Rogue's Favorite YouTube Channels of 2010

Friday, 17 December 2010 11:31 Written by  Kendall Rhodes
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Rogue's Favorite YouTube Channels of 2010

In the spirit of the season, iamROGUE has compiled our very own amazing Rogue's Favorite YouTube Channels of 2010. There are so many incredible content creators on YouTube that it was hard to narrow it down to 15, but in the end, these are the channels that really stand out. 

We aren't just looking at how many subscribers these channels have (although more than a few are in the millions), but we based our decision on the following criteria: the personality/talent, the production value, the consistency of production (weekly or daily), and the creativity of the content. These talented folks are definitely the YouTube Channels to watch for 2011. Enjoy!


At 2.1 million subscribers and counting, Shane Dawson actually competes with many cable shows in numbers and definitely in talent and content. Dawson is known for making comedy sketch videos featuring many recurring characters (such as Shanaynay, Ned the Nerd, S. Deezy, and Aunt Hilda). Some of our most adored videos by Shane this year are his Halloween Haunted House Party, High School Drama, and School Dance Disaster (see below).


Joe Pena is seriously musically inclined in a major way. His creativity with instruments, stop motion graphics, and even his hair gel is just AWESOME. Our personal favorite video Joe did this year was his proposal video to his longtime girlfriend, Sarah Evershed - Movie Trailer Proposal (see below).


Dane Boe's Annoying Orange is anything but annoying. We love these videos and can't get enough of them. Who would have guessed an orange with moving lips could accumulate 394 million Total Uploaded Views! Check out his Bed Intruder Spoof  via an orange and an eggplant below.


Philip De Franco is addictive. Once you start watching his show, you have to see it every day. He is funny and whip (your hair) smart.  The titles to his daily videos tells you everything you need to know: Brittany Spears will Eat Your Fat!!, WTF! Man's Head Crushed, Kevin Smith is Too Fat, Again (see below) and AIDS IS BAAAAAAD!!! LOL.


Kassem is a comedian/actor who has opened for Dane Cook at the Laugh Factory. Our favorite show he does is California On Topic. It's just him, a mic, and his wolf tee-shirt on the Venice Boardwalk asking questions from unsuspecting folks AND it is hilarious!  There are so many we like that we can't choose just one so we will just play his latest one for you - CALIFORNIA on TATTOOS (see below).


All of the boys in our office love iJustine's channel (or well, they love Justine). She is the Apple lovechild, so to speak, and also part of the Top 50 Maxim's Sexiest Women as well. Her videos are always fun and happy, so you can't go wrong subscribing to her channel. Oh, and Justine is a really GOOD dancer (wink, wink - see below)!


Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch's channel is action packed and adrenaline fueled. These guys come up with some very creative stuff. Even one of their non-action videos made it into our TOP TEN FAVORITE WEB VIDEOS of 2010, but below you can watch Freddie in his full bad-ass glory.


Toby Turner hosts lots of shows on youtube (such as LikeTotallyAwesone or cutewinfail), and wherever he lands, we just dig him. Whether he is talking to himself, parodying a commercial or singing a melody to a well-known movie trailer (LITERAL TRAILER SPOOFS ROCK) - he is talented and funny!


This Emo girl gone wild is always super upbeat and fun to watch. Her crazy comedy sketches of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart are always silly and outrageous. She can also be seen starring in Shane Dawson's videos or as a big purple eggplant in the Annoying Orange videos. Watch her below give advice on How To Get a Boyfriend - one of our favorites!


TheStation's co-founder, Lisa Donavon, is a comedic actress and writer who does lots of collaborations with fellow comedian, KassemG such as HOT GIRLZ. Her parodies are really funny stuff - from Gossip Girl, The Bacherlorette, Jersey Shore, and Kim Karshidian - you can watch spoofs of all your guilty pleasure television shows. Check Lisa out doing her thing below!


Director Micahel Gallegher's TotallySketch is just that -- all fun sketches all the time for your viewing pleasure. One of his videos also made our TOP TEN FAVORITE WEB VIDEOS of 2010.  Something fun Michael does with his videos are his interactive choices at the end of each of them - chose your own endings. Check out the one below which accumulated around 13.3 million views!


Benny and Rafi Fine are brothers (duh!) with a really awesome channel. Recently, they launched a new series where Kids React to Viral Videos that has taken off. You may have also watched their LOST spoofs or any of their really funny 50 Spoilers in 3 minutes. Watch below their American Idol Interactive Experience.


Joe Nation (aka Bob Thunder) has a really fun channel with recurring characters doing all kinds of crazy things with parodies included.  One of our favorite series of videos he has shot, directed and written is YOUTUBE ASSASSIN. Check out the assassination of iJustine.


Juggler and Actress, Olga Kay, who is also referred to as your Moosh Mommy, has a channel full of lively happenings, characters (Bubbly & Jiggly), and skits from her imagination. We love Olga Kay!!


Last but not least, the newest channel out of all of them is one of the fastest rising stars. Tony Velenzuela's BlackBoxTV brings Twilight Zone shorts to YouTube. If you are tired from laughing, then head on over to Tony's channel and get scared. Wait? Is that Philip De Franco in a dirty motel with a jilted, dead lover? Yep, you can see that here on TonyV's channel.

What's your favorite YouTube Channel of 2010? We would love to know!

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