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The Frozen sequel that everyone flipped out about earlier this week hasn't yet been confirmed, but something almost as good is on the way.

Disney Animation has officially announced a short film reuniting the filmmakers and beloved characters of the biggest animated movie of all time, is just around the corner. 

Frozen Fever is on its way to theaters this March, when it will accompany Disney's live action Cinderella remake.

Filming Wild, which opens in select cities today, Reese Witherspoon was far from the luxuries you might associate with a star of her stature.

"The shooting part was five weeks. It was fifty-five locations in thirty-five days," she told IAR during a roundtable interview. "We were going and going and going."

"I was tired. And this guy would not let me wear any makeup," she said, pointing to her director, Jean-Marc Vallée. "So you see it all on my face."

"One time he said, 'Cut. She looks like she is in a hair commercial. Put more grease in her hair,'" Witherspoon recalled. "Afterwards, I am like, 'Can I wash my hair?'"

"Do you see how raw and beautiful at the same time? It shows her, and we are like, 'Wow! They are not trying to show off here. They are not trying to make her look pretty and beautiful.' It is just trying to be real," said Vallée. "At the same time, this real, she looks amazing on the trail with the sun in her face. It is not backlit like it is supposed to give her a nice hair thing."

If you recognize the name Jean-Marc Vallée, it's probably because he directed last year's Dallas Buyers Club, which propelled both Matthew McConaughy and Jared Leto to Oscar glory.  For Wild, he teams with Witherspoon, who won an Academy Award of her own for her performance in 2006's Walk the Line.

She stars in Wild as a woman who, with a wake of bad decisions and recent catastrophes right behind her, decided to set out on a remarkable journey: a more than 1,000 mile solo odyssey on the Pacific Crest Trail from Southern California to the Bridge of the Gods separating Oregon and Washington.  Even more remarkable, she undertook this cathartic quest with zero hiking experience.

Ultron, the "batshit crazy" bad guy, isn't the only robotic character introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

He's joined by a major new player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Vision, a superpowered cyborg whose relationship with Earth's Mightiest Heroes is complicated.

By far the best look at Paul Bettany in costume as Vision has surfaced, showing once again that Joss Whedon is sticking close to Vision's comic book appearance.

The Fantastic Four reboot hits theaters on August 7, 2015, but until yesterday, not a single official tidbit had emerged from 20th Century Fox.

This first official word about the anticipated return of Marvel's First Family isn't a teaser trailer or even a still of the cast in costume.  Instead, it's a two-sentence rundown of the reboot's story.

Change your breakfast plans for Thursday morning, ladies and gentlemen.

That's when EON Productions announces the official title and cast of the 007 sequel we've all been calling Bond 24 for years now.

Warner Bros. just went a long, long way towards distinguishing its nascent DC Cinematic Universe from the party over at Marvel.

The studio just announced the all-star cast playing supervillains in Suicide Squad, confirming a whole host of rumors, including the big one that Jared Leto is playing the new iteration of Batman's nemesis, The Joker.

How all-star are we talking here? Will Smith, Tom Hardy, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Cara Delevingne, and Leto have all signed up to play DC bad guys for writer-director David Ayer.

Source Code appeared to be self-contained, wrapping up tightly in just over ninety minutes.

Turns out that clever little scifi thriller is, in fact, caught in a franchise loop, playing out the same basic scenario in a sequel much like Colton Stevens relived the same eight minutes in someone else's life.

Yes, Source Code 2 is one step closer to happening, with Anna Foerster signing on to direct.

Next summer's Terminator reboot/quasi-sequel now has a goofy motion poster to go with that goofy title.

Oscar campaigns are already underway and the months-long slog through accolades and back-patting that is awards season has commenced. 

We're still months out from the sort of ceremonies that inspire red carpet spreads in People magazine, but the 23rd annual Gotham Awards went down in New York City last night, acknowledging some damn fine independent cinema and spurring on prestige season with a hearty shout of "Yo, Birdman!"

In Wild Card, Jason Statham stars as a rough and tumble guy named, no joke, Nick Wild.

That fact alone probably tells you pretty clearly whether or not you're going to like Wild Card

Before you judge based on Statham and his character's fantastically on-the-nose Stallonian moniker, though, you might want to take a look at the first image, a delightfully cheesy poster, and even a spirited international trailer that'll help you bone up on freshman French.

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