B.O. Roundup, September 21-23: 'House at the End of the Street' Tied On Top

Sunday, 23 September 2012 12:47 Written by  iamrogue
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B.O. Roundup, September 21-23: 'House at the End of the Street' Tied On Top

It's a late September surprise, as a pair of new releases in wide release are tied for the top spot at the domestic box office with a baseball/familial drama nipping at their figurative heels in third place.

Going into this weekend, most projections pegged Trouble With the Curve for the probable number one movie, mostly on account of its stars.  Turns out, however, that House at the End of the Street and End of Watch are instead vying for the title instead.

House at the End of the Street, a Relativity Media thriller directed by Mark Tonderai and starring Jennifer Lawrence, is tied with End of Watch, a mostly found footage police drama starring Jake Gylenhaal and Michael Pena.  According to current estimates, both films grossed $13.0 million over the weekend.

The horror film goes a long way towards proving the Lawrence's appeal outside of the phenomenally successful blockbuster franchise-starter The Hunger Games.  Playing at over 3,000 theaters, House at the End of the Street pulled an audience that was principally under 25 years-old and female, with 70 and 61 percent in each respective category.    End of Watch, from Training Day writer David Ayer, meanwhile, was seen by a crowd that was 54% men and almost two-thirds over the age of 25.

A cast headed by Clint Eastwoodand including Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake suggested to many box office-watchers that Trouble With the Curve would be the default number one movie in America, but it turns out that the nation's appetite for horror and gritty cops may have overpowered Eastwood and company, as the film from his longtime collaborator Robert Lorenz instead earned an estimated $12.7 million in third place.

The other new wide release, 3D comic book adaptation Dredd, didn't fare as well as any of the aforementioned movies.  Though fellow 3D B-movie Resident Evil: Retribution tumbled 68% from its number one debut last weekend, the video game movie still placed ahead of Dredd in sixth place with $6.3 million.  The film has enjoyed generally positive reviews and a good amount of excitement amongst fans of the character, but its first weekend in theaters suggests we might not be seeing the continued adventures of Karl Urban's grizzled future-cop.

Here's the top ten movies in domestic release based on current estimates:

1. House at the End of the Street                   $13.0 million        New Release

2. End of Watch                                               $13.0 million        New Release

3. Trouble With the Curve                               $12.7 million        New Release

4. Finding Nemo                                               $9.4 million         $29.9 million

5. Resident Evil: Retribution                           $6.7 million         $33.4 million

6. Dredd                                                           $6.3 million         New Release

7. The Master                                                   $5.0 million         $6.0 million

8. The Possession                                           $2.6 million         $45.6 million

9. Lawless                                                        $2.3 million         $34.5 million

10. ParaNorman                                               $2.2 million         $52.5 million

The upcoming Friday will see wide releases for Looper, Pitch Perfect, Won't Back Down, and Hotel Transylvania.

Full Disclosure: House at the End of the Street was produced by Relativity Media, which is iamROGUE's parent company.

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