Box Office: July 2-5, 2010

Monday, 05 July 2010 10:50 Written by  Eric Walkuski
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Box Office: July 2-5, 2010

There was hardly any doubt that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse would dominate this Fourth of July's box office. The third film in the massive franchise had been enjoying an incredible amount of pre-release hype (those gathering crowds, those omnipresent cast members) for many weeks now. The only real question has been, would it best its predecessor, New Moon?

After a four-day weekend and six-daysof release total (it opened on Wednesday and also had the benefit of an extra Monday thanks to the holiday), Eclipse has grossed an estimated $175 million. To break it down - it made $68.5 million on its first day (which fell a few million short of New Moon's record $72 million single day gross), dipped to $24 million the following day, then

sucked up $69 million during the proper three-day weekend; another estimated $16 million taken in on Monday the 5th, and you've got yourself a pretty awesome bundle for a film that cost "only" $68 million give or take. Impressive, no doubt, but the fact is that New Moon made $142 million in only three days - and that was during November, when the primary audience is still in school.

Opening opposite Eclipse, M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender held its own, taking in a respectable $53 million during the four-day weekend, $70 million total since its July 1st opening. For the director, it's a nice rebound from The Happening's okay $30 million first weekend two years ago, not to mention Lady in the Water's mediocre $18 million debut two years before that. However, it can't top Signs, which abducted $60 million in its first three days back in 2002. Airbender's haul is also a little less impressive considering its making some extra cash thanks to 3D ticket prices. It might prove to be a big international draw, however, so the jury is still out on the epic fantasy. (Not for critics though; the movie was absolutely savaged, only gaining an 8% "fresh rating" - or 9 positive reviews out of 114 - over at Rotten Tomatoes. )


As far as the holdovers go, both Grown Ups and Knight and Day had successful second frames (the four-day weekend being a big help in that); Grown Ups took in $26 million, good to a $85 million haul so far. Meanwhile, Knight and Day recovered from a disappointing opening weekend, taking away $14 million, giving it $49 million all told. Not ideal for the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz vehicle, but maybe it's not the utter catastrophe initially feared...

Next week sees the release of two more high-profile summer flicks: Predators, which will finally give the guys a solid action-adventure to flock to, and Despicable Me, which will compete with Toy Story 3 and The Last Airbender for the attention of kids and their families (not to mention 3D screens).

Title..... Weekend Gross (4-Day)..... Total Cume.....

1. Eclipse - $82,545,000 - $175,290,000
2. The Last Airbender - $53,150,000 - $70,500,000
3. Toy Story 3 - $42,200,000 - $301,050,000
4. Grown Ups - $26,500,000 - $85,081,000
5. Knight and Day - $14,000,000 - $49,308,000
6. The Karate Kid - $11,500,000 - $155,023,000
7. The A-Team - $4,275,000 - $70,365,000
8. Get Him to the Greek - $1,693,000 - $57,934,000
9. Shrek Forever After - $1,258,000 - $232,641,000
10. Cyrus - $1,019,000 - $1,737,000

Source: Box Office Mojo

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