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Whoa, Fury looks intense.

Brad Pitt stars as another WWII super-soldier, but this time, instead of gleefully collecting Nazi scalps, he's just trying to keep the crew of his battered but indomitable Sherman Tank alive and get the job done.

A new international trailer for Fury shows off a lot of intense-looking combat centered around the titular tank, while a batch of official stills remind everyone just how stacked Fury's cast is.

The StandStephen King's humdinger of a post-apocalyptic novel – is one of those books that reads like it could never work as a movie, but writer-director Josh Boone sounds pretty confident.

Jennifer Lawrence is armed, armored, and ready for all-out war on the latest poster for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1.

Charlie Hunnam is opening up about his decision to vacate the role of BDSM-loving billionaire Christian Grey in next year's Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation.

The exceedingly in-demand actor explains that he "fell in love with the character," but the scheduling snafu required for him to play the part led to "something of a nervous breakdown."

Chicks dig the car.*

Nobody has a sweeter ride than Batman.  A cluster of unofficial pictures from the Detroit set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice provide unencumbered, detailed looks at the latest iteration of the Dark Knight's hooptie.

Basically, Ben Affleck's Batmobile looks like a mean machine, a smaller, sleeker vehicle than the Tumbler, but one that definitely incorporates Frank Miller-ian armoed elements reminiscent of the behemoth from Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

Schmidt and Jenko will ride again, but it's hard to imagine where they could possibly go after the end credits of their last undercover adventure.

Those credits joshed that the inevitable third installment would be titled 23 Jump Street: Medical School, and while we wouldn't count on the plot involving our heroes entering the organ black market, 23 Jump Street is happening.

Sony Pictures and Original Film are now actively developing the film, with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum producing and returning to star.

A lot of people who saw Dredd really dug it and continue to hold out hope for a whole series of R-rated adventures following Mega City One's most devoted lawman.

Trouble is, not too many people actually saw Dredd.  The reboot earned a wee $13.4 million in Stateside theaters towards a global total of $35.6 million.  That's no great shakes for a movie with a reported production budget of $50 million.

So it's a moot point; a sequel is pretty much out of the question.  Another Dredd is fun to think about, though, so we go on thinking about it.  A lot of way less deserving movies got spawned series, after all (deserving in the sense of being watchable, not profitable).  They've made four of those damn Transformers pictures, after all.

A few days ago, Guardians of the Galaxy whipped past Man of Steel's total at the domestic box office.

It only makes sense, then, that Warner Bros. is rumored to be whipping up a DC response to Marvel's latest triumph, readying its own space-based superteam with a Legion of Super-Heroes movie.

It's football season and America couldn't be more excited.

Disney's pretty psyched, too, releasing a football-themed TV spot for Big Hero 6, the next movie from the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

It's a quick spot, but it's definitely worth checking out for its revealing glimpses of the supporting characters who comprise the titular squad of superheroes.

Tom Cruise is on board to return, so you can bet your ass that Paramount and Skydance are going to make Top Gun 2: Goose's Revenge happen.

A sequel to the 1986 action classic that so memorably combined jingoism and homoerotic tension has been in the cooker for a few years.  The hiring of a new screenwriter to crack the Top Gun 2 nut signals that plans for Maverick's return remain very much afoot.

Justin Marks is reportedly in negotiations to write the high-flying sequel.

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