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Based on his social media output, it seems like Zack Snyder is a funnier fellow than his movies imply.

His take on Superman was very, very serious, and there are rumors afoot that Warner Bros. has an actual "no jokes" rule for its nascent DC Cinematic Universe, but Snyder just keeps tweeting out Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice pictures with a sense of humor.

For more than a century, Count Dracula has been synonymous with villainy.  Regal, erotically charged, shapeshifting, bloodsucking evil.

Next month's Dracula Untold hinges on a pretty simple concept: What if Dracula isn't such a bad guy?

Home invasion proved more popular than a heartwarming animal story at the box office.

No Good Deed debuted in first place this weekend by a considerable margin, outpacing fellow new release Dolphin Tale 2.

Elsewhere in the top ten, a crime drama opened in limited release while Marvel's latest blockbuster continued busting blocks, crossing a big box office milestone.

Marvel is expected to show off a first look at the Daredevil streaming series next month.

Executive producer Steven S. DeKnight isn't waiting for New York Comic-Con to share his thoughts on the show, which he says stars a hero who "has no qualms about beating the hell out of somebody."

The Skeleton Twins is a hard movie to peg to just one genre.

On the one hand, the critically acclaimed film stars two of America's funniest comedic actors and has moments of genuine humor.  On the other, it deals with weighty issues like depression, infidelity, and suicide.

So which is it, a comedy or a drama?

"As long as they do not call it just a comedy, and as long as they do not call it just a drama," Kristen Wiig said in a roundtable interview promoting The Skeleton Twins, which opens in theaters September 12th.

"As long as they do not call it shit," quipped Bill Hader. "That’s good."

Both Hader and Wiig are basically national treasures.  Two of the most talented performers ever to grace Saturday Night Live, they've proven their cinematic chops in movies such as Bridesmaids and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs; they even played husband and wife in Adventureland.

With The Skeleton Twins, both actors demonstrate a dramatic range that neither had the opportunity to show prior.  In the film, Hader plays Milo, twin brother to Wiig's Maggie.  The two haven't spoken in a decade, but after Milo attempts to kill, himself, the formerly close twins are reunited, slowly reconnecting and discovering that they may just be able to help each other repair their lives.

Okay, so the fifth Underworld is not, in fact, a reboot.

That doesn't that Kate Beckinsale will be back to squeeze off infinite rounds and wear the hell out of a black leather catsuit, though.  Nope, Beckinsale is out and the future of the Underworld series belongs instead to Theo James.

The first look at The Sea of Trees allows you to go on a walk in the woods with Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe.

Unfortunately, you'll be strolling through the Aokigahara forest in Japan, one of the world's most popular suicide locations.

TNT is just about ready to order a pilot for Titans, which could lead to an ensemble DC comics series on the cable network.

The show, a live action drama series, will focus on Dick Grayson once he hangs up his yellow Robin cape and steps out of Batman's shadow as Nightwing, leading a team of young superheroes that we're expecting will include Starfire and Raven.

It's all about subtlety.

The latest official image from next year's Fifty Shades of Grey is almost impossibly subtle, burying meaning in a totally non-sexual look at Dakota Johnson.

Writer-director Alex Kurtzman has shed a tiny bit of light on his approach the superhero spinoff Venom.

The character, he says, is much darker than the webslinger, and thus, "you can do things that you can’t do with Spider-Man.”

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