IAR Press Conference Coverage: 'Missing'

Thursday, 15 March 2012 09:17 Written by  Dana Feldman
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IAR Press Conference Coverage: 'Missing'

To exactly what extremes would you go to save your child?  Ask any parent and they will tell you that extreme doesn’t begin to cut it.  Rebecca Winstone (Ashley Judd) will go to the ends of the earth to find her son, Michael (Nick Eversman), who has disappeared under suspicious circumstances in the new ABC thriller Missing, which premieres Thursday, March 15th at 8PM/7PM CST. 

To further thicken the plot, both Becca (Judd), as well as Michael’s father, were CIA agents. If she wants to find her son alive, she will need to pull all of her resources, skill and determination to find out what has happened to him. She will also need to reopen the closed doors and old wounds from her past and rely on former friends and colleagues. 

When a week passes without Michael’s daily texts and phone calls to ensure his safety, Becca becomes increasingly concerned. After a call from the university saying that her son hasn't attended classes during this time period, she embarks on a desperate journey to Europe to investigate the case of her missing son. A student in Rome studying architecture, he has disappeared while on a summer internship in Italy. This retired CIA agent finds that she still has what it takes to track down, and take down, the bad guys. Any and every possible obstacle will get in her way, but nothing will stop her.

Beautifully shot at the Barrandov Studios in Prague in the Czech Republic, the drama is non-stop as the audience sees that the love of a mother has no limits. Starring alongside Judd are Sean Bean (HBO’s Game of Thrones), Cliff Curtis (Bringing Out The Dead), Adriano Giannini (Ocean’s Twelve), Laura Donnelly (TV’s Merlin) and Keith Carradine (Cowboys & Aliens).

Recently, IAR’s Managing Editor, Jami Philbrick, attended a press conference where Cliff Curtis (Agent Dax Miller), Nick Eversman (Michael Winstone) and Adriano Giannini (Giancarlo Rossi) spoke about the new show.

They were asked about their thoughts on doing the action scenes that are already garnering this sure-to-be hit a lot of attention. Per Giannini, “Actually, I didn’t do a lot of action scenes and I’m going to speak with the writers for next season!” Adding how, in fact, he wants to do more and is trained to do so, “I did a lot of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, things like that.” Though he says that he did not get the chance to do too much in the way of action scenes, he says that he wanted the role based on what he calls the most important thing, the script. “The way it was written was very different from, ah, in Italy we do television, of course, but it’s not so well written.” With the script being what he calls the first point that attracted him to the project, his character was the other. “Sometimes Italian characters are stereotypes, and this was not so. It was good to deal with something that was not.”

Curtis added in, “All the training in martial arts is great, but if you’ve got slippery shoes on hard marble it doesn’t make a difference.” He tells of how they started their shoot in a city in Croatia called Dubrovnik. “Dubrovnik is an ancient city and the whole city is made of marble.”  Marble, he says, that has been polished down in the last century.  Laughing, he admits, “I think I won the award for falling over the most times. Going to run you around the city in my suit and shiny shoes on this polished marble…the entire city.” Of the big sequence in the fourth or so episode he tells of ripping a few suits.

Regarding what drew Eversman to the role of Michael, “I’m a fairly small guy, fairly skinny. A lot of guys, that are my size, do not get to play cool … I’m not exactly the toughest guy. I got kidnapped!” Of the story itself, he says that he comes from a very close-knit family and so this story resonated with him personally. “I’m kind of telling a story of a family that’s trying to stay together through the worst case scenario.  I saw a lot of myself in the character.” He recounts how he found out he got the job, “I was jumping for joy when I heard that I got it! Then it was like the next day I was in Prague. It was pretty quick and it’s still a kind of whirlwind. This is also a dream come true actually.”

Curtis explains the fun of playing a CIA agent on the show. “There’s a great tension between my character and Ashley’s because she’s got a clear objective, which is to not have anything to do with the CIA.” Of course, her other and most important objective being to find her son leaves her with no other option. “We have all the resources. My job is to sort of get her out of the way because she’s kind of unraveling things. She’s kind of pulling a thread, which is very dangerous in that world. My job is to get her back home and stop her.” Of the compassionate side of his character, “There’s this empathy where my character wants to help her on a personal note, to help her find her son. So there’s this great tension in terms of doing my job, which is to manage the CIA across Europe, and to somehow help this woman find her son, which I’m told not to do. It’s complex.  There’s a complexity behind it, which is a very important part of the show.”  He explains that this is the fun part, “We’re talking about spies, that’s the hot concept. The simplicity of it, it’s a family show about a mom looking for her son.”  Another fun part, he says, is that they were running around Europe. “We’re all spies, Interpol, and you don’t know who you’ve been kidnapped by or why you’ve been kidnapped. And that’s the intrigue, that is what satisfies the entertainment aspect, which I think is cool.”

Missing premieres on ABC March 15th.

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