A sweet family comedy drama about a couple and their children learning to cope with change doesn't sound edgy.

But when the couple happens to be Annette Bening and Julianne Moore and the film is 'The Kids Are All Right', somehow it becomes just a little more interesting. Writer/Director Lisa Cholodenko approaches this modern marriage with assuredness and heart, as does the extremely talented cast.

Predators week starts off with a bang! Last week I had the opportunity to see Predators. It was an early morning screening, then a press conference afterwards. The lucky journalists involved had the chance to Q and A one of the film's producer, Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal. While I can’t tell you much about the film until later this week, I can maybe hint that I dug it… But either way, I can offer you this terrific and insightful interview with Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antel. But be careful near the end, a few Spoilers pop up when it gets down to the last page or so. Either way, it was a pleasure talking to these two fine gents.

1:1 with Jackson Rathbone 'Twilight'

Friday, 02 July 2010 11:35

There was a little movie called Dread that I thoroughly enjoyed. The film featured one of those popular Cullen boys and I think you know exactly who I am talking about. Jackson Rathbone plays "Jasper Cullen" in the hugely popular Twilight Saga. How popular? Well, Eclipse just raked in almost Seventy million on Wednesday. What's your guess for this weekend’s total box office for the latest ‘Twilight’ flick?

Recently, I spoke one on one with Jackson, and I really dug the guy. He was super chill and we talked about everything from ‘Twilight’, ‘Dread’ and his band 100 Monkeys. We also chatted it up about gore and the modern horror film. And basically, it was a blast hanging out with Mr. Rathbone. At this point, I don’t need to remind you that Twilight and his other film The Last Airbender is opening this weekend. How many times will you see ‘Eclipse’?

David Kajganich talks 'IT' remake

Thursday, 01 July 2010 12:00

I loved Stephen King's IT. I adored the book and even sort of appreciated the two-part miniseries, even the stupid spider. But as frightening at Tim Curry was as "Pennywise", the horrors that were in the novel were barely touched upon. I have vivid memories of that book that were almost too scary to read. So is it any surprise that a remake is in the works?

In an interview with Lilja’s Library (a site devoted to Stephen King), David Kajganich talks about writing not one, but two remakes to Stephen King based movies.  His involvment with Pet Sematary seems to be buried, yet it isn't dead, as remakes for both 'Sematary' and IT are on the way to scare up new audiences. He spoke about both films and his experience with the former… it wasn’t pretty.

'Twlight: Eclipse' Chaske Spencer

Monday, 28 June 2010 19:45

Twilight: Eclipse fever is officially here. Besides being a massively huge box office success, the franchise has created a very loyal fan base and a very large media circus. I recently was a part of that circus as I found myself at the Four Seasons talking one on one with some of the people involved with the film. While I didn't get to talk shop with Robert Pattinson, I did meet him (very nice fellow by the way). But I did however chat with Chaske Spencer who plays Sam Uley and I dug the hell out of the guy.

If you are a regular visitor to our site, you know that over the last few months we ran a contest looking for the best new American screenwriters. We received hundreds of great submissions, but the one script that stood out was Second Class Criminals by budding Maryland-based writer Zachary Thielen.

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