A 'Sanctum' Inspired, ArtistDirect.com Playlist: From Ozzy to Korn

Friday, 04 February 2011 10:56 Written by  Rick Florino
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A 'Sanctum' Inspired, ArtistDirect.com Playlist: From Ozzy to Korn

James Cameron's latest production, Sanctum, hits theaters this Friday February 4, 2011—and boy, does it look frightening. The film chronicles an underwater cave-diving team whose lives are on the line during an expedition to the most mysterious and inaccessible cave in the world. That just sounds scary to me—maybe because it reminds me of my last vacation.

Anyway, if you're going to be diving in underwater caves, you need a playlist, don’t you? I'm sure you already have your own underwater cave-diving playlist on your iPod, but just in case you're the one person who doesn't, here are our favorites!

Five Finger Death Punch — "Meet The Monster"

This song seems fitting, since I'm guessing that in the most mysterious, thrilling, and unexplored cave there is, you're going to encounter some pretty crazy stuff. Hopefully, having a menacing track from someone like 5FDP will scare away any weird deep sea creatures.

Korn — "Pop A Pill"

Legendary Korn singer Jonathan Davis [Interview here] wails during this chorus, "I need my meds today." I’m guessing if I were stuck in an underwater cave, I'd need some valium or something! Maybe NyQuil would work. Or, breathing slowly into a paper bag. Oh wait- that wouldn't work because of the whole under-water thing! I forgot about that. Either way this cut from Korn's phenomenal new album, Korn III: Remember Who You Are, is perfect to go cave diving to.

Flyleaf — "In The Dark"

I know what you're asking- what could a song called "In The Dark" possibly have to do with a film about being in the dark?? Oh wait, I answered my own question. Nevermind. This is a killer track from Flyleaf's last full-length album—Memento Mori—be sure to check it out.

Ozzy Osbourne — "Walk On Water"

You'd certainly want to be able to walk on water when you're in a thrilling situation like this- so hopefully Ozzy will somehow give you the power to do so with this track! Kanye West featuring Rihanna — "All Of The Lights" "Turn on the lights in here, baby/ extra bright I want y'all to see this," instructs Rihanna during the chorus of this epic-hipic-hopic anthem from Kanye's latest and greatest, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I would say the exact same thing if I were underwater in a cave!

Nine Inch Nails — "Deep"

This song has two reasons to be on our underwater cave-diving playlist. Two! First, it’s a song called "Deep" and you are going deep into the unknown when you’re cave-diving. And B: it was featured on the soundtrack to the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001. Raiding tombs and exploring dark caves seem similar to me, at least. I'm sure I'll get a few strongly worded letters from actual tomb raiders telling me they are nothing alike and I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Rise Against — "Survive"

Rise Against's frantic, no-holds-barred track sounds like someone on their last legs- doing anything they can do to stay alive. You'll need something like this to motivate you to reach the surface again! And even if you don’t make it out alive, this is a great song to play out your last minutes, gasping for air.

Metallica — "Through The Never"

Exploring a cave is definitely going through “the never.” It never hurts to have some killer metal like this to get you though the dark times, right? Now it's official: you have everything you need to go underwater cave-diving! All you really need is a playlist and a couple other small things like years of training, intricate scuba diving equipment and a general lack of regard for your own personal safety. You know, things like that.

Be sure to check out Sanctum in theaters this weekend, and let me know how long you can hold your breath! For more on Sanctum, click here!

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