3 Days to Kill outpaced its fellow new releases this weekend, debuting in second place on the domestic box office chart.

This year, romance was spelled L.E.G.O.

Even with three eighties remakes and one misguided novel adaptation seeking to take advantage of the holiday weekend, The Lego Movie once again topped the domestic box office.

Of the new releases, About Last Night fared best, while RoboCop couldn't quite find too many moviegoers who'd buy that for a dollar, Endless Love proved somewhat limited, and Winter's Tale failed to attract riders for its winged horse.

Expect a whole  lot more animated movies based on toys over the next few years, because The Lego Movie just opened big.

The attention of the populace was focused squarely on some sort of annual sporting event this weekend, making for a quiet frame at the domestic box office.

With only two new films joining the fray in wide release, Ride Along managed to retain the top spot for the third consecutive weekend.  Thanks largely to the introduction of a sing-along feature to more than 1,000 theaters, Disney kept the Frozen train a-chugging, claiming second place ahead of new releases That Awkward Moment and Labor Day.

Only one new wide release, I, Frankenstein, entered the fray at multiplexes following last weekend's record-setting MLK holiday frame.

The sight of Aaron Eckhart as a stitched-up gothic superhero couldn't lure audiences away from Ride Along, however, and he action-horror-fantasy debuted without ostentation in sixth place on the domestic box office chart.

Universal started the ball rolling on Ride Along 2 months ago.  That now looks like one hell of a sharp idea, because Ride Along collected $41.2 million from 2,663 locations in its debut weekend.

Lone Survivor bucked the trend of audiences avoiding contemporary war pictures this weekend.

The film claimed the top spot at the domestic box office by a wide margin in its first frame of wide release, while holdovers stayed strong and the only other new wide release, The Legend of Hercules, got off to an inauspicious start.

It's not often that a major release claims the number one spot on two non-consecutive weekends.

Frozen has done just that, rising back to the top in its sixth weekend of release, having debuted way back on November 22, 2013.

Old Man Hollywood opened the floodgates this Christmas, raining down a flood of cinematic product on an unsuspecting populace.

On this post-holiday weekend, however, each and every one of those new releases flailed about a bit while holdovers claimed the top spots at the domestic box office.

On the last weekend before Christmas, two sequels went toe-to-toe for box office supremacy.

The combined might and guile of the GNN Newsteam could not, ultimately, defeat Thorin Oakenshield's stout-hearted dwarf party, as Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues debuted behind holdover The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

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