IAR Screens 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Sizzle Reel

Monday, 06 February 2012 15:48 Written by  Krystal Clark
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IAR Screens 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Sizzle Reel

Is your spidey sense tingling? If not, it should be. Monday afternoon, Sony Pictures unveiled a sneak peek of this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Crowds of fans from across the globe attended special screenings that included appearances from the film’s cast and crew.

The event took place simultaneously in 13 cities including Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, London and New York City. Director Marc Webb was stationed in L.A., while Emma Stone and producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach chimed in from Rio. Rhys Ifans spoke from London, and Spider-Man himself Andrew Garfield broadcasted live from N.Y.C.

In each city, a theater of anxious fans waited to see new footage from the Spider-Man reboot and it didn’t disappoint. To kick things off, Webb introduced the film’s latest trailer, which revealed more of Spider-Man’s “untold story.” But before they hit play, the director confirmed that the footage shown was shot using real 3D cameras. In a world obsessed with post-conversion, that’s a breath of fresh air.

One of the trailer’s biggest highlights was the introduction of Dr. Curt Connors, who shares a past with Richard Parker. When Connors meets Peter he reveals that him and his father were on the verge of something big. He says, “Your father and I were going to change the lives of millions, including mine.” From that moment on, Peter becomes enamored with the doctor and wants to know more about his father and their research.

Another notable moment featured George Stacy (Denis Leary) and a group of officers as they desperately try to catch Spider-Man. Stacy is in disbelief. He yells, “38 of New York’s finest versus one guy in a unitard!” To be fair, Spider-Man gets plenty of help from his mechanical web shooters, which look, for lack of a better word, amazing!

Once the trailer wrapped, Webb, Stone and Garfield participated in a short Q&A session. Webb was asked to elaborate on the untold story that the film is based on. He revealed that it “starts off with Peter Parker and his parents” and shows how he’s impacted by their disappearance. He wanted to handle Spider-Man’s origin in “a more realistic, naturalistic way.”

Later on, Stone was confronted with a very familiar question. How is Gwen Stacy different from Mary Jane? "I keep saying Gwen is the yin to Mary Jane's yang," said Stone via satellite. "They're polar opposites in every way...Gwen falls in love with Peter Parker, Mary Jane falls in love with Spider-Man." She also explained that Gwen is class valedictorian, comes from an affluent family and has a great relationship with her dad whereas Mary Jane doesn’t.

Back in New York City, Garfield received the final question. A fan asked, "Why do you want to be Spider-Man?” He quickly replied, “Because I’m not an idiot.” He went on to explain that Spider-Man doesn’t belong to him. It belongs to everyone in the room. He’s aware of the pressure that comes with the role and admitted, “I’m terrified right now.” Garfield also acknowledged his predecessor Tobey Maguire and revealed his casting pick for the next webslinger. “Hopefully next time he'll be a half-Hispanic, half African-American actor." It was a nice nod to Ultimate Spider-Man’s Miles Morales, who slips on the suit after Peter Parker’s death.

Once the cast and director said their piece, it was on to the sizzle reel. But unlike the trailer, the footage wasn’t in 3D. Some sections of the film are still incomplete, so certain shots had blue screen and unfinished CGI.

The reel started off at Peter Parker’s high school. There’s a crowd of kids gathered around a lunch table where Flash Thompson (Chris Zylka) is holding a student upside down and forcing him to eat his food. He spots Peter and tells him to take a picture. Peter ignores his request. Flash tosses the student onto the table and goes to punch Peter in the face. He kicks him on the ground, while the other students watch. Visibly in pain, Peter groans, “I’m still not taking the picture.”

The next scene shows Peter in the hallway getting his revenge. He violently throws Flash against a locker, and there’s a close up of Flash’s eyes. The fight isn't shown but whatever happened resulted in Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) being called up to the school. Uncle Ben asks Peter if he humiliated that boy. Peter says yes, but reveals Flash is the one who beat him up first. In the middle of their conversation, Gwen Stacy appears and catches Uncle Ben’s eye. He realizes that she’s the girl from Peter’s computer. Uncle Ben leaves, while Gwen and Peter awkwardly flirt with each other.

Later on, Peter finds his father’s old workbag. He rifles through it and discovers a newspaper clipping with a photo of his dad and Dr. Curt Connors. Next we’re shown Peter in Connors’ lab discussing his past. The doctor says, “You’re obviously very bright” just like your father. The pair is shown working on a formula, which appears to be the breakthrough Connors’ has been waiting for.

The rest of the footage consisted of quick cuts that illustrate Peter’s transformation. Peter wakes up and hits his alarm clock only to smash it into a million pieces. He then heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth, but accidentally pulls the faucet out of the wall. There’s a montage of him discovering his powers, running on rooftops and designing his suit.

When it comes to fight scenes, there’s an obvious difference between Marc Webb and Sam Raimi’s execution. There are several sequences that feature Garfield with and without the Spider-Man mask. You can actually see him doing some of the stunts. It isn’t too outlandish and much easier to follow. Practical effects definitely work in this film’s favor.

In the comic world, Spider-Man has always been a smart aleck. He’s a very sarcastic character. But that element was blatantly missing from Raimi’s films. Lucky for us, it resurfaces in Webb’s version. There’s a scene where a man tries to steal a car, with Spider-Man in the backseat. When the criminal sees the hero in the rearview mirror he asks, “Are you a cop?” Spider-Man replies, “You seriously think I’m a cop? In a skin-tight red-and-blue suit?”

The thief then pulls out a knife and attempts to stab the webslinger. So what does Spider-Man do? He exclaims "Oh no, not a knife!" Spider-Man gets on his knees and pretends to beg for his life before slathering the criminal in web. It’s just like the good old days.

The Amazing Spider-Man opens in theaters July 3.

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