Box Office: June 18-20, 2010

Sunday, 20 June 2010 16:00 Written by  Eric Walkuski
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Box Office: June 18-20, 2010

The box office this summer has been, to put it mildly, disappointing. The last two weeks, however, are setting things on the right track, putting audiences and studio execs alike in a happier frame of mind. At least, for now.

The number one film this weekend is Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 3 (was there ever any doubt?). The third film in the lovable franchise gives Pixar its best opening ever, grabbing approximately $109 million from 4,028 locations, including 2,463 3D screens. The opening topples the number set be Pixar's previous opening weekend champ, The Incredibles, which made $70 million when it debuted in November of 2004. Worldwide, the film - which scored a 99% Fresh Rating over at Rotten Tomatoes - gobbled up an additional $153 million; it should have no problem catching up to Toy Story 2's $485 million worldwide gross. Reaching the heights of Pixar's worldwide champ Finding Nemo ($867.9 million) will be a much more difficult task.

The only other wide release was Jonah Hex, and to no one's real surprise, it bombed. But the size of the bomb was larger than anyone might have predicted: the Warner Bros' film opened with approximately $5.1 million, an utterly disastrous result even factoring in the low expectations. While its initial budget wasn't huge (allegedly it was in the $40 million range), there were massive reshoots earlier this year, which was certainly an indication that all was not well with this supernatural western. It's safe to assume we won't be getting a sequel; it would be a miracle if anyone who works at Warner Bros. even mentioned it ever again.

Last week's holdover's, The Karate Kid and The A-Team, both fared relatively well. Kid dropped approximately 49%, giving it $106 million total. A-Team, which opened to a lackluster $25 million last weekend, held up decently, dropping only 46% - signs that there's some good word-of-mouth on the Joe Carnahan-directed feature. No, it's still not going to do the kind of business 20th Century Fox had hoped for, but the studio should be pleased that it didn't crumble in its second frame. Its worldwide total stands at $84 million so far.

Check out the rest of the estimates for this weekend below, as well as the films' total cumes. Next weekend finds the release of the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz adventure Knight & Day - we'll finally get to see if Cruise has recaptured the public's affection, or if he should just slip into that Les Grossman persona permanently...

Title... Weekend Gross... Total Cume...

1. Toy Story 3 - $109,000,000 - $109,000,000

2. The Karate Kid - $29,000,000 - $106,254,000

3. The A-Team - $13,775,000 - $49,797,000

4. Get Him to the Greek - $6,117,000 - $47,857,000

5. Shrek Forever After - $5,520,000 - $222,977,000

6. Prince of Persia - $5,273,000 - $80,508,000

7. Killers - $5,100,000 - $39,370,000

8. Jonah Hex - $5,085,000 - $5,085,000

9. Iron Man 2 - $2,675,000 - $304,764,000

10. Marmaduke - $2,650,000 - $27,886,000

Source: Box Office Mojo

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