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Will Ferrell is tall and bombastic.  Kevin Hart is short and shrill.

Put them together and you've got yourself a proper comedic duo. 

These two tastes may just taste great together, and the first three official images from next year's Get Hard give a whiff of the comedy meal they've cooked up together.

The leads in Pixar's next movie aren't toys, superheroes, bugs, monsters, fish, or cars.

The heroes of Inside Out are emotions.

A bumper crop of five character posters introduce these colorful emotions, from Disgust to Fear, Sadness, Anger, and Joy.

The new trailer for next year's Peanuts shifts from the familiar strains of Vince Guaraldi to a contemporary pop song, but don't worry, the animated movie won't betray the spirit of Charles Schulz's sweet comic strip.

"Snoopy will not be rapping, no one will be twerking, we're in good hands," producer Paul Feig promised earlier this year.

Once every few months, a trailer rolls along to remind everybody that Seventh Son is an actual movie, one that will actually make it to theaters one of these days.

An international trailer is the latest, throwing Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, a bunch of fantasy tropes, and a hell of a lot of videogame-ish visual effects into a blender. The juice that results doesn't exactly look appetizing, but depending on your tastes, it might just do the trick.

There are a whole lot of talented actors in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

What better way to let moviegoers know just how many familiar funny people are collecting paychecks in the final Night at the Museum than with a boatload of character posters?

Listen up, anybody wondering if their local multiplex screwed up the sound on Interstellar.

Christopher Nolan has addressed complaints about the sound mix on his scifi epic, saying that the “adventurous and creative" aural approach sounds just how he wants it to.

A familiar voice is singing out The Hobbit Trilogy.

Billy Boyd, who played Pippin in The Lord of the Rings, performs "The Last Goodbye," which plays over the end credits of next month's The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.

The whole track is now available for free online listening, so prepare your ears for some elegiac crooning from the Shire's finest balladeer.

If you haven't yet read Fifty Shades of Grey – or maybe if your copy was lost or soiled in the throes of unspeakable erotic passion – you're in luck.

There's a movie tie-in edition on the way, one featuring a sexy black and white cover with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as contractually obliged lovers.

IAR INTERVIEW: Jon Stewart Talks 'Rosewater'

Monday, 17 November 2014 10:59

On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart employs razor-sharp wit and absurd humor to both underline and leaven serious political commentary.

With his directorial debut, Rosewater, Stewart leaves behind the comedy for a true story that is far from funny.

That's not to say Rosewater is utterly without a sense of humor, but it is certainly telling a tale that doesn't exactly invite laughter.

The film is based on Then They Came For Me, a bestselling memoir in which Maziar Bahari recounts his imprisonment in Iran.  Bahari, a Tehran-born Iranian Canadian journalist, was covering the election protests in June 2009 when he was arrested in his family's home.  For 118 days, he was interrogated, beaten, and forced under duress to publicly confess to espionage.  Throughout his months of captivity, Bahari interacted almost exclusively with a captor known to him only as "Rosewater."

Stewart had a connection to the story long before writing and directing Rosewater: Iranian authorities used a clip from Bahari's earlier appearance on The Daily Show as evidence of his alleged spying.

IAR's Justine Browning was on hand for a press conference promoting Rosewater in New York, where Stewart discussed the challenges and experience of making his feature directorial debut with Maziar Bahari's wrenching true story, talking about the movie's crew, language, leading man, and reception in the world.

Okay, next year's Star Wars sequel now has a title.

Soon, within the next month or so, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will also have its first teaser trailer.  And if a rumored description of that trailer is accurate, then we already know what the teaser will consist of.

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