IAR's Holiday Gift List 2012

Friday, 14 December 2012 02:10 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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IAR's Holiday Gift List 2012

My dear Rogues, we're neck-deep in the holiday season, and with December 25th fast approaching, it's past time to get serious about shopping.  You don't want to end up desperately scavenging the shelves at your local Target after it has been ransacked for a month straight by consumers with better timing.

In order to help you avoid that dismal fate this year, IAR has compiled a handy holiday hodgepodge of gift ideas for movie fans of all types.

This holiday gift list is a fairly eclectic one, collecting movies, books, and less-easily categorized knickknacks approved of by the IAR bullpen and our closest associates.  The list is divided between Blu-rays, non-fiction and fiction literature (including a few comic books), and odds and ends, those odd choices like a 24 inch talking Ted doll or a Thunder God's hammer that just happens to be a bottle opener.

To find more information or even purchase any product online, just click on the title, and you'll be linked to Amazon or another reputable online retailer.

So find some gifts in IAR's Holiday Gift List for 2012:


Safety Not Guaranteed

This is a movie with a little something for everyone, provided they have a beating heart not a cold vacuum in their chest.  The tale of an immature reporter and two interns seeking out an eccentric who placed a classified ad for a time travel companion is funny and compelling, with a small cast of well-realized, endlessly endearing characters.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Nobody saw Shane Black's directorial debut back in 2006, but since his sophomore feature is next year's Iron Man 3, a lot more attention is about to be paid to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.  That attention will be mightily rewarded, since this movie is unstoppably funny and endlessly quotable.  Plus, it shows just how well Black and Robert Downey Jr. get along, as Downey Jr. plays a rare idiotic character in Harry Lockhart.

The Dark Knight Rises

Anybody who already owns Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is going to want to complete the trilogy, if they didn't go ahead and buy their own copy already.  Warner Bros. has presented an array of choices with the climactic installment of Christopher Nolan's last Batman movie, offering the Blu-ray combo pack, a collector's edition featuring a presentational broken bat-cowl, or even a collection of all three of Nolan's Bat-movies.  Find more details in IAR's Blu-ray preview by clicking right here.

The Matrix

Odds are, you know somebody who absolutely loved The Matrix but was befuddled by its two sequels.  Well, now, you can provide them with the influential first installment by itself on Blu-ray.


Don't be swayed by the hideous cover art, this Blu-ray represents this comedy, co-written and produced by Judd Apatow, very well.  The movie is far sharper than its fat camp premise suggests, surrounds Ben Stiller's overzealous, egomaniacal fitness guru Tony Perkis with an ensemble of likable youngsters and cartoonish counselors.

Blade Runner: 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition

There have been many, many different versions of Ridley Scott's classic on DVD and Blu-ray.  This set is the latest, and for any completist, it's a must.  It's also the most thorough set for the movie thus far, complete with all manner of little goodies, up to and including a little police spinner.

Harold & Kumar: Ultimate Collector's Edition

Any nephews or cousins with an affinity for certain illicit substances and happily stupid juvenile humor would appreciate one comprehensive collection of the adventures of Harold and Kumar.  This three-movie set is the best way to experience all the sublimely ridiculous Neil Patrick Harris cameos and general absurdity.  Plus, the third movie is the seasonally appropriate A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.

Alien Anthology

All four Alien movies, not counting the summer prequel Prometheus.  This set contains theatrical and extended cuts of each and every sci-fi horror movie, as well as a feature length documentary for each.  On the minus side, David Fincher is the only director who didn't return for documentary interviews, since he's disowned Alien 3.  On the plus side, neither Alien vs. Predator movie is included.

Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection

This is probably the perfect gift for a whole lot of dads out there.  It's an exhaustive set putting all twenty-two official 007 movies into one place, providing the perfect context for Skyfall, which is still holding it down in theaters.  For all the details, head over to IAR's Blu-ray preview of the massive collection for the longest-running franchise out there.


Horns by Joe Hill

The novel by Hill – son of Stephen King – is a crazy-entertaining and surprisingly affecting story of a misanthrope who wakes up after a bender with devil horns.  It's the sort of book that immediately cries out to be made into a movie.  And that movie is totally happening, with Daniel Radcliffe starring as Ig Perrish for director Alexandra Aja.

Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin

This one is also getting an adaptation, with prolific writer and producer Akiva Goldsman directing Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Will Smith, and Russell Crowe.  Trouble is, no movie could capture the strange magic of Helprin's truly epic tale of love and justice in new York City.  It's the sort of novel that takes digressions lasting hundreds of pages and includes am ethereal, flying horse.  Just go with it.

Saga Volume One by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

Y: The Last Man creator Vaughan creates a whole strange universe and nestles a really heartfelt tale of domesticity in a time of interstellar war.  It's not quite like anything else.  This trade paperback collects issues one through six, and your giftee will almost certainly find him or herself hooked and picking up monthly issues in no time.

Batman, Volume One: The Court of Owls by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

Snyder's Batman basically disregards the rebootiness of DC's New 52 and instead tells a story of Bruce Wayne really having the rug pulled out from under him.  Whoever gets this collection will have to either grab up some back issues or wait until March of next year for the TPB conclusion The City of Owls.


Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book by Gerard Jones

In our non-fiction section, we're highlighting books about comics and the history of this uniquely American medium.  Jones' overview of the form's creation is thorough, but filled with enough colorful characters that it doesn't lag, so it's perfect for a detail-oriented reader with an interest in the funny books.

Supergods: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God From Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human by Grant Morrison

Morrison, the enfant terrible writer who has applied his trippy style to Superman, X-Men, Batman, and many original titles like Flex Mentallo, combines a philosophical examination of comic book heroes, light history, and selective autobiography with a whole lot of enthusiasm and unexpected insights on familiar figures.

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story by Sean Howe

This more recent history chronicles the history of Marvel at a pretty breathless pace, giving a sense of how the stable of superheroes were created and eventually became icons worth billions of dollars.  While the creative side of things definitely gets ample coverage, the business travails and mutations of this comic book outfit are propulsively recounted.

Odds & Ends

Thor Mjolnir Bottle Opener

The perfect gift for any alcoholic who is also a big Marvel fan.  Mjolnir the Hammer can only be wielded by one who is worthy, and the bottle opener version ensures that the thunder gets brought to any party situation.

Raiders of the Lost Ark Fertility Idol Pencil Holder

"You give me the idol, I'll give you the pencils!"

Green Arrow iPhone 5 Case

Oliver Queen, the most proudly socialist superhero in DC's stable, is enjoying some popularly thanks to Arrow, so the Green Arrow fan in your life can proudly display their established love of the best archer this side of Hawkeye.  Not included: iPhone 5.

Ted R-Rating Talking Plush Teddy Bear

Who didn't watch Seth MacFarlane's comedy and think to themselves, "I could really use a two-foot teddy bear that spouts obscenities?"  Nobody.  And now anybody can have their own unapologetically foul-mouthed cuddle bear.

Pulp Fiction Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

It's a classic, and though this particular wallet has become pretty common over the last eighteen years, it makes the owner feel at least a little like Jules Winnfield.  So if there's anyone in your life who could use a little self esteem boost in their back pocket, the BMF wallet is the gift for them.  Confidence-boosting and practical.

Laserdisc Player

Do you know a movie fan who is also into the old school sound of vinyl?  Their record player can get a vintage video companion with a tank-sized player for the DVD predecessors on discs the size of records.  Help your cool friend of family member stay ahead of the curve by falling way, way behind.

Happy Holidays, Rogues!  Gift well!

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