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Christian Bale has played his share of venerated figures.

After all, he was Jesus (in the 1999 TV movie Mary, Mother of Jesus), Batman (in the blockbuster Dark Knight trilogy), and even a funhouse mirror version of Bob Dylan (in the oddball not-quite-a-biopic I'm Not There).

In Exodus: Gods and Kings, he tackles a role that goes back further than any of them: Moses.

Yes, that Moses, the one cast down the Nile as an infant to save him from the massacre of all firstborn Hebrew male children.  The one found by Pharaoh's daughter, adopted, and raised as prince, brother to future Pharaoh Ramses II (Joel Edgerton). 

When the grown-up Moses receives divine orders to free the enslaved Hebrews, the two brothers are pitted against one another in a struggle that will change the destinies of both their people.

At a Los Angeles Q&A attended by IAR and other journalists, Christian Bale talked about Exodus: Gods and KingsThe one and only Bale enthusiastically discussed working with legendary director Ridley Scott, transforming into Moses, the complexity of the character, guyliner, competing Moses actors, and how Monty Python and Mel Brooks provided unexpected inspiration.

A new Mad Max: Fury Road theatrical trailer is absolutely insane.

This thing keeps its foot on the gas for two and a half minutes, gleefully throttling through some of the most outrageous automotive action you've ever seen, relentless upping the unhinged ante until, by the end, you're left saying "Ho-lee shit."

The first full theatrical trailer for Inside Out takes a simple domestic exchange at a dinner table and illustrates the complex internal lives of a mother, father, and daughter in the process.

Because Inside Out is from Pixar Animation Studios, all of this is zippily funny, visually inventive, and undeniably ambitious.

So close yet so far away: Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man nearly crossed over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The hacking fiasco that's consuming Sony Pictures has revealed that the studio and Disney discussed several ways of possibly teaming with Marvel Studios, confirming the crossover rumor from October.

During the long, grueling months of awards season, many a critical organization drops their own list of honorees from cinema of the last year, and all of these awards contribute to the narrative of "buzz" for a film or performance film leading up to the Academy Awards. 

One such set of honors are the Screen Actors Guild Awards®, and today, the nominees for the the 21st Annual SAG Awards® dropped, contributing substantially to the bizzy buzz for Birdman and Boyhood in particular.

Did you dig those six clips from Inherent Vice, the one of a kind new movie from genius auteur Paul Thomas Anderson?

Of course you did.  But maybe they left you a little confused as to just what in the hell Inherent Vice is actually about.

In that case, you're going to have to grok the latest trailer, which cuts through a cloud of potsmoke and the residual haze of heavy psychedelics to clarify the story quite a bit.

Have you been worried about Disney neglecting to cast a suitably enchanting actress to star as Cinderella in the live action version of the durable fairy tale?

Well worry no longer, because Disney has unveiled five official images that confirm it: Lily James makes a very, very pretty Cinderella.

The Rock has finally met an opponent on his level, an antagonist he can't possibly pummel into submission: a supermassive earthquake.

In San Andreas, Dwayne Johnson finds himself in the rare position of being relatively powerless, racing against time to save the ones he loves from a quake laying waste to all of California.

The first trailer for San Andreas showcases the epic scale of the landmark-leveling quake that topples the Hollywood sign, brings down the Hoover Dam, and turns LA into a sinkhole.  A bunch of images from the movie, meanwhile, show off The Rock's tectonic muscles.

Spoiler alert, everybody, but the planet explodes.

With Gotham proving that people will watch a Batman TV show without any Batman, SyFy is developing Krypton, a Superman show without any Superman.

The first teaser trailer and poster for The Walk are both outstanding.

The poster goes nicely old school with a striking Saul Bass vibe, while the trailer is a downright doozy that's not for the acrophobic.

Why?  Because it follows Joseph Gordon-Levitt as he pulls a crane pose 1,340 feet in the air, imagining "the artistic crime of the century" in the void between the Twin Towers.

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