IAR Press Conference Coverage: 'Horrible Bosses'

Tuesday, 05 July 2011 13:31 Written by  Heather Newgen
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IAR Press Conference Coverage: 'Horrible Bosses'

Jennifer Aniston is known for playing the sweet and cute girl next-door type, but she shatters that image in the new Warner Bros. comedy Horrible Bosses. The former Friends star spices up the big screen with her fowled mouth raunchy character that she fearlessly portrays.

In the movie, Aniston plays Dr. Julia Harris, a sexually crazed dentist who will stop at nothing to get her assistant Dale (Charlie Day) to sleep with her. Now most guys wouldn’t have a problem with this, but Dale is engaged and takes his relationship very seriously. The more he tells his boss he’s not going to give in to her demands, the more she harasses him. He’s miserable and wants to quit but can’t because he is a registered sex offender. His crime: peeing in a public school in the middle of the night.

Dale isn’t the only one having issues with his employer. His two best friends Nick (Jason Bateman) and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) hate their bosses as well and the three buddies come up with a plan to kill them. Of course nothing goes right and the group of friends find themselves in situations they never thought they’d be in.

The movie also stars Kevin Spacey as Nick’s entitled and arrogant boss, Colin Farrell as Kurt’s cokehead employer, and Jamie Foxx as a self proclaimed badass that steers the guys right into trouble.

The press conference for the film was held at the historic Waldorf Hotel in New York City and I attended on behalf of iamROGUE.com. On hand were cast members Aniston, Day, Bateman, and Sudeikis, as well as director Seth Gordon, and screenwriter Michael Markowitz.

The first question, of course, was have you ever had a bad boss, and while Aniston has been fortunate enough to not have one, she could still relate to having a challenging gig. “Toughest job I ever had was being a bike messenger in NYC. I was 19.” Why was it so hard? “(I drove) into a door that opened. I'm just very uncoordinated and extraordinary klutzy and I should of never have been allowed to be on a bicycle with cylinders,” she admitted.

Aniston really transformed for this character even going as far as changing her appearance, which is something we haven’t seen her do for a role. “I knew I wanted her to look different. I wanted her to have dark hair. Because I was doing a movie right before, and right after we had this wonderful period of time that we call ‘hair gate’ because the studio really did not want me to wear the wig,” Aniston explained. “They were like, people won't know who you are. I'm like, what do you mean? They will know who I am because my name is on the credits. There's no way I can be saying these words, playing this woman, and not look somewhat different so it was really fun for me. I felt such freedom. I've never had so much fun playing a character before.”

When asked why she liked the role, Aniston had this to say to the group of reporters. “It is playing a female part that is usually the male character. I thought of her as just kind of a guy and that's what sort of made it that much more fun. I had no hesitation at all (to play her).”

Onscreen, Aniston relentlessly grabbed and groped Day, but off screen it was a different story. “I just kept apologizing to Charlie for everything that had just happened,” she laughed. “We would just sort of get to know each other in between straddling.” “You did bite my ear pretty hard,” Day added. “Did I really,” Aniston asked? “Yeah! But it was so realistic,” Day replied. “That's what I was going for,” Aniston told him.

While some may not of initially thought of Aniston for this role, one person knew right away she was the perfect choice. When writing the screenplay for Horrible Bosses, Markowitz knew early on exactly whom he wanted for the film. “I always have actors in mind when I’m writing and I wanted Jason Bateman and (Aniston) for those parts. I never knew if it was rude that I thought of Jennifer for that part. I broke my leg, watched Friends from start to finish and thought, oh she’d be great in this!”

Everyone agreed and Gordon loved her performance so much that there were times when he couldn’t contain himself. “I was cackling at the screen with every take especially with all the stuff at the dentist’s office,” said Gordon. “All the nuances of the fowl mouth, I just loved it. I screwed up some of the takes laughing.”

Another surprising actor cast in this film was Colin Farrell. “He’s not known for being a comedian but he’s tremendous. The thought of him in this role was really exciting to me,” Gordon said. “He wanted that comb-over and as soon as we saw the first attempt at that I knew it was right.”

Gordon is known for working on projects such as Four Christmases, The Office, and Parks and Recreation so when asked what it takes to make a great comedy he had this to say on the subject. “The best comedies have high stakes, full commitment to the character and to the story, and never undercuts itself. There’s never any attempt to excuse itself from what it’s doing. In our case, I think we really went for it and I think it shows.”

Gordon definitely did push the envelope with the characters in Horrible Bosses. Dale, Nick and Kurt go from being average law abiding citizens to being involved in elaborate and outrageous plots that could put them away for a long time. While none of the cast members have ever done anything like their characters do in the film, Sudeikis did admit one unlawful act.

“My friends from college and I tried to break into a carwash in the middle of winter in Kansas. It was a hair-brained scheme that didn’t work out so well for any of us. We got into a car and there was a crowbar,” explained Sudeikis. “A friend had an idea that we were going to open the dollar machine up and we didn’t get to it. We got rolled up on and guns pulled out (on us),” he laughed. “Now a days there’s this things called Crystal Meth that sounds like a hoot,” he joked. “That was the extent of my criminal career.”

Bateman’s character is the rational one of the three guys and doesn’t want on board with the plan until he’s passed over for a promotion he deserved. Bateman has shined in Hollywood over the last few years with his solid comic timing and polished performances. He has since become the go to guy for these types of roles and while he would like to try other genres, comedy is where he will stay for now. “You do get hired for what you last did,” Bateman said. “I guess it kind of becomes your choice or obligation to do other things. I haven’t had the luxury of drastically different roles coming my way. Hopefully I will some day and I’ll take those. Up until then I will continue to take what I can get.”

Horrible Bosses opens in theaters on Friday, July 8th.

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