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The Fast/Furious franchise has come a long, long way from its humble origins as a streetracing Point Break knockoff.

A new international trailer for Furious 7, however, demonstrates that seven movies deep, the series remains committed to its core principles, no matter how much skyscraper-hopping Vin Diesel does.

If The Avengers was all about assembling Earth's Mightiest Heroes, then this summer's Avengers: Age of Ultron is all about tearing them apart.

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer know that Joss Whedon can put his characters through the wringer, dramatically speaking.  The writer-director behind the biggest comic book movie of all time has shed some light on the misfortune heading the Avengers' way in Age of Ultron.  Specifically, he's talking about the villain doing the wringing, the robotic bad guy Ultron, as well as new MCU players Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

The first two clips from next month's The Divergent Series: Insurgent are strikingly different from all the promotion we've seen for the sequel so far.

Sundry trailers, posters, and TV spots have played up Insurgent as an all-out action extravaganza, complete with gunfights and oodles of CGI.  Both of the clips Summit Entertainment has released, however, feel more they belong in a high school movie.

Zack Snyder just revealed the first official image of Aquaman as he'll appear (briefly) in next year's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The King of the Seven Seas looks like he could kick Khal Drogo's unruly ass.

That's because Aquaman, in his live-action movie debut, is played by Jason Momoa, the grizzled gentleman who also played Drogo on HBO's Game of Thrones.

EL James has Universal Pictures bound, gagged, and bent over a barrel.

Now that Fifty Shades of Grey is a worldwide super-mega-hit, the author is insisting on adapting her own bestseller for the sequel, and her attempts to more completely submit the franchise to her will are holding up progress on Fifty Shades Darker.

Yep, Neill Blomkamp's next movie is an Alien sequel willed to life through Instagram. 

What about his current movie, Chappie? Is Chappie destined to be a footnote in the history of the Alien franchise, just the movie that led to Alien 5, little more the first time Blomkamp and Sigourney Weaver worked together?

The first two clips from Chappie don't give an indication either way, mostly because they don't actually feature any Chappie.

We've seen a lot of time machines on the big screen, from the classy Victorian contraption of The Time Machine to the unmistakably eighties DeLorean in Back to the Future.  Only one cinematic chrono-device combines relaxed recreation, bacteria, and the circuits of time, however: the one that's also a hot tub.

In Hot Tub Time Machine 2, the least-practical time machine we've ever laid eyes on returns to theaters.

The first movie, a sleeper hit in 2010, introduced the Hot Tub Time Machine, which sent four friends back to 1986, where each one had to overcome the demons of the past on a ski-resort weekend in order to return to their native timeline better off than they ever imagined. 

Having used their time travel escapade to enrich themselves, when Hot Tub Time Machine 2 begins, Lou (Rob Corddry, Sex Tape), Nick (Craig Robinson, This Is the End), and Jacob (Clark Duke, Kick-Ass 2) are loving life: Lou is the ultra-rich inventor of the internet and Nick plagiarizes pop songs to lucrative effect.  When a mysterious assailant shoots Lou's testicles off, however, they set off through time to find the culprit and save Lou's balls.

The sequel, which opens nationwide this Friday, February 20th, is once again directed by Steve Pink (About Last Night).  In addition to the three familiar leads, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 also adds Adam Scott (NBC's Parks and Recreation) as a new addition to the timeline-hopping crew.

IAR Managing Editor Jami Philbrick was on hand for the comedy's Los Angeles press day, where both Pink and Scott enthusiastically – and with their tongues characteristically in cheek – discussed the influences behind the sequel, how Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is like The Avengers, Scott joining the cast, acting in love with Gillian Jacobs, and the movie's no-holds barred tone.

Unsurprisingly for a reboot/sequel/prequel continuing a major franchise that appeared to run out of gas more than a decade ago, Terminator: Genisys is officially set to play in IMAX 3D this summer.

Buckle up, because a new international trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road hauls ass.

The Alien franchise just tore through 20th Century Fox's chest: another sequel to Alien is on the way, and Neill Blomkamp is officially directing the next installment in the biggest scifi horror series out there.

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