Dumb & Dumber To is the number one movie at the box office, raking in $38.05 million in its North American debut, according to current estimates.

Maybe now Harry and Lloyd will finally be able to open their pet store, I Got Worms.

Two big-budget science fiction adventures duked it out for the top spot at the box office this weekend.

Disney's Big Hero 6 emerged victorious, pinning the "Number One Movie in America" ribbon to its lapel, while Christopher Nolan's anticipated Interstellar lived up to expectations but had to settle for that silver ribbon.

With potential moviegoers too busy trick or treating, multiplexes across the continent were quiet this weekend.

Halloween fell on a Friday this year, so movies didn't really stand a chance, but slow business allowed Nightcrawler to claim the top spot at the domestic box office.

Bust out the planchette and start a séance, kids, because Ouija is the number one movie in North America.

Unsurprisingly, a horror movie took the top spot on the weekend before Halloween.  The only new horror movie available was Ouija, so that's what people saw most, while no-bullshit actioner John Wick provided a no-frills alternative.

The idea of sharing a cramped, dirty space with Brad Pitt brought men to movie theaters across North America in force this weekend, making Fury the number one movie at the domestic box office.

Never, ever underestimate the desire of Americans to peek behind the curtain of a truly jacked-up marriage.

This voyeuristic urge, combined with the movie being verifiably awesome, has propelled Gone Girl to its second consecutive weekend atop the North American box office, fending off a crowded and diverse field of new releases.

Not too many actors, even straight-up stars, can be relied upon to create big opening weekends, especially if they're not doing lots of CGI derring-do.

Denzel Washington is the rare thespian who pretty ensures a solid debut, even though the majority of his films are R-rated. 

His latest, The Equalizer, is especially R-rated and hard-as-nails, but his reunion with Training Day director opened huge in North America this weekend.

The Equalizer sits atop the box office heap, having debuted in 3,236 theaters and earned a whopping $35.0 million, according to current estimates.

Many adaptations of bestselling young adult novel series have tried to launch movie franchises.  A few have succeeded.  Most have gone nowhere.  For every Hunger Games, there are two or three misfires like Beautiful Creatures or Vampire Academy.

The Maze Runner has avoided the fate of, say, The Mortal Instruments, opening to the tune of $32.5 million this weekend.

That easily put The Maze Runner at the number one spot on the domestic box office charts, more than doubling the take of the second place finisher, A Walk Among the Tombstones.

Home invasion proved more popular than a heartwarming animal story at the box office.

No Good Deed debuted in first place this weekend by a considerable margin, outpacing fellow new release Dolphin Tale 2.

Elsewhere in the top ten, a crime drama opened in limited release while Marvel's latest blockbuster continued busting blocks, crossing a big box office milestone.

Guardians of the Galaxy became the first Marvel Studios movie to spend four weekends atop the box office at number one, albeit non-consecutively.

Still, that's not the big story this weekend.

The big story is, in fact, how little story there is this weekend.  This was the slowest weekend in two years, with the top twelve grossing a combined $51.9 million. Not coincidentally, the quietest weekend of the last decade was also September 5th through 7th back in 2008, when the top twelve amounted to $50.3 million.

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