Comic-con 2012

Director Guillermo del Toro arrived in San Diego to show off some scenes from his highly anticipated, deeply secretive film Pacific Rim. Fresh off of showing footage to the packed Hall H crowd, the filmmaker spoke about the experience to reveal just a smidge of his film that looks utterly mind-blowing.

The Hobbit made a splash at Comic-Con this year as Peter Jackson announced plans for a possible third film. But when filmmaker Peter Jackson and Martin Freeman, who plays Bilbo, sat down to talk about their highly anticipated flick, the conversation first turned to Comic-Con newbie Freeman and his initial impressions.

As you're no doubt aware, Thomas Jane was one of three actors who has played Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, in a feature film.  Just because 2004's The Punisher didn't lead to a franchise, though, doesn't mean that the actor is done with Marvel's murderous, machine gun-wielding psycho.  At the San Diego Comic-Con panel for his Raw Studios, Jane unveiled a big surprise: Dirty Laundry, a ten-minute short film in which he once again plays Frank Castle and dispenses some exceedingly violent justice.  And now Dirty Laundry is available to view online, costing nothing to watch.

If you were to suddenly luck into possession of a Chitauri weapon after the alien army failed in its attempt to invade Earth, and you somehow managed to get that weapon to work, what would you do?  Report it to the proper authorities?  Go on Pawn Stars?  Start a crime spree that will almost certainly draw the attention of SHIELD? 

In the next Marvel One-Shot, Item 47, a young couple does that last one, and the first clip from the short film shows just how the couple rationalizes their actions before making their first robbery.

If you can't take San Diego to Middle Earth, you bring a little bit of Middle Earth to San Diego.  That's what Peter Jackson and company did in Hall H at Comic-Con yesterday.  The director used the opportunity to exhibit a whopping twelve and a half minutes of footage from his two-part adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkein's first Middle Earth novel, The Hobbit.  While most of the footage was from the first prequel, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, there was also a taste of the second, The Hobbit: There and Back Again.

The stars of Total Recall and their director, Len Wiseman, landed at Comic-Con and talked to us about their remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger 1990 classic.

Director Paul W.S. Anderson once again returned to Hall H at Comic-Con International 2012 in San Diego on Friday to discuss his new film Resident Evil: Retribution, which is the fifth installment of the popular video gamed adapted film series. In addition to the director, the film's stars Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Oded Fehr, Boris Kodjoe, and Mika Nakashima were also on hand to answer questions from the audience. 

On behalf of and, IAR's Managing Editor Jami Philbrick had a chance to catch up with actors Boris Kodjoe, and Oded Fehr to discuss Resident Evil: Retribution. The actors talked about the new movie, their roles, returning to the franchise, the all-star cast, and eating severed feet. 

Directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell, along with producer Travis Knight appeared in Hall H at Comic-Con International 2012 in San Diego on Friday to discuss their upcoming 3D stop-motion animated film ParaNorman, which begins scaring audiences on August 17th. In addition to the filmmakers, actors Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Oscar-nominee Anna Kendrick were also on hand to answer questions from the audience. 

On behalf of and, IAR's Managing Editor Jami Philbrick had a chance to catch up with the two directors and their cast before the panel to discuss ParaNorman. The directors talked about the new film, balancing its different tones, and assembling their cast, while the actors discussed their characters, creating the voices, and Mintz-Plasse's excitement to be in a film that also stars John Goodman

A Guardians of the Galaxy announcement!  Snazzy new titles for Captain America and Thor sequels!  Edgar Wright's Ant-Man test reel!  Robert Downey Jr. dancing!  A whole lot of very revealing footage from Iron Man 3!  All this and more was put on front street during the Marvel Studios panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, proving once again that Marvel knows how to play the world's biggest comic convention for all it's worth.

When most people hear the word "superhero," they immediately think of Superman, and when most people hear the word "Superman," in addition to many of his expressions in other media, they think of comic books.  Fitting, then, that the new cinematic Superman reboot Man of Steel should be one of the biggest events at San Diego Comic-Con this year.  During a packed panel, director Zack Snyder introduced the first footage from this new take on the hero's origin story, as well as a Comic-Con exclusive teaser poster.  He and star Henry Cavill also shed some new light on the movie and the in-development Justice League film.

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