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Jennifer Lawrence has an Oscar, a starring role in a crazy-popular YA franchise, a supporting role in a durable comic book franchise, and the adoration of a massive, starry-eyed audience.

Where does she go from here?  She's going West, it turns out, and she's getting their on Quentin Tarantino's wagon.

The actress is reportedly in talks to join the ensemble of The Hateful Eight, the writer-director's next project.

David Yates stuck the landing on the Harry Potter series.

He joined the franchise five films in and ended up overseeing half the series, directing four consecutive fantasy adventures.

Apparently he hasn't had enough yet, as Yates is signing up to kick off a whole new spinoff trilogy with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Evangeline Lilly has joined Paul Rudd on the San Francisco set of Marvel's Ant-Man.

The actress is sharing candid photos, revealing that Hope Van Dyne sports a sixties hairdo that reminds us of Janet Van Dyne, better known as The Wasp.

The Daredevil Netflix series that Marvel is currently filming on the streets of New York doesn't just reboot the best blind vigilante in Hell's Kitchen.

Daredevil also offers up a new onscreen version of one of Marvel's most formidable villains, the Kingpin of Crime, and Vincent D'Onofrio promises "there will be no other Wilson Fisk but this one after we’re all done with it."

The Maze Runner may be based on the first novel in a series of bestselling young adult books, but it feels plenty different from all the other attempts to create YA franchises.

Twentieth Century Fox has unveiled three official clips from the anticipated adaptation, and all three offer up a different vibe than recent successes like The Hunger Games and Divergent

Unlike those dystopian tales, The Maze Runner has a certain ragged edge and compelling mystery.  It also has a nice sprinkling of Lord of the Flies, as youngsters left to fend for themselves establish a brutal hierarchy.

Hey, Automata looks pretty sharp.

Nothing in the first trailer for the scifi action thriller suggests that Automata is particularly original, but it does look like a stylish, well-executed take on some familiar tropes.

A pair of international posters for this October's Horns spotlight Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple.

In the process, these posters remind us that the the horror-drama-comedy is really, at its heart, a simple romance.

A spy is never out of the game.

Peter Devereaux is the best spy in the game, so of course he's returning for a sequel to The November Man.

Relativity Studios announced today that Pierce Brosnan will return to star in the follow-up, which kicks off pre-production in advance of the August 28th debut of The November Man.

By adding a bunch of big-name actors to the cast, Warner Bros. just did some heavy lifting to correct the impression that Jungle Book: Origins is just that other Jungle Book movie.

Now, both Disney and WB's riffs on the classic Rudyard Kipling tale have all-star casts to play CGI animals and adorable moppets to star as Mowgli.

Every once in awhile, some concept art or costume tests from Superman Lives makes its way online and we all marvel at the fact that this batshit-crazy supermovie very nearly happened in the mid-late 1990s.

With The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, director Jon Schnepp is delving deep into Tim Burton's attempt at a Superman movie, which would've loosely adapted the bestselling "Death of Superman" story arc and starred Nicolas Cage as the Man of Tomorrow.

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