Blu-ray Review: 'Lost: Final Season' a bittersweet farewell!

Wednesday, 01 September 2010 10:07 Written by  JimmyO
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Lost was a complex, brave and sometimes frustrating viewing experience for many of its fans. For six years, characters came and went, some died, and some even came back to life. Of course, the entire series could be based on a sort of purgatory, death being a constant throughout, depending on your outlook. Now, looking back at the final season, I came upon the realization that there is much to love and much that is worth re-visiting.

Let’s save the final episode for later and talk about the season in general. Starting off with “LA X” part 1 and 2, it was clear that the season would revolve around an alternate dimension (“flash sideways”). The idea of seeing what happened if Oceanic 815 didn’t crash on that fateful day was an intriguing one. In fact, it made for a few outstanding episodes. Honestly speaking, before reviewing this season, I was not a regular viewer, but homework was done and it made me an easy convert. That is what was truly impressive with Lost: Season Six, the characters are re-introduced in such a fitting and inspired way. It isn’t that hard to find yourself involved with what is going on, although, the occasionally scratching of the head was certainly in order.

That is of course what made the series fascinating. Each one of these characters and how they all fit into this massive and sometimes strange puzzle made it work. Even in the confusing times, there was a sense of familiarity with the actors and their respective characters.

With the final season, each episode tells a personal story about that particular chapter’s main character. One of the sweetest and downright beautiful relationships came with Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim. The loss of her ability to speak English and the way the two are separated, it was a beautiful love story. Every time they are together, especially seeing their world in “flash sideways”, they somehow drew you in. Great writing and terrific performances from both really kept this spark alive. It made the “submarine sequence” all the more heartfelt.

And then there was the finale, “The End”, and it divided fans of the series. The episode focused on all the passengers, including the ones long gone, and it created a very bittersweet way to say goodbye. It also happened to sidestep a few of the questions that had been raised during the past five years. To come into the series late, it wasn’t so frustrating as it might have been for those of you waiting six years to say farewell. Yet, Lost was about the heroes and villains, and all those that tried to survive. The beauty in that made the episode shine, and made up for some of the other grievances and all the questions left unanswered.

Either way, the series finally came to an end. While “The End” wasn’t perfect the season itself was incredibly strong, and the finale had moments that were truly inspired, if not completely satisfying. Is this goodbye forever? Maybe the questions and answers fans seek will be found in some other form in the future.

The Special Features on this particular set add a little bit of worth to your while. The first is the continuation on the series, focusing on “The New Man in Charge” and features more of Michael Emerson (man was this guy good). This is a strange little added chapter to the series, which almost feels like it could be setting us up for a spin-off series.

Next up is Crafting a Final Season where we get a glimpse of what the creators were trying to accomplish with season six. This is good way to say goodbye to this fascinating series. By the way, isn’t Emilie de Ravin adorable?

A Hero’s Journey explores, you guessed it, the hero’s journey of Lost. The basic idea is that there are several heroes on Oceanic Flight 815. When you are on the air for six years, it gives the writers a great opportunity to explore the myriad of characters.

On See You in Another Life, Brotha we have a bit of a reunion with several old cast members. The “Flash Sideways” is explored, as we see two storylines that follow the same character. One exists in a world where the plane landed safely, and of course, their life on the island. It was so great to see the fantastic Terry O’Quinn in a very different light.

With Lost on Location you have several featurettes including “LA X”, The Substitute”, “Recon”, “Ab Aeterno”, “Happily Ever After” and “The Candidate”, you have another fun set of behind-the-scenes. You can watch one at a time, or “Play All”.

Deleted Scenes consist of “On Guard”, “Bearing Fruit”, “Maternal Instincts”, “Parched”, “A Helping Hand”, “Fatalities”, “The Lab & the Well”, “Epiphany” and “Desmond’s Task”. You can also “Play all” with these.

Lost Bloopers are exactly what you’d expect. This is certainly fun times, but it is simply a time waster. Enjoy!

Lost University: Master’s Program gives you a little bit of schooling when it comes to Lost. If your Blu-ray player is hooked up, you too can take this Master’s Program in the comfort of your own home!

Also included are a few Audio Commentaries on select episodes. And in true “Lost” fashion, we don’t get a final outlook from the makers on the series finale. THAT would’ve been worth hearing. At least the others are good; just wait to watch the series first if you haven’t seen it, there are a ton of spoilers in the commentary.

iamROGUE’s Favorite Moment More than anything, the characters were the key, so the moment that really shined was the submarine going down. Beautifully tragic!

Looking back, were you satisfied with the final episode?

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