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Lestat, Louis, and the rest of Anne Rice's sensual creatures of the night are probably getting rebooted.

Universal Pictures has purchased the movie rights to the novels in The Vampire Chronicles series, lining up some top-tier event movie producers, two of whom specialize in big, dumb franchises.

Unarguably, director Robert Altman is one of the greatest filmmakers of all-time. 

His impressive resume of films include such groundbreaking classics as MASH, Brewster McCloud, McCabe and Mrs. Miller, The Long Goodbye, Nashville, Popeye, The Player, Short Cuts, Gosford Park, and A Prairie Home Companion. Robert Altman’s life and career are now examined in the new EPIX Original Documentary entitled Altman, which premieres August 6th. 

Altman takes viewers through the highs and lows of the uncompromising visionary’s half-century long career in filmmaking. The documentary features interviews with Paul Thomas Anderson, James Caan, Phillip Baker Hall, Sally Kellerman, Lyle Lovett, Julianne Moore, Lily Tomlin, Robin Williams, and Bruce Willis

Another longtime Altman collaborator that appears in the new documentary is Elliot Gould, whose own impressive career has spanned over fifty years. The veteran actor made five films with Altman including MASH, The Long Goodbye, California Split, Nashville, and The Player. Gould first gained attention for his work in Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, which earned him an Academy Award-nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He would go on to appear in such films as Capricorn One, The Muppet Movie, Bugsy, American History X, Contagion, and Ruby Sparks. But he is probably best known to a younger generation for his role as Monica and Ross’ dad on Friends, as well as playing Ruben Tishkoff in Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve, and Ocean’s Thirteen. He can currently be seen opposite Liev Schreiber on the popular Showtime series Ray Donovan

I recently had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Elliot Gould about Altman, making MASH, The Long Goodbye and The Player, as well as working with the legendary director. Gould candidly discussed the new documentary, his first meeting with Robert Altman, reading the script for MASH, his onscreen chemistry with Donald Sutherland, why MASH was so ahead of its time, Altman’s process as a filmmaker, his groundbreaking use of sound, making The Long Goodbye, playing the iconic character of Phillip Marlowe, why the movie angered so many people, appearing in The Player, and his favorite all-time Altman films.

In a year with no new Pixar movie, 20th Century Fox is keeping mainstream animated fare in a theater near you.

So far this year, the studio has already released Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Rio 2, and How to Train Your Dragon 2.  Before 2014 is over, Fox is dropping Penguins of Madagascar and The Book of Life.

New theatrical trailers for both the espionage riff and the Dia de los Muertos-inspired adventure have arrived online, both boasting plenty of pop culture references and famous voices.

With Into the Storm hitting theaters this Friday, audiences can experience the abject terror and helplessness of a major natural disaster from the comfort of an air-conditioned theater.

A found footage thriller, Into the Storm takes place in Silverton, a small American town that becomes the center of a tornado convergence.  As these twisters ravage the town and countryside, a high school principal battles through the storm to find his son, aided by assorted townspeople and, more importantly, a team of professional storm-chasers.

The real brains of the storm-chasing operation is Allison, played by Sarah Wayne Callies, who earned herself many fans as Dr. Sara Tancredi on the cult Fox series Prison Break.  She is undoubtedly best known for her role as Lori Grimes on AMC's phenomenally popular The Walking Dead.

IAR was on hand at the Los Angeles press day for Into the Storm, where Callies discussed how she ended up with the role, playing a meteorologist, acting while giant fans are running, dangerous stunts, her daughter's unexpected appearance in the film, and what's next.

A series of character posters highlight the familiar faces now residing in District 13, the heart of the rebellion in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1.

Forty years ago to the day, a mischievous sprite of a Frenchman illegally strung a wire between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and proceeded to walk on said wire 1,368 feet in the air for almost an hour.

Philippe Petit's beautiful, death-defying stunt and the heist-style preparations for it are the stuff of legend, the stuff that would make a great movie.

Robert Zemeckis is working on it with The Walk, which casts Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petit and just wrapped up production.

An extended clip from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles excerpts a string of little scenes leading up to the reboot's action finale.

Warner Bros. has blinked in its game of release date chicken with Marvel, unexpectedly rescheduling Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice outside the summer movie season.

But that's only part of the story, as the studio has scheduled nine – nine! – DC movies to open between 2016 and 2020.

Next summer's Terminator reboot/sequel has a new title, and it's a humdinger.

We've all been calling this mysterious new movie Terminator: Genesis, but it turns out that wasn't quite right.  The actual title of the fifth installment in this unkillable franchise is, in fact, Terminator: Genisys.

Dame Helen Mirren is the Queen of Hollywood!

The English actress, who has been acting for over 40-years, looks just as amazing at 69 as she did at 29. Beginning her illustrious career with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Dame Helen went on to appear in such critically acclaimed films as Caligula, Excalibur, White Nights, The Madness of King George, Gosford Park, The Clearing, and Calendar Girls, not to mention her popular BBC series Prime Suspect

But it was her role as Queen Elizabeth in The Queen that earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress and international icon status. She would later be featured in a string of high profile movies like National Treasure: Book of Secrets, RED, Arthur, Hitchcock, Monsters University, and RED 2. Her latest film, director Lasse Hallstrom’s (Safe Haven) The Hundred-Foot Journey, was produced by Steven Spielberg (Schindler's List) and Oprah Winfrey (Lee Daniel’s The Butler), and opens in theaters on August 8th. 

The Hundred-Foot Journey tells the story of the Kadam family, who after suffering deep family tragedy move to France to open their own restaurant. They soon clash with Madame Mallory (Mirren), proprietress of a celebrated French restaurant across the street, until undeniable chemistry causes the Madame to take gifted young chef Hassan (Manish Dayal) under her wing. In addition to Mirren and Dayal, the movie also features veteran actor Om Puri (Gandhi), and newcomer Charlotte Le Bon. The film was written by Steven Knight (Amazing Grace), and based on the book of the same name by Richard C. Morais

I recently had the immense pleasure of spending a Saturday morning sitting around a table at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles with a small number of journalists and Dame Helen Mirren. The Oscar-winning actress was absolutely lovely and a delight to speak with. She discussed The Hundred-Foot Journey, how she chooses projects, why she wanted to play this role, her co-star Om Puri, and what she wants from a director when working on set. 

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