Comic-con 2014

Until today, Christopher Nolan had never made an appearance at Comic-Con, even though arguably no single filmmaker has had a greater impact on genre movies in the last decade. He made the Dark Knight trilogy, after all. 

Yet he'd never graced the biggest gathering of nerdlingers in the world.  When he showed up today alongside Matthew McConaughey (also gracing the Con for the first time) to promote this November's Interstellar, fans in Hall H were extra surprised.

Right now, Marvel Studios is like a mighty silverback gorilla pounding its chest in dominance over the Comic-Con jungle.

But is DC a lion, laying low in the brush before issuing a roar that will cause even the silverback to hesitate?

Could be.  If so, the lion growled a bit today, with Warner Bros. dropping a new close-up picture of Ben Affleck in costume as Batman while Zack Snyder joshed around by way of a Superman-Star Wars visual joke.

At Comic-Con this year, Sony Pictures is hyping two of what the studio hopes will be next summer's big hits: the video game riff Pixels and Goosebumps, a horror-comedy based on the popular book series.

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of those silky-voiced British actors who really knows where to put a dramatic pause.

You know, an Alan Rickman-type: a Shakespearean thespian with the ability to say one thing while implying whole universes of contradictory things.

The Sherlock of Sherlock is currently deploying his actorly skills in San Diego, kicking up nerd dust as he denies but doesn't quite deny that he could star as Doctor Strange for Marvel Studios.

Marvel is so good at Comic-Con that its not just hyping huge comic book movies arriving next summer through 2019, it's also creating a wave of hype that can only benefit Guardians of the Galaxy when it opens nationwide next week.

While goosing expectations for Saturday's Hall H panel with Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man concept art, Marvel Studios has also dropped two superb clips from Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as a featurette focused on the most dangerous women in the universe.

Oh, and there's even a glimpse at the back of Thanos's throne!

Daniel Radcliffe is coming to Comic-Con for the first time to promote Horns during the Radius-Weinstein Company presentation on Friday, July 25th.

Greasing the way for Radcliffe's first-ever time onstage in Hall H, we've got two stylish posters for Horns, a unique thriller based on the crackling bestseller by Joe Hill.

If you had your fingers crossed that this Friday's Fox presentation in Hall H would include a big reveal for next summer's Fantastic Four reboot, you can uncross them now.

Simon Kinberg, the co-writer and producer, has made it emphatically clear that The Fantastic Four is sitting out Comic-Con.

A banner hanging at the San Diego Convention Center for Comic-Con reveals our first official look at Rupert Friend in the Hitman reboot.

Conveniently, the banner also drops a new title, calling the movie Hitman: Agent 47.

Marvel Studios has created a perfect storm of anticipation for its Comic-Con presentation.

Just today, the reigning champ of crossover comic book franchises rolled out posterized concept art for Ant-Man and announced a May 3, 2018 release date for a mystery movie that's probably Avengers 3.

Now, in an unprecedented bit of hype happenstance (hypenstance™), Robert Downey Jr. is discussing the possibility of Iron Man 4 and Iron Man's kicking ass alongside Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) in two bits of concept art from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Pop quiz, hotshot: How do you know Comic-Con is about to kick off?

Answer, smartass: Everybody opens the poster floodgates, unleashing a torrent of one-sheets for every would-be blockbuster this side of 2016.

Marvel Studios plays the Con like a finely tuned fiddle every year, so of course its first big reveal of Comic-Con 2014 is a humdinger of an Ant-Man poster that ought to take attention away from the Mad Max: Fury Road and The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug posters that also debuted today.

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