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An intense, insanely promising look behind the scenes of Fury introduces the cast of characters in David Ayer's WWII action-drama.

Brad Pitt leads this unique war movie as Sergeant Wardaddy, top dog on a five-man Sherman Tank. 

That tank, affectionately dubbed Fury, has seen some of the harshest fighting in the European theater of the war, and as the conflict draws to a close in 1945, its battle-scarred crew must roll into the fray once more, striking at the heart of Germany in the waning days of the biggest armed conflict in human history.

Margot Robbie's ascent to full-blown movie star status just hit an important milestone.

The actress is in talks to lead Ghost in the Shell, a big budget live action scifi movie based on the influential anime.

Any attempt to adapt Stephen King's The Stand faces a whole lot of fundamental challenges.

Maybe the most obvious is sheer tonnage. The book is huge; the unabridged mass market paperback weighs in at a whopping 1,141 pages.

The story is humdinger, opening with the inadvertent release of a man-made virus and taking a breathtakingly wide angle as the Captain Trips pandemic quickly sweeps out civilization, leaving a sparsely populated continent of immune survivors in the remains of America. 

In the world after the Superflu, our heroes, driven by dreams of saintly centenarian Mother Abigail, assemble in Colorado, where they attempt to rebuild society in the Boulder Free Zone.  In Las Vegas, meanwhile, survivors with a less idealistic bent are drawn to Randall Flagg, aka the Dark Man, the Walkin' Dude, and the Hardcase, a grinning, denim-wearing, skin-walking manifestation of evil with a mind on some of the destructive toys left behind.

The size of The Stand is a big part of the novel's point.  Josh Boone, who is at this moment writing the script to direct, has made it clear he believes The Stand can be whittled down into "one three-hour, R-rated version with an amazing A-list cast."

Size aside, maybe the second most obvious challenge is The Stand's ending.  SPOILERS from here on out, obviously.

Dwayne Johnson has finally announced just which heavy hitter he'll play in Shazam and the greater DC Cinematic Universe.

After vacillating back and forth between good guy Shazam and bad guy Black Adam, The Rock has opted to play the more morally conflicted of the two, signing up to throw down as Black Adam.

Today in news that feels like it was created in an especially lame round of TV Mad Libs:

Dax Shepard, who you may remember as that guy from the first season of Punk'd, is set to direct, write, and star in a feature film version of CHiPs for Warner Bros.

Nobody looks cooler than Denzel Washington casually walking away from a massive fireball.

In fact, the latest trailer for this month's The Equalizer is basically one long explosion-walkaway, since the whole thing is about how unflappably badass Washington is in the title role.

The wait to ride with Hiccup and Toothless again is going to be about a year longer than we thought.

DreamWorks Animation has delayed How to Train Your Dragon 3, shifting the release date from the summer of 2016 to June 9, 2017.

A new trailer makes it emphatically clear that Monsters: Dark Continent is an entirely different beast than its acclaimed predecessor, Monsters.

From the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros to a galaxy far, far away:

Miltos Yerolemou, best known for his popular role in season one of HBO's Game of Thrones, has joined the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII.

Turns out Dracula's not such a bad guy after all.  Or at least he wasn't always.

In a new Japanese trailer for the upcoming Dracula Untold, we learn that one of literature's most famous monsters was once a really nice dude.

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