to unveil the first trailer for True Story, a dramatic thriller in which Franco and Jonah Hill get really, really serious.

After a few consecutive all-ages event movies, Guillermo del Toro is making a gothic horror story for grown-ups more in line with Pan's Labyrinth and The Devil's Backbone.

The first official image from Crimson Peak is hauntingly beautiful, featuring two-time Oscar nominee Jessica Chastian in what looks like a very haunted house.

If a new trailer for American Sniper doesn't get across the horrors of modern warfare, then hopefully two official clips will do it.

No fewer than six – six! – Kingsman: The Secret Service promotional featurettes are here to introduce you to the cast of characters in Matthew Vaughn's wild, energetic riff on old school spy movies.

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