Web Content Corner: Jane Espenson Interview Part II

Monday, 03 October 2011 11:35 Written by  Jenni Powell
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Web Content Corner: Jane Espenson Interview Part II

In part two of my interview with Husbands co-creator and writer Jane Espenson, Jane tells us a little more about her experience in web content and how each project differs and offers advice for up-and-coming web content creators. You can read the first part of the interview here.

Jenni Powell: You have experience working on the web with the Battlestar Galactica webisodes, but how was it different creating an independent series?

Jane Espenson: It was really different. I loved the Battlestar webisodes, but they were part of this bigger universe. With Husbands, my co-writer Brad Bell ("Cheeks") and I got to create the world of the show. We also executive produced it along with Jeff Greenstein, so we were in charge of making a lot of decisions about casting and editing and music... things where I'm used to there being input from a studio or network. It really felt like something very new and different.

Clearly you had previous relationships with many of the actors and cameos you have used thus far on Husbands, do you find it an easy task to ask them to make the move from other mediums to a web series?

Espenson: Cheeks was already friends with Alessandra Torresani, whom I worked with on Caprica, so he approached her. I approached Nathan Fillion, who has a guest role on Husbands, which was the easiest thing in the world – I sent him an email and he responded instantly. It wasn't hard to convince anyone to participate because there isn’t any reason NOT to do a web series – the time demands are small for a performer, and series like Felicia Day's The Guild have raised the profile of this kind of work.

Do you have more plans for other web projects in the future? Any you can share?

Espenson: We would love to continue to make Husbands, either for TV or the web. I'm hoping that the response continues to be positive so that people will see that there is an audience for this kind of subject matter.

What would be your advice to web creators just starting off in the space, that may not be as fortunate to have connections to other mediums? How about creators currently working in one medium and wanting to transfer to the web space?

Espenson: The nice thing about making a web series is that TV experience is very much unnecessary. I have been going to events recently in which web series creators meet up, and I have rarely met such a supportive and self-starting group. If you can find other people who are doing this, you'll find yourself in a community.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Espenson: You can see all the episodes at http://husbandstheseries.com, you can read my little blog at the same place, and I hope you'll comment on the episodes when you watch them. I love to read the comments! Let us know what you think!

For part one of IAR's exclusive interview with Jane Espenson, click here.

Web Content Corner is an IAR exclusive column where new media guru Jenni Powell discusses online trends, and speaks with the most important creators working in the industry today.

Jenni Powell has been deeply involved in innovative online communities for several years, dating back to the cult Internet series Nobody's Watching (over 40M views) and later becoming a central figure on the web video breakout lonelygirl15 fan community. This led to her creating the fan-favorite parody series lonelyJew15, which landed her a job at lonelygirl15's production company EQAL. She has a strong background in production working with Upright Citizen's Brigade (UCB) A&E's Deadliest Catch, and Lifetime's Lisa Williams Life Amongst The Dead. Online, Jenni has worked on many popular web series such as the smash Microsoft-sponsored hit The Guild, Streamy Award-nominated With the Angels, Poor Paul, The Crew, and Comedy Central's Atom.com standout The Legend of Neil. She freelance writes for popular web entertainment site Tubefilter News and consults on and produces various transmedia entertainment projects around the web, such as the ghost-hunting comedy Bumps in the Night, the No Mimes Media 10 minute transmedia experience Webishades, and the Atom.com series Video Game Reunion. She is also the Staff writer for DeFranco Inc., which is headed by YouTube influencer Phillip DeFranco.

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