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If all goes according to plan over the next several years, Universal Pictures will set up a Marvel-style cinematic universe for the studio's stable of classic movie monsters.

Until recently, 2016's The Mummy re-remake was set to kickstart these interconnected franchises, but it turns out that some late additions place this month's vampire origin story Dracula Untold at the forefront of the Monsterverse.

Reese Witherspoon believes her new movie, The Good Lie, does more than just entertain.

"Once you see the film, it makes you want to go home and look it up and get more involved," Witherspoon said at a press conference for the film in Nashville, Tennessee.

Opening in select cities this Friday, October 3rd, The Good Lie chronicles the journey of several "Lost Boys," the countless children made orphans by the unbelievably brutal civil war that ravaged Sudan beginning in 1983.  In order to evade the murderous Janjaweed militia that burned their village to the ground, this trio of survivors walk hundreds of miles on foot across harsh landscapes, first East to Ethiopia, then South to Kenya. 

Eventually, fifteen years later, all three arrive in America as part of a humanitarian effort to relocate several thousand Lost Boys to the U.S.

So in many ways, Academy Award® winner Witherspoon is, in fact, a supporting player in the film, with Sudanese actors Ger Duany, Arnold Oceng, Emmanuel Jal, and Kuoth Wiel carrying the bulk of the narrative as Jeremiah, Mamere, Paul, and Abital.  Witherspoon, meanwhile, plays Carrie, a Kansas City employment agency rep who befriends the refugees.

IAR Managing Editor Jami Philbrick traveled to Nashville for the premiere of The Good Lie.  At the press conference, Witherspoon recalled how she became involved in The Good Lie.  "For a few years, I was a little bit lost as an artist not being able to find what I wanted to do and making choices that I wasn’t ultimately very happy with," she said.  "What started this whole string of things that I was doing personally was just getting back to wanting to play interesting, dynamic female characters.  When I read Margaret Nagle’s script, I was just so moved."

If, like everyone around IAR HQ, you were psyched about Joaquin Phoenix joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then today brings some bad news.

After months of talks, Phoenix has opted against starring in Doctor Strange.

This year is the first in a decade without a new release from Pixar Animation Studios.

Disney has released the first teaser trailer for next year's Inside Out, however, and this glimpse at Pixar's next suggests it'll be worth the wait.

As the title character in Mortdecai, Johnny Depp sports a little mustache that is restrained by Depp's usual standards of makeup affectation.

A quartet of character posters apply Mortdecai's signature lip-ferret to the faces of Depp and supporting players Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Munn, and Ewan McGregor, all of whom wear the upturned facial hair strikingly.

The first two pictures from American Sniper reveal Bradley Cooper as the deadliest assassin in U.S. military history.

Earlier this week, Netflix dipped its toes into the feature film pool, announcing that the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel will hit the streaming service and IMAX on the very same day.

If that was a toe-dipping, then Netflix just cannonballed into the deep end: Adam Sandler has signed a deal to make four – four! – feature films just for Netflix.

A decade after he became a symbol of tabloid overexposure, Ben Affleck is once again everywhere, but this time, everybody's happy to see him.

He stars in this Friday's Gone Girl, two new clips from which showcase his performance,

He's currently shooting Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and before he starts on his next directorial project, Live By Night, he'll apparently star as an assassin in The Accountant.

The latest trailer for Horrible Bosses 2 opens with a novel new setup, one that suggests the sequel will zig where its predecessor zagged.

By the end of these two and a half minutes, though, it's pretty clear that Horrible Bosses 2 is sticking pretty closely to the sequel playbook, going bigger but keeping most things fundamentally the same.

Strap in, ladies and gentlemen, because the Interstellar hype-rocket is lifting off.

With the release date just over a month away, Christopher Nolan's science fiction adventure has a new trailer, one that promptly heads into space, following Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway where no man has gone before.

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