iamROGUE 10: 'The Expendables' Favorite Flicks!

Sunday, 15 August 2010 21:00 Written by  JimmyO
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Sylvester Stallone 'Rambo'

Let’s talk The Expendables! How can you not be completely blown away by this cast? This is an action lover’s dream team, a heavy weight’s heaven, in other words, this is easily one of the most anticipated flicks of the year! So much so that this powerhouse cast was actually able to slice and dice its way to the top of the box office charts, against Julia Roberts no less.

So in honor of this weekend’s box office champ, iamROGUE decided to reminisce about the careers of the film’s stars and which of their movies rocked the hardest. From the box office hits to the guilty pleasures, and even a couple gems that you may have missed, we take a look back at some memorable moments for each of the boys. And since we needed just a little of beauty with the beasts, we added the lovely and talented Charisma Carpenter who also appears in the film for about five minutes.

So here are the flicks that we dug… what is your favorite Statham flick? Or Lundgren? When did Stallone rock your world the most? Let us know your thoughts!

Eric Roberts-Star 80

Eric Roberts – Star 80

Eric Roberts was destined to be a star himself when Star 80 came out. His Paul Snider, based on the real life psycho that discovered and destroyed Playboy Playmate Dorthy Stratten, was a disturbing portrait of a dangerous man. This single performance made Eric the go to guy for psychopathic characters. While he is still playing a ton of baddies, it would be great to see Eric take on a nice guy role every once in awhile, but either way, it’s good to see the guy working in mainstream features again!

Terry Crews

Terry Crews – Middle Men

Mr. Terry Crews pretty much owns every role he takes on. He is funny, he can certainly be tough and he really is a terrific actor. With that said, narrowing down a favorite movie for him is tough as he has played a variety of roles, and he usually handles them all quite well. So what do I choose? That was when Middle Men creeped in. While he was not in the film very long, he was certainly memorable.

Steve Austin 'The Condemned'

Steve Austin – The Condemned

Call this a guilty pleasure… but a pleasure nonetheless. I had a blast as Steve Austin committed mayhem in order to survive during this brutal and sick “reality TV show”, where the most dangerous criminals have to kill each other to survive. Give credit to Mr. Austin who is extremely tough and nasty, but he also showed a heart of gold when it came to fighting the good fight. Ridiculous? Absolutely! Bloody, violent and cool? Yep!

Jet Li – Unleashed

Unleashed was a gem when I discovered this on video. Jet Li gives a surprisingly heartfelt and solid performance as a young man raised like a dog, and treated not much better. While there is certainly action, the level of talent working alongside Jet is fantastic. You’ve got Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins and Jet Li and you’ve got a movie that is truly impressive.

Dolph Lundgren 'Universal Soldier'

Dolph Lundgren – Universal Soldier

Ah, memories of Universal Soldier invade my soul when thinking about Dolph Lundgren. While I’m a fan of Dolph’s The Punisher, it just missed this list because what more could you ask for than a Lundgren and Van Damme double duty (well, maybe a Stallone, Willis, Scharzenegger, Statham, etc. one)? Dolph was perfectly dangerous here and I sort of miss seeing the big guy as a bad guy. Here is another actor that I’m thrilled to see back on the big screen.

Jason Statham 'The Transporter'

Jason Statham – The Transporter

Out of all the flicks Jason Statham has been a part of, for some reason The Transporter stands out. His Frank Martin is sort of like a really kick ass ‘MacGyver’. Give him anything and he can make a weapon out of it. Yeah, sure he was awesome in Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but give it up for The Transporter!

Bruce Willis 'Die Hard'

Bruce Willis – Die Hard

A no-brainer indeed! While the days of Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd on the wonderfully witty series Moonlighting always put a smile on my face, it was Die Hard that really made Bruce Willis, “Bruce Willis”. His John McClane is legendary as is the first film in this ultra-exciting action flick. This is one of those rare times where you can truly call a movie, edge-of-your-seat exciting.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – T2

When it comes to Arnold, it’s sometimes hard to remember that he made a bunch of cool action flicks, especially since we’ve been dealing with Ahnuld the Governator in good old Los Angeles. Yet looking back on his work, it was really easy for me to choose a favorite. Terminator 2: Judgment Day is an amazing film, with surprisingly great CGI and terrific work from both Arnold and of course, Linda Hamilton. This is what you can do with good performances, a great script and a strong director. A true classic!

Angel Heart

Mickey Rourke – Angel Heart

Who is Johnny Favourite? And why is a devilish Robert DeNiro hiring Harry Angel to look for him? This mysterious little Cajon caper is an creepy little film. The images are astounding, especially when Mickey Rourke and Lisa Bonet are having ultra intense sex as blood pours from the ceiling. Rourke’s performance here is simply brilliant, as the put upon detective investigating a frightening case involving “Lou Cypher” and the Louisiana Bayou.

Sylvester Stallone 'Rambo'

Sylvester Stallone – Rocky Balboa, Rambo and The Expendables

Sly Stallone is a legend for a reason. It is damn hard to pick between such iconic characters as “Rambo”, “Rocky Balboa” and yes, Barney Ross in The Expendables. Stallone is proving that you can get older, yet still be tough as nails without denying the age factor. His last three films have been immensely entertaining and he has written and directed each one. Cheers to Mr. Stallone! Keep making your own movies and we’ll keep going!

Charisma CarpenterCharisma Carpenter – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I still have a big, geeky crush on Charisma Carpenter! Thanks to her work on the television series’ Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel as “Cordy”, she will always have a place in my heart. When it comes to features, she isn’t necessarily a hot commodity, but she should be. While she only has a couple of scenes as Jason Statham’s girlfriend in The Expendables, it was such a pleasure to see her larger than life. More please?

That’s all folks! Let us know what you think? What would be your pick for favorite Stallone flick? Nighthawks maybe?

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