IAR Blu-ray Preview: 'Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection'

Wednesday, 18 September 2013 10:04 Written by  iamrogue
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IAR Blu-ray Preview: 'Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection'

The Friday the 13th franchise caters to the timeless interests of the lizard brain, delivering nudity and ludicrously gruesome kills in nearly equal measure.

Thanks to Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection on Blu-ray, you can tickle the primitive part of your brain with all twelve theatrical entries in the evergreen horror series, many of which are available in high definition for the first time.

It's been more than three decades since audiences first ventured to Camp Crystal Lake.  Directed by Sean S. Cunningham, the original Friday the 13th created the template for the series to follow, as a group of horny teenage camp counselors are picked off one by one.  Though Jason Voorhees has become an internationally recognized slasher figure, Friday the 13th featured no hockey mask and very little Jason.  Instead, his mother Pamela was the killer, avenging the death of her son, who drowned back in 1957 while the counselors who were meant to be watching him were too busy copulating.

Jason himself, sporting a bag over his head, starts his own killing in the first sequel, but it was only in Friday the 13th Part III that he donned his iconic hockey mask.  That simple symbol that's now inextricably associated with the lumbering unkillable hulk who somehow catches up with sprinting victims despite never altering his gait.

From there, the counselor-hating one-man-wrecking-machine went on to innovate in the field of wholesale cinematic slaughter.  Our sensitive hero's adventures over the next nine movies found Jason taking Manhattan, dying repeatedly, venturing into outer space, going to hell, fighting Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy, and even getting remade.

Diehard Jason fans can relive the kills from Kevin Bacon all the way up to Danielle Panabaker thanks to Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection.  For the first time, every machete-swinging installment in the series is available in one Blu-ray collector's edition that comes loaded with supplemental material.

The Complete Collection consists of ten discs.  The twelve theatrical films are spread out over nine Blu-ray discs, while a "Killer Bonus DVD" is devoted entirely to special features that take viewers behind the scenes, such the feature-length documentary "The Friday the 13th Chronicles."  Between the bonus DVD and each of the individual discs, this set offers up over eleven hours of previously released special features.

In addition to the ten discs, this Jason compilation also offers up all of the films on UltraViolet, which allows consumers to download and instantly stream each of the dozen Friday the 13th movies to a wide range of devices including computers, compatible tablets, smartphones, game consoles, Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players.

The 95-minute uncut version of the original Friday the 13th takes up the first disc, along with a battery of extra material including a commentary track and no fewer than six featurettes.  Friday the 13th Part II and Part III are spread out over the second and third disc with eight featurettes and two trailers between them.  For fans of the third movie, the set also contains two pairs of 3D glasses.

Disc four contains Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, making its Blu-ray debut.  Not only is this sequel accompanied by several behind the scenes featurettes, deleted scenes with director commentary, a trailer, alternate ending, and two commentaries: one with filmmakers and one with two fans.

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives are also appearing on Blu-ray for the first time.  Both sequels call disc five home, along with three commentaries by cast and crew, making-of featurettes, deleted scenes, and trailers.

On disc six, you'll find Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood and Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.  The former boasts two commentaries and the latter, in which Jason mostly kills folks on a boat, has a commentary track of its own.  You'll also find the usual assemblage of bonus stuff and a gag reel for Jason's trip to the big city.

Next up are Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday and Jason X on disc seven.  Jason Goes to Hell is presented in its 87-minute theatrical version rather than the bloodier 91-minute unrated cut, but this disc makes up for it with an impressive haul of supplemental material on Jason X, the sequel that fearlessly pitched Jason into space.

Cross-franchise tussle Freddy vs. Jason packs disc eight with bonus features, including a commentary track, several extended looks behind the scenes, deleted scenes, dispatches from a Las Vegas press conference, a music video, TV spots, and the standard trailer.

Finally, the 2009 Friday the 13th remake is found on disc ten, which includes both the 97-minute theatrical cut and an extended 106-minute "Killer Cut," as well as several featurettes.

Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection will look handsome sitting on your mantle, too, since all ten discs are housed in a collectible tin.  The set also comes with a forty-page book excerpted from the comprehensive Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th, the aforementioned 3D glasses, and a Camp Crystal Lake iron-on patch.

So head out and find the complete adventures of Jason Voorhees at a retailer near you.

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