Super Bowl Trailer Roundup: 'Furious 7'! 'Jurassic World'! 'Tomorrowland'! 'Ted 2'! Many More!

Sunday, 01 February 2015 17:02 Written by  iamrogue
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Super Bowl Trailer Roundup: 'Furious 7'! 'Jurassic World'! 'Tomorrowland'! 'Ted 2'! Many More!


Who watches the Super Bowl for football?

111.5 million people don't tune in for football.  The biggest secular holiday isn't about actual sports, it's about commercials.  Between thirty-to-sixty-second salesgasms shoving beer, insurance, fast food, cars, and apps down America's eager gullet, movie junkies get to score sweet, sweet hype smack thanks to a whole mess of epically epic trailers for the next year's biggest movies.

Super Bowl XLIX is no exception, showcasing damn near two-dozen would-be blockbusters from this month's Kingsman: The Secret Service and Fifty Shades of Grey to already-anticipated, highly secretive summer mega-movies Tomorrowland, Jurassic World, Pitch Perfect 2, Minions, and Ted 2.

There's a lot of bombast on display; even Insurgent gets into wild, over the top spectacle with a thoroughly ludicrous TV spot.  For all the ridiculousness on display in all of these wildly different spots, though, there's only one that really gives the massive TV viewership what they're watching for, only one that really delivers the kind of entertainment that we expect – nay, demand – on Super Bowl Sunday.

Forget the game, the big winner here is Furious 7.

Watch all the Super Bowl XLIX movie spots and just try to deny the brilliance of Dominic Toretto's skyscaper-hopping derring-do: 

Seventh Son, in theaters February 6th

SpongeBob: Sponge Out of Water, in theaters February 6th

Fifty Shades of Grey, in theaters February 13th

Kingsman: The Secret Service, in theaters February 13th

Hot Tub Time Machine 2, in theaters February 20th

Unfinished Business, in theaters March 6th

The Divergent Series: Insurgent, in theaters March 20th

Furious 7, in theaters April 3rd

Pitch Perfect 2, in theaters May 15th

Tomorrowland, in theaters May 22nd

Jurassic World, in theaters June 12th

Ted 2, June 26th

Terminator: Genisys, in theaters July 1st

Minions, in theaters July 10th

And that's all folks!

See you next Super Bowl!

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