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SDCC 2012: Saturday Schedule

Sunday, 01 July 2012 20:21

If any day of the week were to be a reigning monarch, Saturday would have to be king.  It's a day off, a day on which you can sleep in, comfortable in the knowledge that there's no work until Monday.  Fittingly, Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con is perhaps the biggest day of the Con, particularly for anybody looking forward to some of the biggest tentpole movies hitting screens in the next year.  By the time Saturday ends, crowds at the world's biggest Con might be starting to succumb to fatigue, but only because the schedule for the day is so packed.

We'll be on the ground reporting on the happenings at the Convention Center on behalf of IAR, but there's simply no way that we could cover every panel and event of interest; any attempt to do would be the acme of foolishness.  So, for anyone heading to San Diego or anyone trying to figure out when to check online for news from the big panels, we've prepared schedule cheat sheets for the whole convention, including Saturday, July 14, 2012.

SDCC 2012: Friday Schedule

Friday, 29 June 2012 12:16

No matter which genre or medium piques your particular interests, San Diego Comic-Con is a pretty much non-stop, orgiastic festival of delights.  It's an infectiously enthusiastic and social hubbub of people psyched about the stuff they love and happy to share in that love.  That said, there are subtle differences between each of the days that make up the Con.  Friday and Saturday are the perfectly-cooked beef patty in the hamburger that is Comic-Con, with Thursday and Sunday as the bun.  On Friday, the unbridled joy that accompanies the start of San Diego Comic-Con is still in the air, and the heatstroke fatigue that can creep into Saturday has yet to appear.

IAR will be covering Comic-Con from San Diego for the duration, and Friday, July 13, 2012 is no exception.  By checking in here, you'll be able to get updates from all over the convention, including panel coverage and exclusive video interviews.  Still, though, it's impossible for any one outlet to properly cover all the mysteries and happenings at Comic-Con.  To help you navigate this massive coming-together of nerds, nerdware, and nerd haberdasheries, we like to compile cheat-sheet schedules for each day.

SDCC 2012: Thursday Schedule

Friday, 29 June 2012 11:28

Comic book fans, movie nerdlingers, and genre enthusiasts of all types the world over are flipping open their communicators and receiving urgent transmissions about the impending event in San Diego, California.  In two weeks, that fair city will be turned into the biggest global gathering of proud and happy geeks, as San Diego Comic-Con kicks off with Preview Night on Wednesday, July 11, 2012.  Preview Night is like the hors d'oeuvres before the proper meal of Comic-Con, a meal that extends from the exhibitor floor all the way through the city's Gaslamp District.

Comic-Con goes full-bore on Thursday, July 12, 2012.  While IAR will be in San Diego bringing news from Hall H and all over the Con, the sheer breadth and seemingly endless divisions within SDCC mean that our crack team can't possibly bring all the news from Earth's most varied and concentrated coming together of cosplay and people taking pictures of cosplay.  So since IAR won't be able to attend all the myriad panels of interest, we're compiling schedule cheat sheets. 

Yes, it's the dog days of summer and looking around San Diego, you most assuredly won't see a flake of snow anywhere, but this is definitely the most wonderful season of all.  It's Comic-Con season folks.  San Diego Comic-Con 2012 gets underway mere weeks from now in sunny Southern California, and as nerdlingers the world over prepare to make the annual Hajj, so too are the major studios readying their movie presentations to wow the massive crowd in Hall H at the convention center.

Disney has formally announced just what it's hour-long Hall H panel on Thursday, July 12th will actually include.

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