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No matter how tightly Marvel's kept a lid on Avengers: Age of Ultron so far, spoilers are gonna spoil as the May 1st release date draws closer and closer.

A mega-sequel on this level is a merchandising bonanza, so even if Marvel itself manages to keep big story points under wraps, tie-in campaigns inevitably provide peeks at the goods, providing hints and outright spoilers.

Official descriptions for five Age of Ultron LEGO sets, for example, allow us to piece together a fuller picture of the Avengers sequel story.

The Four Horsemen are back!

Actually, only three of the Four Horseman are back, but the first look at Now You See Me 2 illustrates how the sequel is stacking the deck despite the absence of Isla Fisher.

If you're the betting type, the odds are really becoming clear.  The Academy Awards are just over a month away, and a clear picture of the big show is shaping up.

The 35th Annual London Critics' Circle Film Awards went down this weekend and found Boyhood winning Best Film of the Year, absolutely solidifying its status as the movie to beat this year.

Jennifer Lawrence is reuniting with the director of 75% of The Hunger Games franchise for The Dive, a tale of love, tragedy, and extreme sportage that's long been a pet project of James Cameron's.

The Snow White-less Snow White and the Huntsman sequel has gained a fantastic actress to play the villain. 

Problem is, The Huntsman has lost its director.

American Sniper broke a boatload of records this weekend, hauling in an unprecedented amount of cash for this type of movie this time of year, upending a whole lot of box office wisdom in the process.

Do you ever stop and realize that Werner Herzog has been narrating in your head the whole day?

Really, his impossible deadpan has never dropped often befuddling philosophical ruminations about even the most mundane events as you go about your business?

The director behind Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Grizzly Man, Rescue Dawn, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and Encounters at the End of the World is just plain fun to listen to and he's full of fascinating, Herzogian insights that could come from no one else.

Anybody else who finds themselves thinking in Herzog's Bavarian accent probably felt their Werner-senses tingling this week, because the man who dragged a riverboat over a Peruvian mountain had a magnificent little cameo on Parks and Recreation.  Even better, his twenty-four pieces of advice for filmmakers made their way online.

Thomas Jane is truly a modern day renaissance man! Not only is he a very impressive actor, but he is also a successful comic book writer and film director, to boot!

Jane began his acting career with small but pivotal roles in popular movies like Face/Off, Boogie Nights, The Thin Red Line, Magnolia, and Dreamcatcher, as well as playing baseball legend Mickey Mantle in director Billy Crystal’s *61. But his big break came playing Marvel comics street vigilante Frank Castle in both The Punisher, and the short film The Punisher: Dirty Laundry. He would go on to appear in such films as The Mist, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, I Melt with You, White Bird in a Blizzard, Drive Hard, and Reach Me, as well as receiving a Golden Globe nomination for starring in the HBO series Hung. He is also the founder of RAW Studios and wrote their first comic book release Bad Planet. Jane made his directorial debut with the crime thriller Dark Country, and will soon direct his second feature, a Western entitled A Magnificent Death from My Shattered Hand. But first, he can be seen starring opposite Bruce Willis (A Good Day to Die Hard) in the new science fiction movie Vice, which opens in theaters and On Demand January 16th. 

Vice, which was directed by Brian A. Miller (The Prince), tells the story of businessman Julian Michaels (Willis). He has designed the ultimate holiday resort: VICE, where anything goes and the customers can play out their wildest fantasies with artificial inhabitants who look and think like humans. When an artificial robot (Ambyr Childers) becomes self-aware and escapes, she finds herself caught in the crossfire between Julian's mercenaries and a cop named Roy (Jane), who is hell-bent on shutting down the corruption of VICE and stopping the violence once and for all. In addition to Jane, Willis, and Childers, the film also stars Johnathon Schaech (The Legend of Hercules), and Bryan Greenberg (A Short History of Decay). 

I recently had the absolute pleasure of speaking with the great Thomas Jane about his work on Vice, as well as directing A Magnificent Death from My Shattered Hand and if he would be interested in reprising his role as The Punisher in future Marvel Studios projects. The talented veteran actor discussed his new film, its wild concept, being attracted to androids, making a popcorn movie that has serious themes, drawing inspiration for his character from hardboiled detective novels, working with iconic movie star Bruce Willis, directing his upcoming Western, why he won’t be appearing in it, his goal to eventually only direct, and why he’s done playing The Punisher on screen.

Edgar Wright is putting the Ant-Man debacle in his rear-view mirror, hauling ass on Baby Driver, an original action-comedy that's secured financing, distribution, and even an up-and-coming leading man.

A trio of quick clips from Jupiter Ascending show just how quickly, how almost offhandedly, the Wachowskis throw out huge visuals and batshit sci-fi wonkiness in next month's epic space opera.

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