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Cannes.  Sundance.  Venice.  Federman.

These are the cream of the film festival crop.  While you might be more familiar with the first three, none of those world-famous fests allow some of the world's finest stand-up comedians to personally select and present their favorite classic movies.

So obviously the Wayne Federman Film Festival is superior to any and all other film festivals.

Having established his fest the past three years running, Federman is back for the 4th Annual Wayne Federman Film Festival, which is set to feature comedians like Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat), Will Forte (The Last Man on Earth), Lauren Lapkus (Jurassic World), and Paul Scheer (The League) pairing stand-up and Q&A's with films such as Klown, MacGruber, Big, and Ghostbusters, just to name a few.

A quartet of posters for this year's Peanuts movie keep it simple, sticking to the classic appeal of Charlie Brown, Snoopy (Woodstock, too), Lucy, and Linus.

Thanks to an international trailer and poster, you can get your first real looks at Dark Places and bone up on remedial French at the same time.

Dark Places is based on the bestseller by Gillian Flynn, the novelist behind Gone Girl.  Like last year's twisted sensation, this thriller is darker than the inside of a coffin on a moonless prairie night.

Ever since Emma Watson joined Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast, the big question has been just who would play the Beast to her Belle.

Who—who, we cried to the heavens, who?!— could possibly play the hairy bad boy whose inner prince is brought out by Watson's girl most peculiar? Disney has found the man for the job, casting Dan Stevens as the other titular character in Beauty and the Beast.

That's not all, either: Luke Evans has also joined the big budget remake as the Beast's romantic rival, Gaston.

Is Tarsem Singh looking to shut up everyone who claims he's all style, no substance?

The first trailer for Self/Less marks the very first time in the director's career that a Singh movie hasn't immediately announced itself as a Singh movie through overblown painterly visuals, elaborate costume and set design, and strange headgear. 

There are, in fact, only a couple flourishes that suggest Self/Less is from the same guy who made The Fall, The Cell, Immortals, and Mirror, Mirror.

The Saturn Awards are the only awards that matter, but the MTV Movie Awards is always a fun shindig too.

Actually, after the undue seriousness of awards season, particularly the ostentation and pomp of the Oscars, MTV's annual celebration of cinematic shenanigans tends to be a breath of fresh air, an awards show that bothers to be entertaining.

Not only that, but the MTV Movie Awards tend to hand out golden popcorn to more populist fare.  This year, for example, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Fault in Our Stars, and Neighbors lead the nominees with seven nods apiece.

With two months until Avengers: Age of Ultron assembles in theaters, Marvel Studios has dropped one last trailer for the sequel to the biggest superhero movie ever.

This trailer is a humdinger, one that makes it absolutely clear Age of Ultron puts The Avengers to shame, dwarfing its predecessor in scope, spectacle, and stakes.

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films has announced the nominees for the 41st Annual Saturn Awards.

Awards season reached its official end with last month's orgy of pomp and circumstance, the Oscars, and you may remember that a movie slagging off superheroes won Best Picture there. But the Oscars and most of the marquee awards shows are notoriously tough on genre fare, and that's where the Saturn Awards come in. 

Unlike your Oscars or Golden Globes, the Saturn Awards are meant specifically to single out excellent work in science-fiction, action/adventure, horror/thriller, and fantasy.  With six "Best Picture" categories divided by genre, these are the only awards that give the likes of Edge of Tomorrow, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Guest, and Only Lovers Left Alive a fair shake.

Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr., and Jonny Lee Miller are shaking in their loafers because there's a new Sherlock in town.

Actually, there's a much, much older Sherlock and he live way outside of town, but Ian McKellen is about to overshadow all three contemporary Sherlocks as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's legendary detective in Mr. Holmes.

They say you can't go home again, but in See You in Valhalla, Sarah Hyland has to try.

The Modern Family actress doesn't just star, she's also a producer of the upcoming indie comedy-drama.

Hyland plays Johana Burwood, "a young woman who returns home to reunite with her estranged family after the bizarre death of her brother. With family secrets, old flames, small-town gossip and an uncomfortable family reunion looming, she must find a way to navigate and accept her past while preserving her present."

See You in Valhalla chronicles Johana's sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking misadventure amongst a bunch of strangers: her family.  As such, Hyland is just one part of an eclectic and formidable ensemble that includes Odeya Rush (The Giver), Beau Mirchoff (MTV's Awkward), Jake McDorman (American Sniper), Emma Bell (AMC's The Walking Dead), Steve Howey (Showtime's Shameless), Michael Weston (Wish I Was Here), Bret Harrison (ABC's Astronaut Wives Club), and Conor O'Farrell (The Lincoln Lawyer).

The film is directed by Jarret Tarnol, reuniting with April Apocalypse (currently available on VOD, also featuring Hyland) screenwriter Brent Tarnol.

Arc Entertainment is releasing See You in Valhalla in theaters, Video On Demand, and iTunes this April 24th.

In anticipation of that release, IAR is happy to debut the exclusive poster and no fewer than sixteen all-new exclusive images from next month's dramedy.

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