Rogue 5: Golden Globe Noms We'd Like To See

Monday, 13 December 2010 16:41 Written by  Elena Castro
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Rogue 5: Golden Globe Noms We'd Like To See

On Tuesday, December 14th, the Golden Globe nominations will be announced. Who will be up for best actor or best actress? Which 2010 film will be the best comedy or musical or best drama?

Honestly, for many, the draw of the Golden Globes is how they separate drama from comedy. You won’t see something like Burlesque going up against The Social Network. Well, you probably won’t see Burlesque up for anything this year, but I digress…

There are a handful of performances that really shined this year. The question is, will they receive nominations or will they be overlooked? Either way, here are five performances that should be nominated.

5. Kristin Scott Thomas for Best Supporting Actress in Nowhere Boy

Have you heard about the John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy? If not, search it out. While the film itself is quite wonderful, it is Kristin’s work as John’s Aunt Mimi that really brings it alive. She is incredible as the Aunt who attempts to remain strong, even when her entire world is falling apart. Her brilliant performance captures the spirit of loss and dignity that Lennon ultimately learns.

4. Vincent Cassel for Best Actor in Mesrine: Public Enemy #1

Sure he was great in Black Swan. In fact, it would be hard to name a Vincent Cassel movie he wasn’t great in. Yet it was his flawless performance in Mesrine: Public Enemy #1 that made you believe wholeheartedly he was the real deal. This magnificent biopic brings the real Jacques Mesrine to life in an epic two part feature. Mesrine: Killer Instinct is the second, and equally terrific chapter.

3. Olivia Williams for Best Supporting Actress in The Ghost Writer

This underrated gem of a film features a number of strong actors. This includes a terrific turn from leading man, Ewan McGregor. Ghost Writer is a slow burn of a feature, and we get to see the many layers of Olivia Williams as the put upon wife of a former British prime minister. She is shockingly good here as a woman facing a major political crisis. Williams is sexy, scary, cool and fragile all in one.

2. Greta Gerwig for Best Supporting Actress and Ben Stiller for Best Actor in Greenberg (Tie)

This would be difficult to call for some. While Greta Gerwig carries the first part of Greenberg, and Ben Stiller takes the lead after awhile. Either way, both performances are captivating. Stiller is an unlikable jerk, yet he also gives what may be the best performance of his career. Gerwig is also incredible as she walks a fine line between angst and dysfunction. ‘Hurt people hurt people’, she tells Greenberg in what is one of the most heartfelt movie moments of the year.

1.Hailee Steinfeld as Best Actress in True Grit

I loved True Grit. This is a masterful film that is more than just a western. The Coen Brothers once again have created a modern day masterpiece that will certainly give Jeff Bridges another chance at Oscar gold. Yet the real surprise here is Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross. This is a star-making performance that should give both Annette Bening and Natalie Portman a run for their money, but she’ll probably find herself nominated for supporting. If that happens... she's got one heckuva chance.

Who do you want to see want to see get a Golden Globe nomination?

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