10 Bad Ass Predator Quotes

Wednesday, 07 July 2010 15:29 Written by  Eric Walkuski
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10 Bad Ass Predator Quotes

With Predators coming out on July 9th, it seemed like a good idea to reminisce about the Predator films' coolest pieces of dialogue - no easy feat since, obviously, the first film alone is filled to the brim with classic pieces of terrific quotes. But I had to be fair, spread the love around a bit (I do quite like Predator 2), and came up with the following:

10. Dallas (Steven Pasquale): "I thought I told you not to crash." Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem - Not a whole lot is entertaining about this grim, bland entry; but you've got to appreciate the sarcasm of a man who has just survived a helicopter crash. Indeed, he told the pilot not to crash beforehand...

9. Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger): "Get to the chopper!" Predator - No, not necessarily interesting on its own, but thanks to Arnold's trademark accent, it's become a go-to line for Arnie impersonators everywhere. Of course, you have to say "Get to dah choppaaah!" if you really want to sell it.

8. Mac (Bill Duke): "I'm gonna have me some fun." (x4) Predator - At this point in the story, poor Mac has had a hell of an ordeal. His best bro has been blown up, he's flipped out on a wild boar, he's annihilated half the jungle with a minigun... So with the Predator finally within reach, Mac slips into a semi-crazed state, and "I'm gonna have me some fun" is his exhausted mantra. Unfortunately for him, the rest of his day will be anything but fun...

7. Sebastian de Rosa (Raoul Bova): "During a big game hunt, the animals being hunted don't arm the hunters!" Alien Vs. Predator - Alright, so I kinda had to throw both of the AvP films a bone. But truthfully, this is a pretty amusing line, said by a man who is incredulous at the fact that his partner (Sanaa Latham) is about to give the Predator back his lost canon. But, wisely, the lady knows that if they're going to survive the bloody duel between the warring extraterrestrials, they've got to pick a side.

6. King Willie (Calvin Lockhart): "This is dread, man. Truly... dread." Predator 2 - King Willie is the enigmatic leader of the Jamaican crime family in 1997 Los Angeles - but even he's nervous about the Predator's grisly nighttime activities. So nervous that he calls on cop Danny Glover to have a pow-wow in a seedy alley... Unlucky for him, the Predator has a special interest in Glover's character, so he drops in on the meeting too...

5. Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover): "Hey kid... Welcome to the war." Predator 2 - No, probably not the first time someone has said this in life, let alone a movie, but it's still a foreboding thing to hear, especially if you're a hotshot detective (as played with joyful cockiness by Bill Paxton) who has just transferred to the city's most deadly precinct looking to play cowboy. Plus, this piece of dialog is the segway to a freaky sequence in which a gang of Jamaicans brutally murder a Columbian drug lieutenant by cutting his heart out. Welcome to the war indeed.

4. Billy (Sonny Landham): "There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man... We're all gonna die." Predator - Billy is the calm, collected Native American tracker in Dutch's rescue team, a tranquil yet intense soul who isn't, as Poncho notes, afraid of any man... But Billy has finally realized what we've already known - that they're no match for their invisible foe, that they're being picked off one by one, that they have only a day or so to live... The truth is, if Billy's afraid, you're screwed.

3. Blain (Jesse Ventura): "I ain't got time to bleed." Predator - If we're being really honest here, this is perhaps the most bad-ass line of dialog in film history. Of course there are many contenders - but how many are as cleverly glib, as casually macho, as... well, succinctly bad-ass? If only I could have someone point out to me that I was bleeding, that way I could respond in steely Jesse Ventura fashion. (Although I guess that scenario is pretty unlikely in real life.)

2. Mike Harrigan: "You are one ugly motherf-"
Predator: "Motherf*cker!" Predator 2
- Yes, it's a call-back to the first film (and honestly, Arnie's line should rightfully be here), but there's nothing quite like hearing a Predator exclaim the mother of all curse words - especially when you consider the fact that he's not referencing the moment from the original; he picked up that word all on his own.

1. Dutch: "If it bleeds, we can kill it." Predator - So simple, so logical and oh so important to the special forces that finds itself in a seemingly hopeless situation. And as said by Arnold, it's hard not to get pumped for the prospect of finally seeing the Predator get an ass-whuppin' of his own.

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