B.O. Roundup, June 28-30: 'Monsters' Holds Off 'Heat' and 'White House Down'

Sunday, 30 June 2013 09:28 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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B.O. Roundup, June 28-30: 'Monsters' Holds Off 'Heat' and 'White House Down'

If Pixar were a female character in a high school movie, she'd be strutting down the hallway in slow motion.

That's because even facing competition from two new summer movies, Monsters University emerged atop the domestic box office for the second consecutive weekend.  One of this those two new movies, The Heat, exceeded expectations in second place.  The other, White House Down, not so much, earning less than last weekend's holdover World War Z.

Last weekend, the box office gods smiled upon both Monsters University and World War Z, and both movies held up pretty well, losing 44% and 55% of their opening audiences in first and third place.  The latest from Pixar Animation Studios collected an estimated $46.1 million from 4,004 locations this weekend, bringing Monsters University's domestic total to $171.0 million over ten days.  With $129.3 million earned in foreign territories so far, the prequel to Monsters Inc. has earned a whopping $300.3 million.

While there was virtually no doubt that Monsters University would repeat its first place performance, second place was a bit of a question mark going in to the weekend.  The Heat emerged victorious, marking Bridesmaids director Paul Feig's second commercially successful R-rated comedy starring the fairer sex.  The Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy-led picture earned an estimated $40.0 million from 3,181 locations.  The comedy provided an alternative to standard summer fare, which tends to target an audience of men.  The result has paid off far better than analysts predicted, particularly since The Heat's production budget was just about $43 million.

Speaking of summer fare aimed at men, White House Down also rolled out in theaters this weekend.  The latest big action spectacle from director Roland Emmerich boasts the charismatic duo of Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx, as well many, many explosions.  Still, the Washington D.C.-set action event opened at bit more quietly, earning an estimated $25.7 million from 3,222 locations.  That puts the film in fourth place, behind Brad Pitt's zombie pandemic adventure.  White House Down is actually 2013's second "Die Hard in the White House" movie, and with a budget of $150 million, it was expected to be the bigger of the two.  But the R-rated Olympus Has Fallen debuted to a cool $30.3 million back in March.  The new actioner received an A- CinemaScore from audiences though, so word of mouth could help White House Down in the weeks to come.

Here are the top ten movies in America for the weekend of June 28-30:

1. Monsters University                      $46.1 million               $171.0 million

2. The Heat                                        $40.0 million              New Release

3. World War Z                                   $29.8 million              $123.7 million

4. White House Down                        $25.7 million              New Release

5. Man of Steel                                   $20.8 million              $248.6 million

6. This Is the End                               $8.7 million               $74.6 million

7. Now You See Me                            $5.5 million               $104.6 million

8. Fast & Furious 6                             $2.4 million               $233.3 million

9. Star Trek Into Darkness                 $2.0 million               $220.5 million

10. The Internship                              $1.4 million               $41.7 million

The upcoming extended 4th of July holiday weekend will see The Lone Ranger and Despicable Me 2 joining the fray.  Will Disney's costly western or the villainous sequel manage to usurp Monsters University?

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