Box Office: July 9-11, 2010

Monday, 12 July 2010 07:42 Written by  Eric Walkuski
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Box Office: July 9-11, 2010

Last weekend brought to the box office the screeching hurricane known as Eclipse, which we all knew would destroy everything in its path and sit atop the box office throne (most likely shirtless). This weekend brought two new films and an intriguing showdown on all fronts. Would Despicable Me steal the youngsters away from the uber-popular Toy Story 3? Would there be an audience for an R-rated horror film based on a franchise that had pretty much been run into the ground? How would Eclipse fare in its second week - would it crumble like its predecessor, New Moon. At long last, the battle of the box office was gettin' good...

The undisputed winner this weekend is Despicable Me, which corralled approximately $60.1 million from 3,476 theaters. Universal Pictures apparently made the film for a very reasonable $69 million, which is stunningly low for a big animated movie nowadays. Without question this is already a big winner for the studio; it'll likely enjoy a long box office run on its way to a holiday DVD/Blu-ray windfall. I wouldn't be surprised if the sequel has already been given the go-ahead.

Eclipse tumbled, as was expected, but not precipitously. The third in the Twilight series took in approximately $33.4 million in its second weekend, a 49% drop. Not too bad, considering the massive 70% fall off New Moon experienced. (Although it's important to note that Eclipse opened last Wednesday, which skews the numbers a bit.) Let's face it, it's all gravy for Summit Entertainment anyway. The flick has already made $319 million worldwide off a budget of around $70 million. Life good for everyone involved.

20the Century Fox's Predators, which was made by Robert Rodriguez almost entirely at his Texas-based studio for the low, low cost of $38 million, hooked in approximately $25.3 million from only 2,669 theaters, a pretty impressive showing for the R-rated action-horror film. While it remains to be seen if it has much staying power (the very geek-friendly Inception opens next weekend, after all), Fox can consider this a minor victory for the moment. That said, it's not necessarily guaranteed that we'll see another one of these anytime soon.

Finally, the most impressive haul I've saved for last. The indie dramedy The Kids Are All Right opened in 7 theaters and made $505,000. That's half a million dollars from seven theaters, an astounding $72,143 average. Kids reportedly cost around $4 million, so the sky is the limit right now for this critically acclaimed film. (Surely we'll hear from it during award season as well.)

Title..... Weekend Gross (4-Day)..... Total Cume.....

1. Despicable Me - $60,117,000 - $60,117,000
2. Twilight: Eclipse - $33,400,000 - $237,000,000
3. Predators - $25,300,000 - $25,300,000
4. Toy Story 3 - $22,000,000 - $340,200,000
5. The Last Airbender - $17,150,000 - $100,227,000
6. Grown Ups - $16,400,000 - $111,315,000
7. Knight & Day - $7,850,000 - $61,939,000
8. The Karate Kid - $5,700,000 - $164,600,000
9. The A-Team - $1,800,000 - $73,971,000
10. Cyrus - $1,375,000 - $3,521,000

Source: Box Office Mojo

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