IAR DVD Preview: 'Plush'

Thursday, 17 October 2013 10:19 Written by  iamrogue
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IAR DVD Preview: 'Plush'

Plush, now available on DVD and VOD, is a nimble little mynx of a movie.

The latest from director Catherine Hardwicke moves between genres throughout, presenting shades of film as different as a drama focused on grief and obsession, a sexy thriller pushing boundaries, a portrait of contemporary fame, and a rock star's meteoric rise.

As the lead singer of the band Plush, Hayley is a rock goddess and sex symbol whose fans are often passionate to the point of full-blown mania.  Despite the popularity of the music she creates with her guitarist brother, Hayley walks away from Plush to focus on her crime-reporter husband and children.  When her brother dies of an overdose, though, Hayley attempts to cope with her anguish by releasing a new album and heading out on tour.

Her new guitarist, Enzo, is a sexually omnivorous super-fan who forms an immediate and erotically-charged connection to Hayley.  The new Plush album is a failure with critics and listeners, but Hayley nonetheless embarks on an illicit affair with the mysterious Enzo.  After the tour, Enzo insinuates himself further into her life and home, and Hayley realizes only too late that she may very well be putting her family in danger.

Emily Browning (Sucker Punch, Sleeping Beauty) stars as Hayley, with Xavier Samuel (Anonymous, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) as Enzo.  Cam Gigandet (Trespass, Burlesque) plays Hayley's husband, Carter, while Thomas Dekker (Kaboom, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) appears as her brother, Jack, and Frances Fisher (Titanic, The Host) plays Camila, a strange new nanny.

Hardwicke made her feature debut with 2003's hyperbolic drama Thirteen, which she followed up with Lords of Dogtown, based on the skateboarding documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys.  She became the most commercially successful female director on the record with 2008's Twilight, kicking off a phenomenally popular film franchise and legitimate pop-culture sensation.  In 2011, she brought an old tale back to the screen with Red Riding Hood.

Adding Plush, her already-eclectic filmography grows even more interesting.  When IAR Managing Editor Jami Philbrick spoke with Hardwicke recently, the director explained how Plush came about, saying, "Well as you might know, a lot of times we don't have a choice what our next feature film is. So we have many things that we fall in love with and then you figure how you can make one of those actually work and get made. So this was a tiny budget film that had a better chance of getting made. I wrote it with Arty Nelson and it was something that I was interested in exploring. How is it being a creative artist and trying to find your voice, your passion, and your way to express yourself."

As of October 15th, Plush is available on DVD and Video On Demand.

Purchasing Plush on DVD gives audiences access to special features, however, so it's the way to go.  Included on the DVD are supplemental features including a music video for a remixed version of "Half of Me," a Plush song featured in the film, along with "Enzo Unleashed," a collection of outtakes and amusing bits mostly focused on Xavier Samuel interacting with his fellow actors.  And, for good measure, Plush on DVD also comes accompanied by two teaser trailers.

So check out the film on DVD, and remember to be wary of your charming new guitarist.

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