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SDCC 2012: 'Iron Man 3' Press Conference

Saturday, 14 July 2012 16:12

Tony Stark is back … or at least Robert Downey Jr. was at Comic-Con International 2012 in San Diego on Saturday.

Hot on the heels of the phenomenal success of this summer’s The Avengers, Downey appeared along with co-star Don Cheedle, director/writer Shane Black, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige to a packed Hall H crowd to show footage and talk about Iron Man 3, which will be the third installment of the popular franchise that began Marvel’s current reign on the box office.

Before the panel, and had a chance to attend a special press conference featuring the actors and the filmmakers where they discussed the upcoming Iron Man 3.

At San Diego Comic-Con, you'll find thousands or mortal men and women, but only a few gods.  These walking, talking deities are revered for their contributions to genre entertainment, as well as their captivating stage presence and a certain geeky enthusiasm that makes them as members of the nerd tribe comprising the crowd and the Con as a whole.  Joss Whedon is one example, and so is Guillermo del Toro, a boundlessly exuberant, loquacious, and foul-mouthed presence.  Del Toro lived up to his vaunted reputation with today's panel for Pacific Rim, his huge adventure pitting giant robots against city-destroying monsters.

At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios has made its presence known through a viral Easter egg hunt screening of the new Marvel One-Shot, Item 47, an eagerly anticipated presentation in Hall H this evening, and, of course, a set-up on the bustling exhibit floor. Where last year their stood a hunk of  the SHIELD harricarrier interior from The Avengers, this year there stands Tony Stark's Hall of Armor promoting Iron Man 3

In order to work up fans into an even greater lather about today's presentation, that collection of high-tech suits includes a new redesign from next summer's sequel.

Tim Burton adores coming to Comic-Con. In fact, he recalls when it was in its infancy. “I remember coming to this in the late 70s when it was at the Holiday Inn,” Burton said at the annual celebration of all things pop culture. “It’s amazing what it’s turned into. There’s something very magical about this place.”

What it has grown into as a chance for Hollywood to meet the press and talk about upcoming films. Burton is here talking a passion project like no other, Frankenweenie.

Director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) appeared in Hall H at Comic-Con International 2012 in San Diego on Friday to discuss his upcoming sci-fi film Elysium with the packed crowd of fans. In addition to Blomkamp, the panel included Oscar-winning actors Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, as well as Sharlto Copley, and producer Simon Kinberg.

On behalf of and, MF's Managing Editor Joel Amos had a chance to sit down and chat with actor Sharlto Copley about Elysium before the panel. Copley discussed the new film, its story, his character, reuniting with director and friend Neill Blomkamp, and what he learned from working with Matt Damon. 

Sony Pictures took up a lot of prime Comic-Con real estate today.  The studio scheduled a two hour block in the San Diego Convention Center's massive Hall H Friday evening, allowing it to present panels for three different slices of science fiction coming up over the next year. 

The two hour presentation, moderated by Ralph Garman, included panels for next month's Total Recall remake, Rian Johnson's time-travel thriller Looper, and Elysium, the sophomore feature from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp.  That means that the stage was packed with many recognizable faces, from Colin Farrell to Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Matt Damon, and Jodie Foster.

With this fall's sci-fi actioner Dredd, New Zealand native Karl Urban becomes the second actor to don the helmet of Judge Joseph Dredd, a comic book character who has endured for over three decades.  Since Dredd is in the middle of a big-time promotional push at San Diego Comic-Con as you read, IAR had the opportunity, along with other outlets, to speak with the Lord of the Rings actor about another enduring character he has revived on the big screen: Leonard 'Bones' McCoy in 2009's Star Trek and next summer's sequel. 

Urban was happy to hold forth on the villain rumors to which he recently contributed, impending new footage, and slipping back into the character that originated with DeForest Kelley damn near fifty years ago.

Legendary action-star and filmmaker Sylvester Stallone appeared in Hall H at Comic-Con International 2012 in San Diego on Thursday to discuss The Expendables 2, which is the upcoming sequel to his hit 2009 film. In addition to Stallone, the panel included actors Terry Crewes, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Jean Claude Van Damme, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

On behalf of and, IAR's Managing Editor Jami Philbrick had a chance to catch up with several stars from The Expendables 2 during a party at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego on Thursday. Philbrick had a chance to speak with Terry Crewes, Randy Couture, and Dolph Lundgren about the new film, its plot, the movie's new director Simon West, working with additional cast members Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris, and what actors they would like to see appear in a possible third film. 

Often, much to the dismay of hopeful fans, planned sequels or would-be movies fail to materialize, and those involved end up spending years having nothing to report when folks invariably ask for updates during Q and A sessions or live appearances.  For the last two years, that has been the case for anybody involved in Kick-Ass, since the sequel looked unlikely, no matter how much comic writer Mark Millar insisted – while astride a unicorn – that Kick-Ass 2 was always right around the corner.  Now, though, Kick-Ass 2 really does appear to be right around the corner.

Rejoice!  As those hilarious Madea billboards a few years declared, "Hallelujer!" Universal Pictures has given the go-ahead to The World's End, meaning that the heavens have parted and some divine presence has interceded to bring about the conclusion of the Cornetto Trilogy.  Known colloquially as the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy in the Cornetto-less States, the unofficial series so far consists of director Edgar Wright's zombie love letter Shaun of the Dead and cop-movie homage Hot Fuzz.  Now, Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost will reunite for The World's End.

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