Comic-Con 2011: What to Watch For

Monday, 18 July 2011 11:22 Written by  Mark Phillips
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Comic-Con 2011: What to Watch For

This weekend marks the annual San Diego fest known as Comic-Con, or as nerds call it: “Christmas.” Each year, Comic-Con has grown in popularity, and has become a hub for all things not only comic book based, but Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, and much more in the land of entertainment. If you’re going to fight the crowds in San Diego,you’re going to need at least a couple things: a dorky costume, and our list of what to watch for!

Batman: Year One

This animated film will be released on October 18th this year on DVD and Blu-Ray,
and will debut this weekend at Comic-Con. It’s an adaptation of Frank Miller’s dark,
influential graphic novel chronicling Batman’s beginnings. With such a critically
acclaimed inspiration and voices by Eliza Dushku and Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston,
this is sure to be a welcome addition to the Batman collection.

The Amazing Spider-Man

This is a reboot of the Marvel Franchise… Wait, I must be reading this wrong. Spider-
Man? Didn’t the last Spider-Man come out like four years ago? Anyway, this is indeed
a reboot of the popular superhero saga recounting how Peter Parker turned from geek
to chic
, and stars Andrew Garfield from The Social Network as Spider-Man this time
. I’m starting to worry that Garfield is becoming typecast in roles as nerdy guys
who suddenly become powerful. All kidding aside, fantastic director Marc Webb and a
stellar cast
will surely breathe new life into this amazing adaptation.

Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance

Next February, Nic Cage returns to reprise the role everyone has been waiting for…
Speckles from G-Force! Actually, Cage returns as Johnny Blaze- who we all know and
love as the Ghost Rider
. Be sure to swing by and check out what Mr. Cage and company
have to offer this weekend.


From the producers of 300 comes Immortals- a tale of Greek warrior Theseus battling
against imprisoned titans
. It’s set for release this November, and with a brilliant cast
including Mickey Rourke and Frieda Pinto, expect great things. Not only did the Greeks
invent democracy, they apparently invented the action-adventure genre as well!

Underworld 4

This is the next installment in the Kate Beckinsale-led saga of a vampire warrior in the
middle of a civil war with the Lycans
. I heard the war started over states’ rights. This
franchise has done well with viewers, and watch for this chapter’s release early in 2012.

I hear after this, they’re going to reboot the franchise with Andrew Garfield as Selene,
Kate Beckinsale’s character. That could just be a rumor, though.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
has quickly become the buzz of HBO. This medieval-esque fantasy
world has garnered Science Fiction and Fantasy fans alike with its ingenuity and captive
storytelling. You can check them out this weekend, my liege!

Walking Dead

No, this isn’t the title of Charlie Sheen’s new show! This is the fantastic AMC series
based on the graphic novel of the same namesake. While the debut season was a
truncated seven episodes, it was a big hit for the network and will return for a full run this
September to a television screen (or laptop) near you

True Blood

Ahh yes, everyone’s favorite vampire romp. True Blood has been massive for HBO
and has grabbed onto pop-culture in a way most shows dream of doing. Currently in
its fourth wild and fantastical season, you’ll be able to catch Ryan Kwanten at Comic
Con on a panel this weekend. Kwanten deftly and hilariously plays the dimwitted Jason
Stackhouse, brother of Sookie Stackhouse
. You can be sure to ask him how he and the
cast maintain those rock-hard abs!

Entertainment Weekly Panel with Jon Favreau and Guillermo del Toro

Talk about a meeting of the minds. Comic-Con always features plenty of interesting
panels, and this year is no exception. This year, you can listen to the likes of talented
directors like Jon Favreau and Guillermo del Toro
. Favreau has of course garnered fame
from Swingers and directing the Iron Man franchise among other things
, and del Toro
helmed the magnificent Pan’s Labyrinth and the Hellboy films. Who knows- maybe you
can learn the secret to directing a critically acclaimed comic book adaptation.

Now, you have your marching orders for the weekend. Remember to stay hydrated, and
watch out for jocks! Have fun enjoying everything Comic-Con 2011 has to offer.

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