IAR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jamie Anne Allman Talks 'The Killing' Season Two Finale and Why She Won't Be Returning For Season Three

Tuesday, 26 June 2012 12:52 Written by  Jami Philbrick
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IAR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Jamie Anne Allman Talks 'The Killing' Season Two Finale and Why She Won't Be Returning For Season Three

Last week’s season two finale of AMC’s popular series The Killing finally answered the question that fans have been dying to know since the show premiered last year … who killed Rosie Larsen?

The answered surprised most fans when Rosie Larsen’s killer was ultimately revealed to be her own Aunt Terry, played by Jamie Anne Allman. While Terry never seemed completely innocent (she was discovered to be a call girl in love with a married man), she did take care of her nephews and brother-in-law (Brent Sexton) in the wake of Rosie’s death and her sister Mitch’s (Michelle Forbes) disappearance, which is part of what made the final reveal so shocking. After several misdirects, including one involving campaign manager Jamie Wright (Eric Ladin), most fans never saw this final twist coming.

After the finale aired last week, I had an opportunity to speak to the killer herself, actress Jamie Anne Allman about her role on The Killing. Allman discussed when she first found out the truth about Terry, if she wishes she had known earlier, reactions from the rest of the cast, the final table read, her surprise at the success of the show, if there will be a third season and why she probably won’t return even if there is.

Here is what she had to say:

IAR: To begin with, when did the writers and producers first inform you that your character was actually the killer?

Jamie Anne Allman: I remember I called (producer) Veena (Sud) right after the scene where Stan (Sexton) kicked me out of the house. I thought, because I didn't know I was the killer at the time; that I may not be coming back. So I called her up and was like, hey, I'm trying to make plans. I'm going to go back to LA, so how many episodes will I be out? Or am I finished, or do I only have one episode left? What's the deal? She's like, “No, no, no, you'll definitely be coming back. You're out too, but then you're back for the rest of the time." Then when I talked to Veena before the finale, she's like, “I wanted to tell you so bad that you were the killer, but I couldn't.” So she ended up actually informing me on the phone a couple hours before the table read with the whole cast for the last episode, episode thirteen.

So they had been planning this for a long time, is that right?

Allman: Yes. I'm excited to go back and track the rest of it, and see how my performance pans out because I didn't know I was the killer. But I think they tracked it well with all of the guilt and the desperation that Terry had with her sister and wanting her sister's life. I wouldn't say she was jealous, but just the fact that Mitch had everything that she'd ever wanted and then stepping in, taking over, which was helping Stan, but it was also very creepy. You know, literally kissing Stan and everything that had happened, so she had a lot of heartbreak and guilt for getting Rosie involved in the escort service and those are all the things that I actually knew that I was carrying the whole time. Then I came to find out that guilt was even stronger because I was the killer.

Looking back now, as an actress would you have preferred to have known from the beginning, so that information could have informed your performance, or do you think it helped you to not have that knowledge so that you could play the scenes as they were written on the page?

Allman: You know, I don't really know. I can’t say because I don’t know. For me I would have loved to know, but I think that it still worked out with me not knowing. I definitely don't have any regrets. Veena was always open for me to ask questions. She couldn't give me the information of me being involved with Rosie's death as much as I was at that point, but any other questions I had ... I mean I also didn't know I was an escort either. It wasn't like, Oh, I'm an escort now, okay. But still they gave us broad stroked plot lines about always going on with our characters. I still felt like I could ask a lot of questions.

What were the rest of the cast's reactions after the final table read and how did they react towards you?

Allman: It was weird. Everyone was very somber reading it. We read it and went about our thing. I think I read in another interview that Eric Laden found out quite a while ago that he was involved in Rosie's murder, but that's because he had a lot of scenes that really built up to him being involved. So he was told quite a ways back but I was only told a couple hours before the last table read. I think that people thought it was very tragic, that it was very sad and that it was a very deep betrayal to have it be someone involved that was in the family.

Have you been surprised by all the attention that the show's gotten, especially with last season’s finale and now with this season’s reveal of the killer? It’s really been one of those TV phenomenons that don’t happen all that often, do you agree?

Allman: It's been interesting to me to see the passion behind both sides of the spectrum on the show. It's been interesting in that way some people really love it with a passion and some people really hate it with a passion. That was pretty interesting. I haven't found anybody that's lukewarm about it. I find that people are very strong in their opinions, whichever way they decide.

I have to say, as a big fan of the show, the producers really did a great job of revealing the killer because I never would have guessed that it was Terry. Throughout the filming of the series, did you ever start to wonder if maybe you were the killer?

Allman: It's funny because even after I read episode twelve, I thought maybe I'm involved. There were some scenes that thought, wow, if I am the killer then this is really screwed up. Like kissing Stan and trying to get Stan to forgive himself, and telling him that we'll find the guy. I was like, wow, if I'm the killer this has been a crazy foreshadowing. What I liked about it is that it was a process of people getting to understand Terry and why she was desperate. Why she makes the decisions that she makes and instead of the killer being black and white, and everyone demonizing the person that is the killer it kind of brought more humanity to the human condition of who the killer was.

Finally, do you know for sure yet if there will be a third season?

Allman: I don't know, I've been speculating. I have heard that they do have another crime planned out if there is a season three pick up, but I don't know if that's going to happen. Mireille (Enos), and Joel (Kinnaman) just maybe too busy being movie stars, which isn't a bad thing so I don't know. I don't know what's going to happen, but I do know that the Rosie Larsen case is wrapped and it would be a new crime if there were a season three pickup.

Do you think Terry and the Larsens will return if there is a third season revolving around a new murder?

Allman: I would say that the answer is no, and that they’re wrapped and done.

The Killing: Season One is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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