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Captain Jack Sparrow is once again riding the high seas. The fifth Pirates of the Caribbean is now filming in Australia, far, far away from the actual Caribbean. 

In announcing the formal kickoff to production, Disney also revealed the bones of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales story.

The reigning champ of the genre recently provided some unexpected advice on how to make a great sports movie.

"If you want to make a great sports movie, don’t put too much sports in it," advised Kevin Costner.  "It’s the backdrop.  It’s the – it’s the environment, and you know Bull Durham was about men and women, why they can and can’t get along and have to still be together."

The backdrop of Costner's latest, McFarland, USA, is cross-country running.  A contribution to that oh-so American genre, the feel-good sports movie, McFarland, USA is based on a true story from the titular town in 1987, where a new coach helped a team of high school runners from California's poorest school become big winners both on the track and off.

Two-time Academy Award-winner Costner stars as Coach White, a temperamental football coach who is initially despondent to find himself in a Central Valley agricultural community populated overwhelmingly by Mexican Americans. 

His students aren't too thrilled at first, either, but before long, Coach White (whom they refer to as Coach Blanco) sees that the strength and stamina they've built up over years toiling in the fields can be channeled successfully into running.  As White and the seven scrappy underdogs on his team go an unlikely journey to the state championships, they also grow to understand and care about each like family.

Almost thirty years after the real story, McFarland, USA is set to hit theaters this Friday, February 20th.

Neill Blomkamp kicked up a lot of digital dust talking like he's going to direct that Alien sequel with Sigourney Weaver last week, but the writer-director has an original slice of scifi coming up before he does/doesn't dance with a xenomorph.

It's Chappie

What's Chappie?  Five new TV spots spell out just what Chappie is pretty clearly, and it's very much in line with Blomkamp's previous efforts, District 9 and Elysium.

Sometimes, what's on the stereo is just as important as what's under the hood.

Atlantic Records has announced details on the Furious 7 soundtrack, unveiling release details, a music video, and a full track listing for the album featuring T.I., Mos Def, Young Thug, Iggy Azalea, Flo Rida, Sevyn Streeter, Price Royce, Juicy J, and many more.

That's not all, either, because you can also watch the music video for "Ride Out" by Kid Ink, Tyga, Wale, YG, and Rich Homie Quan then listen to "Go Hard or Go Home" by Wiz Khalifa and Azalea, who actually has a cameo in the sequel.

It's only good manners to begin with a huge, mega-SPOILER warning for Kingsman: The Secret Service.  If you haven't seen Matthew Vaughn's slick, willfully provocative riff on the spy genre, then go see it and check back, because this whole discussion is built on a foundation of SPOILERS.

SPOILER warning out of the way, let's proceed, shall we?

One of The Avengers' sundry accomplishments was its approach to the Emerald Avenger.  After two whiffs, it was the first movie to actually get Hulk right, so much so that the fearsome smashmonster and his scientific alter-ego pretty much stole the whole movie.

Whilst the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes have been up to their thighs in adventure since, audiences have to wait until this May's Avengers: Age of Ultron to see Dr. Bruce Banner letting his anger out again. 

In a new interview, Mark Ruffalo is talking about what we can expect from the Gamma-irradiated beast in Joss Whedon's sequel, including his role on the team, who designed the contingency plan for when Hulk goes off the reservation, and working with Andy Serkis on new and improved motion-capture for the character.

Of course, Ruffalo also provides a few hints as to what Marvel has in store for Hulk beyond Age of Ultron, acknowledging that a solo Hulk movie is "a tough nut to crack."

Ethan Hunt's mission, which he's already chosen to accept, is to engage in his usual action hero derring-do and aerial insanity on jumbo-sized IMAX screens this summer.

Yes, that's right, Mission: Impossible 5 is set to hit the extra large format this July.

Actor/comedian Chris Elliott has consistently been one of the funniest people on television and film over the last 30 years!

Elliott first came to fame in the early ‘80s for playing a barrage of unique characters on Late Night with David Letterman. Some of those wild characters included “The Fugitive Guy,” “The Guy Under the Seats,” and Marlon Brando. He went on to appear in a string of successful movies including Manhunter, The Abyss, Groundhog Day, Kingpin, and There’s Something About Mary. But he is probably best known for his cult classic film Cabin Boy, which also featured Letterman in a legendary cameo saying, “Hey, would you like to buy a monkey?” 

Elliott also created the cult classic ‘90s series Get a Life, was a cast member of Saturday Night Live, and has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, Everybody Loves Raymond, and How I met Your Mother. Currently, Elliott stars on the Adult Swim series Eagleheart, as well as the new CBS series Schitt’s Creek with Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. He can also be seen on the big screen opposite Hugh Grant in the new romantic comedy The Rewrite, which opens in theaters on February 13th. 

The Rewrite revolves around Keith Michaels (Hugh Grant), an Academy Award-winning writer in a slump that leaves Hollywood to teach screenwriting at a college on the East Coast. He soon bumps heads with fellow facility members Mary Weldon (Allison Janney) and Dr. Lerner (Oscar-nominee J.K. Simmons), and eventually falls for Holly Carpenter (Oscar-winner Marisa Tomei), a single mom taking his class. Elliott plays Jim, a Shakespeare professor living next door to Keith. The film was written and directed by Marc Lawrence (Two Weeks Notice, Music and Lyrics). 

I recently had the absolute of honor of speaking with the great Chris Elliott about his work on The Rewrite, as well as the legacy of Cabin Boy, David Letterman’s retirement, and SNL’s 40th anniversary. The hilarious comedic actor discussed his new film, if he’s ever moved to a new town for work, Hugh Grant’s comedic style, the relationship between Grant and filmmaker Marc Lawrence, why Elliott does not “enjoy shooting movies,” meeting J.K. Simmons, Elliott’s Shakespearian knowledge, the legacy of Cabin Boy, David Letterman’s legendary Cabin Boy sketch during the Academy Awards, what Letterman means to Elliott’s career, Letterman’s upcoming retirement, SNL’s 40th anniversary, and why the Elliott family holds a special place in SNL history. 

Emmanuel Lubezki might just end up with back-to-back Best Cinematography Oscars, if the American Society of Cinematographers Awards are any indication.

Lubezki, who won both the ASC and Academy Award on account of Gravity last year, is halfway to a repeat, taking home the top prize for Birdman at the 29th Annual ASC Awards over the weekend.

Just in time for that big win, Fox Searchlight has unveiled a new featurette on Birdman's faux single take cinematography.

When last we saw Dom Toretto and his family of world-class automotive criminals, they'd wiped their records clean and returned home to LA. 

In Furious 7, however, the old Toretto house goes up in flames as part of Jason Statham's nefarious plan, leading Dom, Brian O'Conner, Letty, and the whole gang on another whirlwind misadventure across the globe.

The latest TV spot says goodbye to the house where it all started and shows off even more of the insanity that follows.

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