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The new theatrical trailer for Chappie ramps up the influence of RoboCop, but pairs it with a warm and fuzzy vibe for a mix that's uniquely Neill Blomkamp.

As awards season continues to ceaselessly pummel us all with official nominations, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts has issued their nominees for the 2015 Orange British Academy Film Awards. 

These potential BAFTA Award-winners include plenty of the ringers we've been seeing on pretty much every list of Stateside nominations, especially The Grand Budapest Hotel, which racked up eleven noms, the most of any BAFTA contender this year.

Marvel's micro-hero is having a big week.

First the teaser trailer and poster introduced Ant-Man to the moviegoing world, now we've got a bumper crop of official pictures, concept art, and story-nuggets that apparently confirm the reason's behind original director Edgar Wright's departure.

Every time we hear about Kong: Skull Island, the cast gets cooler.

Yeah, yeah, we know, King Kong is sort of the star.  His name's in the title and everything, but the way the human cast of the prequel is shaping up, Kong might just get upstaged.

Michael Keaton might just board the boat to Skull Island, joining fellow sure-to-be-nominated-for-an-Oscar badass JK Simmons and part-time Loki Tom Hiddleston as the non-ape lead.

Fans who braved the Hall H at Comic-Con last summer saw a brief teaser for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

For everybody else who wasn't in San Diego's biggest three-ring circus, a glimpse at footage from the superhero slugfest remains as elusive as sasquatch.  

When might that change?  When might a your first look at Ben Affleck batting Henry Cavill arrive at a theater near you?

Two Days, One Night is as epic an odyssey as you're likely to see onscreen anytime soon. 

The story chronicles a battle in which the stakes feel bigger than the fate of Erebor or Dale or whatever, yet the scale is recognizable as life the way it's actually lived. 

No Great Eagles are going to swoop in for Sandra, the heroine of the acclaimed new film taking place over – appropriately enough – Two Days, One Night.  When she returns after a leave of absence grappling with clinical depression, Sandra discovers that she won't be getting her job back.  Or rather, she might, but the other sixteen employees would have to forgo their annual bonuses.

Sandra, played to great acclaim by Marion Cotillard, sets out on a journey that's local but sweeping, visiting all of her coworkers over the course of a single weekend before they decide her fate in Monday vote.

Cotillard's been praised for her compassionate, subtle, heartbreakingly human performance, a performance that encompasses every scene in the movie.  At the Los Angeles press day for Two Days, One Night, the Oscar-winning actress talked to IAR Managing Editor Jami Philbrick and assembled journalists from the around the world, discussing her work in what's widely touted as The Dardenne Brothers' masterpiece.

Some folks get excited about football season, others about baseball season, and still others get their jollies from awards season.

It's in full swing now, baby. After the initial volley of critical awards late last year, we're now in the phase of specific professional organizations announcing their nominations.  In the last week we've seen nominations from the Producers Guild, Society of Cinematographers, and American Cinema Editors.

Now the Writers Guild of America is getting in on that action and there's a big surprise:  Guardians of the Galaxy, the year's biggest crowdpleaser, is nominated alongside the usual suspects this prestige season.

There's no shortage of Marvel heroics on the way, with Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man arriving in May and July.

Before either of those big screen adventures, however, Daredevil will make its Netflix debut on April 10, 2015.

Netflix announced it today, unveiling a poster and a new image in the process. The Man Without Fear's first season will drop on that Friday.  All thirteen episodes are set to be available simultaneously, so you might want to clear your schedule for the whole weekend.

We're now thigh-deep in awards season quicksand.

The professional guilds are announcing their nominations, providing some idea of just what it'll feel like when the suffocating sand fills our lungs.  This week, the Producers Guild of America and the American Cinema Editors both dropped boatloads of noms.

Now the American Society of Cinematographers unveiled the nominees for the 29th Annual Outstanding Achievement Awards, and wouldn't you know it, there's some overlap with the PGA and ACE Eddie nominations.

The Ant-Man trailer has arrived, giving us our first look at Marvel's most diminutive superhero.

It's no secret that the littlest Avenger has had a pretty rough time getting to the big screen, but Marvel's trailer announcement clears up a big question about the screenplay.

Specifically, it credits Paul Rudd and Adam McKay with the final script, meaning Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish have to settle for "Story By" credit.

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