Interview: Stone Sour's Corey Taylor Talks Top Action Flicks

Thursday, 05 August 2010 11:40 Written by  Rick Florino
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Interview: Stone Sour's Corey Taylor Talks Top Action Flicks

The Expendables is '80s-tastic, if you will," chuckles Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor. That's quite possibly the best way to describe Stallone's epic ensemble blast-fest. The Expendables hits theaters on Friday August 13, and Taylor couldn't be more excited to check it out!

As a genuine cinephile and purveyor of all things awesome, Taylor's picks run the gamut from bombastic comic book adaptations to down 'n' dirty south of the border shoot-em-ups to the Rambo series. It's pretty much the most essential action movie list you can find courtesy of a dude who undoubtedly knows his shit… The bullet-riddled list is below!

My Favorite Action Movies (in no particular order) by Corey Taylor of Stone Sour:

From Dusk Till Dawn

"I'd have to go with From Dusk Till Dawn because it's such a crazy roller-coaster ride of a movie. It's out of control. Everything that's going on with it is fucking fantastic!"

Sherlock Holmes

"The new Sherlock Holmes is awesome! I can honestly say it's a fun, great movie. It gets going really quickly, and Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are incredible together in it."


"It's the sequel to El Mariachi. Desperado is just fucking out of control, man! There are so many great moments in that movie that you watch and say, 'Good lord! What else could happen?!'"

Die Hard With A Vengeance

"It's a lot of fun! I love Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson in it. They're really good together."

Iron Man 2

"For me, that movie delivered as a fan. I don't know how lot of people felt about that movie, but I thought it was great! It's just leading to bigger and better things."

First Blood, First Blood Part II: Rambo, Rambo III, RAMBO

"Any of the Rambo movies are pretty awesome! I'm really looking forward to seeing The Expendables to be honest! I can't wait to see that movie!"

Will you be seeing The Expendables? What's your favorite action movie? What's your favorite Stone Sour song?

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