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The phrase, "Behind every great man there's an even greater woman," usually implies the solidarity of a healthy and supportive romantic relationship.  In the case of founding FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, the greater woman behind him was not a love interest, but his secretary Helen Gandy, who loyally served as his right hand for 54 years, even torching the controversial power-magnet's incriminating personal files after his death.  Clint Eastwood's new biographical film J. Edgar, which chronicles the early years of Hoover's tenure, would be incomplete without an appropriately forceful Helen Gandy, who is played by Oscar Nominee Naomi Watts.

Last week, the first official images from J. Edgar showed Leonardo DiCaprio as the title character, along with Armie Hammer as Clyde Toulson, with whom Hoover had a relationship that went beyond the strictly professional.  Now, another new image reveals Naomi Watts as Gandy, with DiCaprio present as a supremely agitated-looking Hoover.

After making incredible films like Bronson, the Pusher trilogy, and Valhalla Rising, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn makes his American debut with Drive, an excellent noir story due in September.  A verbose and engaging speaker always worth listening to and seemingly always willing to talk, Refn has been saying for over a year that he'd like to take a crack at a Wonder Woman feature, and also that he thinks Christina Hendricks, who plays the formidable Joan on AMC's Mad Men and appears in Drive, would be ideal casting for the Amazonian superheroine. 

There's no offer from Warner Bros and no current plans for Wonder Woman, but Refn has now said, in fairly offhanded fashion, that if he makes a profitable Logan's Run remake for the studio, then he could very well have his way with the Diana of Themyscira, in a purely creative sense.

When Fox first cut short the third season and subsequently canceled Arrested Development in 2006, fans placed their fervent hope in the idea that one of the funniest, smartest series ever to grace the idiot box would find new life on a cable network eager to invest in its obvious quality.  That didn't come to pass, obviously, and since then, a cinematic adventure for Bluth family has been like a mirage in the desert.  Every few months, updates arise, usually claiming that a feature written and directed by series creator Mitchell Hurwitz is all but inevitable, reuniting the cast headlined by Jason Bateman.

Way back in February, Hurwitz commented that Arrested Development could maybe, possibly, hopefully happen soon.  Though we've heard not a peep since then, the faithful retain their belief that we could one day see Tobias Funke's cutoffs on the silver screen.  A new, wholly unsubstantiated rumor suggests that the possible Arrested Development film's storyline would revolve around a film about the Bluth family.  Two films, actually.

In 1985's Fright Night, writer-director Tom Holland worked a clever twist on Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, only instead of Jimmy Stewart believing his neighbor to be a murderer, a high school student was convinced that his seemingly normal new neighbor was actually a creature of the night.  The new 3D remake is built around the same scenario, but looks to feature its own unique tone and style, both of which are on display in three new official clips.  First there's a vampiric Colin Farrell trying to get invited into the Brewster household, since his species has a hard time going anywhere univited.  Then there are two clips demonstrating that, like the original, this film will have a sense of humor, even if it's only courtesy of David Tennant's Peter Vincent, a Vegas magician enlisted to help Anton Yelchin's Charley Brewster bust some bloodsucking skulls.

Johnny Depp is once again starring as a Hunter S. Thompson surrogate in The Rum Diary, an adaptation of the author's first novel which sees Depp playing Paul Kemp, a 1950's freelance journalist working for a run-down newspaper in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  A brand new image from The Rum Diary provides another look at the actor in character, along with our first real peek at Amber Heard in the film.  Basically, this is very nearly too much beauty for one image.

Depp already played a Thompson doppleganger in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Terry Gilliam's batshit-insane 1998 adaptation of Thompson's equally batshit-insane, thinly-fictionalized 1971 investigation into the savage heart of the American dream.  Depp has long been an acolyte of Thompson, having a close personal relationship with the inimitable Gonzo journalist, even paying to have the writer's ashes blasted out of a cannon in accordance with his will.  

Yesterday brought set photos and video of Cleveland being rocked by pyrotechnics and a large scale crowd scene, as the fair city is doubling for New York in The Avengers.  Also included were a few looks at Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, sporting an old-school leather jacket that conveniently reminded us of Steve's WWII-era origins.  Today, new images from the Cleveland set provide our best look yet at Evans not in a classically-styled civilian outfit, but in the thoroughly modernized Captain America costume featured in Marvel Studios' big team-up.

Gone are the bulky straps and 1940's canvas trappings, with a more immediately superheroic and sleek getup in their place.  The new costume has been seen in concept art, glimpsed in the teaser trailer, and poured over on the Comic-Con floor, but this is the first head-to-toe look at Evans actually wearing the damn thing.

As he proved in a sweaty, shaved-headed, clinched-jawed turn in Fast Five earlier this summer, Dwayne Johnson is a veritable locomotive of testosterone.  The dude's arms are so big that he can't functionally stand with his arms straight at his sides.  Probably the only way to make the estrwhile professional wrestler and Scorpion King look more conclusively masculine is to put him in a military outfit with a really, really big gun.  That's how you'll find him in this, the first image of Johnson in costume as Roadblock in G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation.  Fertile women be warned: simply looking at this picture could very well get you pregnant.  Such is his virility.

The New 'Immortals' Trailer Throws Down

Tuesday, 16 August 2011 08:38

So far, everything we've seen from director Tarsem Singh's Immortals has demonstrated that the inimitable visual stylist has brought a distinctive look and feel to his first 3D action film, in which he applies his signature look to an epic refashioning of Greek mythology.  While we've seen the opulent costumes and intricately composed, stunningly detailed visual tableaux, this new theatrical for Immortals offers those and more, focusing on the huge scale of the story, the characters, and the action. 

Narration by John Hurt sets up the nefarious quest of Mickey Rourke's King Hyperion, seeking to unleash the imprisoned titans in an all-out war against the gods.  Those chiseled deities, led by Luke Evans as Zeus, must recruit a worthy mortal to serve as their champion against Hyperion, and Theseus, played by newly-minted Superman Henry Cavill, is the only mortal up to the task.  Watch Cavill demonstrate his heroic credentials, as well as some truly show-stopping action, in the new trailer.

Just a few weeks back, we brought you the first official image of Gerard Butler and Souleymane Sy Savane in Machine Gun Preacher, the upcoming drama based on the true story of Sam Childers.  Butler stars as Childers, a tough guy biker and unapologetic drug dealer who undergoes a dramatic spiritual awakening, leading him to become an unlikely hero for literally hundreds of orphaned Sudanese children forced to be soldiers in the Lord's Resistance Army, as he founded the Angels of East Africa rescue organization.  Today, Relativity Media debuted the first official one-sheet for Machine Gun Preacher, and it gets across the determination of Childers with a simple, effective image.

Banewatch '11!  Cue dramatic newsbreak music.  Here's the breakdown so far of our visual familiarity with Tom Hardy as the villainous Bane in Christopher Nolan's mildly-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises: First was an official image from Warner Bros, followed by some very brief glimpses in the film's first teaser trailer, then daylight set photos of Hardy in the full costume between takes, and finally some more images from the set of a tussle with Christian Bale's Batman.  Well, today sees another crucial addition to Banewatch, with three fairly spoilerfied new close-up pictures of Hardy in costume, including that rather mysterious headgear, which we suspect has nothing to do with modern orthodontia.

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