'Resident Evil: Afterlife' chomps down #1 spot

Sunday, 12 September 2010 20:12 Written by  Eric Walkuski
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Resident Evil: Afterlife

The September 10-12 weekend brought to the box office only one new notable wide release, and that made for a significantly less-dramatic showdown than we've been experiencing in past weeks. However, many eyes were on said release, as the future of a franchise potentially rested on its performance.

The number one movie is Resident Evil: Afterlife, the fourth flick in the durable series. The 3D Sony flick opened with an estimated $27.7 million, the best of the Resident Evil bunch. The brand-name has been a reliable one for Sony's genre label Screen Gems, and Afterlife improved upon the opening haul of the last film, Extinction, which gobbled up $23.6 million (on its way to $147 million worldwide). As these films usually cost under $60 million, they're relatively cheap, and thus profitable; the Resident Evil name is very popular overseas, thanks to video-game tie-ins, among others. It's probably not too early to call this one a definite winner.

As far last week's release go, The American dropped about 55%, taking in an extra $5.8 million and bringing its total domestic haul to $26 million so far. Machete had a more troubling drop, plunging 63% and chopping up $4 million more. While it's not unusual for a genre flick like this to have a big dip in its second weekend, Machete's is rather large, and this flick should pretty much disappear by next week; it's made $20 million already off a budget of around $20 million, so ultimately it will squeak out a profit. Finally, Going the Distance fell an okay 44% - however its total purse only has about $14 mil in it. Certainly not good, but it might find a second life on DVD...

It should lastly be noted that Takers continues to impress - it's total after three weeks is $48 million. Off a budget of around $32 million, you can't help but concede that they're certainly doing a lot of taking. And as it's a Screen Gems product, the one-two punch of resident Evil and Takers is certainly reason to celebrate for Sony today.

Next week brings the release of yet another horror flick, Universal's Devil, as well as the Ben Affleck-directed drama The Town, the animated film Alpha and Omega and the Emma Stone comedy Easy A. A packed house, so come back for the update next week!

Title -  Weekend Gross - Total Gross - Budget

1. Resident Evil: Afterlife - $27,700,000 - $27,700,00 - $60
2. Takers - $6,100,000 - $48,105,000- $32
3. The American - $5,896,000 $26,731,000 - $20
4. Machete - $4,200,000 - $20,822,000 - $20
5. Going the Distance - $3,835,000 - $14,000,000 - $32
6. The Other Guys - $3,600,000 - $112,694,000 - $100
7. The Last Exorcism - $3,450,000 - $38,190,000 - $1.8
8. The Expendables - $3,250,000 - $98,490,000- $80
9. Inception - $3,015,000 - $282,425,000- $160
10. Eat Pray Love - $2,900,000- $74,633,000 - $60

Source: Box Office Mojo

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