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After an all-out bidding war, Warner Bros. has emerged victorious with the movie rights to It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life Of Love And War, the acclaimed memoir by Lynsey Addario.

How did the studio manage to snag the hotly-contested title sought after by some of the biggest names in moviemaking?  With a can't-miss combination of tippy-top-tier talent: Steven Spielberg directing Jennifer Lawrence.

Ahhh, Hawkguy the Unsung Avenger.

First, he was awkwardly inserted into Thor.  Then, in The Avengers, Hawkeye was kind of the kid who got picked last in gym class, the guy whose sole qualification for being on a team dubbed "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" is his skill with a bow and arrow.  Despite having the simplest arc of all the Avengers and not much screentime, however, Clint Barton did some memorable derring-do at the end there and made an impression on a team of flashy marquee superheroes.

He's been riding the bench since 2012, sitting out Phase 2 for four movies now. 

Avengers: Age of Ultron promises to not only bring back Hawkguy, but to actually give him some more to do this time.

So Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are rebooting Spider-Man in an unprecedented partnership that finds the wall-crawler finally joining Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

The new Spidey is set to debut in next year's Captain America: Civil War, directed by Winter Soldier duo Anthony and Joe Russo.

But who will direct the first solo Spider-Man movie of this new era, the one set for summer 2017? 

How about Drew Goddard?

Leonardo DiCaprio is signing up for the acting equivalent of a strongman competition, a role that will test his screaming, DiCaprian intensity as few have, a role that is really twenty-four roles.

The actor is set to star in The Crowded Room, the true story of Billy Milligan, the man who successfully pleaded insanity in court on account of his multiple personality disorder.

This month, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell are adding some substance to America's much-needed dialogue about race.

Their intellectual ambition is made crystal clear in the new red band Get Hard trailer, which features 40-drinking, blunt-smoking, stereotypes aplenty, and Ferrell contemplating blackface. 

If, somehow, that sounds too tame to you, then there's also nudity, plenty of expletives, playground violence, sobbing, at least one explosion, and a pair of bared "Nazi titties."  Oh, and an astonishingly awkward attempt at oral sex in a bathroom stall.

While Marvel has taken over the multiplex, DC Comics continues cutting loose on the small screen.

The CW is adding even more to the superhero stampede, developing an Arrow and Flash spinoff featuring a bunch of familiar DC characters.  The Supergirl show over at CBS, meanwhile, has added a former TV Superman and a cinematic Supergirl to its supporting cast.

Marvel and Netflix have unveiled the long-awaited first look at Vincent D'Onofrio as one of the most imposing figures in all of Marvel Comics.

An official image shows off the actor as Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin, the heavy-hitting villain who goes up against Matt Murdock on the Daredevil streaming series that debuts next month.

It may not have be a full-blown Big Willie Weekend,* but Will Smith is back atop the box office heap.

Focus, in which Smith stars alongside Margot Robbie, opened at number one as Fifty Shades of Grey tumbled and The Lazarus Effect showed that, even in the wake of the Oscars, there's always an audience for old school scares.

Avengers: Age of Ultron character posters, assemble!

Marvel has been dropping posters for this May's sequel all week, starting with the crowded, hyper-'shopped official one-sheet.  Then Robert Downey Jr. unveiled an Iron Man character poster and Mark Ruffalo followed suit with a Hulk poster.

Now, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel L. Jackson join the poster party with new promos featuring Thor, Black Widow, and Nick Fury.

Focus, hitting theaters nationwide today, is all about the con, but when the conmen are Will Smith and Margot Robbie, you'll actually feel happy about being swindled.

International megastar Smith (After Earth) stars in this comedy-drama-caper-thriller as Nicky, a charming longtime grifter who takes the beautiful and inexperienced Jess, played by Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street), under his wing, teaching her the ways of the conman.  Until, that is, she gets too close and he promptly kicks rocks, leaving his onetime protege in the dust. 

Three years later, however, while Nicky's preparing for a huge and highly dangerous con in Buenos Aires, Jess reappears.  This time, the student may very well have become the master, as Nicky's onetime "intern" is now a formidable operator in her own right, a schemer who might just turn Nicky's most ambitious graft into a shamblefest that could cost them both a fortune.  or their very lives.

Focus makes perfect use of both Oscar-nominated stars' peerless charisma as each character uses their charm to sweep marks off their feet and conceal their true motives.  At the Los Angeles press day for Focus, however, Smith and Robbie appeared sincerely enthusiastic about their new movie.

IAR Managing Editor Jami Philbrick was on hand to discuss Focus with the stars, who happily talked about their onscreen chemistry, how Robbie snagged the role, improvisation, Smith's new mindset, the love story beneath all the cons, and the philosophical implications of graft.

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