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It's not entirely uncommon for parents to hide away their teenage daughter from her too-in-love boyfriend.

Usually, however, the girl in question isn't kept under lock and key because she's undead.

That's the scenario in the first clip from Life After Beth, which stars Dane DeHaan as a teen whose girlfriend, Aubrey Plaza, bites the dust and returns as a zombie.

With the August 1st release right around the corner, Marvel Studios has sent the Guardians of the Galaxy hype machine into overdrive.

That means a whole mess of promotional material, from two extended commercials crammed with new footage to six – six! – character posters featuring supporting players both good and evil.

Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil has finally found its leading lady.

Deborah Ann Woll is set to play Karen Page, the longtime ladyfriend of blind Hell's Kitchen lawyer/nighttime vigilante Daredevil.

Universal Pictures was slapping iconic monsters into the same movie about seventy years before Marvel Studios kicked off the era of crossover franchises.

Now Universal is looking to build a cohesive modern cinematic universe for its classic monsters such as Dracula, Wolf Man, Frankenstein's Monster, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Mummy, Bride of Frankenstein, and even the Invisible Man.

Following today's big reveal of the villain, Marvel Studios is trotting out the first real photos from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

After about two years of developmental hiccups, production on a new cinematic Tarzan has kicked off in the U.K.

Warner Bros. announced today that Tarzan, directed by David Yates and starring Alexander Skarsgard as the pulp hero, is finally filming.

The first official look at Avengers: Age of Ultron has Tony Stark and Steve Rogers looking properly superheroic, but more importantly, it also reveals Ultron, the A.I. villain who will bring Earth's Mightiest Heroes to their knees in the Marvel Studios sequel.

And that's not all, either, as crucial new story details have become available, along with some tantalizing word on Avengers Tower.

It's morphin time!

Actually, it's time to break a story and write a morphin movie: the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot has found a pair of screenwriters and an executive producer who ought to be familiar to fans of nerd-friendly properties.

Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller have signed on to write Lionsgate's new Power Rangers feature.

Jon Favreau has cast the leading man in his next event movie, and this actor comes with less baggage than Robert Downey Jr. brought to Iron Man.

Young Neel Sethi is set to star as Mowgli in Disney's big live action The Jungle Book.

Director Matt Reeves has revealed that he initially intended for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to conclude differently, but ultimately excised his original ending during post-production.

Reeves detailed just what he cut from the final moments of his acclaimed prequel-sequel, as well as the exact reasons for the change.

Obviously, since Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has only been out for a few days and we're talking about the ending, it's SPOILERS from here on out.  To repeat: You're entering SPOILER COUNTRY, partner.

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