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Foxcatcher has been a heavy Oscar favorite for months.

Sony Pictures Classics has unveiled a new theatrical trailer that makes it abundantly clear why Foxcatcher has been a buzzed-about awards season contender since long before awards season even started.

Like everything we've seen from director Bennett Miller's Moneyball follow-up, this trailer promises a revelatory performance from the usually low-key and likable Steve Carell.

Marvel Studios just kicked up a whole lot of digital dust over the news that Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans will square off in Captain America 3, setting up big happenings throughout Phases 3 and 4.

But the Marvel blockbuster-factory has an issue with another Phase 3 movie, the launch of the Sorcerer Supreme's franchise.  Specifically, Marvel needs to lock down a leading man to star in Doctor Strange.

None other than Keanu Reeves has publicly addressed rumors that he may don Strange's cape as the master of mysticism.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to be torn asunder by a war between superheroes.

Captain America 3 is going to be ground zero for the crossover slugfest, and none other than Robert Downey Jr. is bringing the hurt as the villain when Tony Stark faces off against Chris Evans as Cap in his 2016 sequel.

While everybody wonders what the hell Marvel has planned for Phase 4 and whether or not Sony will let Spider-Man play in that sandbox, Warner Bros. continues pursuing its ambitious plan for a whole host of DC superheroes.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may be quite a ways off, but today brings some news nuggets about the film, which Warners is using as a springboard to a shared DC Comics universe.

These nuggets include assures from Charles Roven that Christopher Nolan is indeed a creative cook in the kitchen, thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman, and a streamlined take on Wonder Woman's origin for her feature film debut in which she doesn't even rate a place in the title.

Joel Edgerton has come a long, long way since oh-so briefly showing up in the second two Star Wars prequels as Uncle Owen.

Fourteen years after Attach of the Clones, the actor who had to say one of the worst lines in the prequel trilogy is discussing the possibility of returning to a galaxy far, far away for the rumored Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff.

Daniel Craig's take on James Bond is much more of a bruiser than his predecessors, and next year's 24th official 007 adventure will pit Craig against a henchman who can really give Craig a run for his money.

That henchman, currently known only as "Hinx," now has a damn fine ass-kicker to play him: Dave Bautista is reportedly joining Bond 24 as a burly secondary villain.

Middle Earth is big.

The place is filled with fascinating characters, many of whom show up in this December's The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Five of those characters representing three distinct fantasy species and cultures are accounted for a bunch of new posters promoting the climactic installment of Peter Jackson's jumbo-sized J.R.R. Tolkien adaptation.

Charlie Cox looks like the Man Without Fear in the first two official images from Daredevil.

Still, word from the New York Comic-Con is that it's Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin who might just walk away with the first streaming Marvel series to premiere exclusively on Netflix.

Never, ever underestimate the desire of Americans to peek behind the curtain of a truly jacked-up marriage.

This voyeuristic urge, combined with the movie being verifiably awesome, has propelled Gone Girl to its second consecutive weekend atop the North American box office, fending off a crowded and diverse field of new releases.

Warner Bros. has pumped the brakes on The Lego Movie 2, but the studio is hitting the gas on Lego Batman, a spinoff in which Will Arnett will reprise his scene-stealing role as a little plastic version of the Dark Knight.

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