Rogue 10: Why 'Machete' Is Gonna Rock!

Wednesday, 01 September 2010 11:24 Written by  JimmyO
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Robert De Niro in Machete

Are you ready for Machete?

Lovers of old-school grindhouse cinema can surely appreciate the over-the-top antics that fill the trailer, and undoubtedly will be a major part of this sick looking flick (“sick” as in muther f*cking awesome btw).

So this week, iamROGUE takes a look at the top 10 reasons why we’re excited to see Machete.

10. Jason Voorhees

What does the killer of Friday the 13th have to do with a vigilante flick? Well, he has made good use of the machete and in a way, isn’t he doing it all for his murdered mommy? The machete can do lots of damage as we’ve witnessed in the numerous F13 sequels. Now let’s see what Danny Trejo can do with one of these bad boys. If Jason hadn’t made this deadly blade more popular, this film could’ve been called something like, Switchblade… although that would’ve been a good name too I suppose.

9. Don Johnson

Sure Mr. Johnson hasn’t been doing much of interest since Miami Vice, it is nice to see this Eighties icon being used in a (hopefully) interesting way. Sure he’s was taking on Nash Bridges and a film here or there, but the whole reason films like Machete can work is when you take some actor and stretch them into a groovy character. Let’s hope that the former “Sonny Crockett” gets to chew a little bit of scenery.

8. Grindhouse

Let’s face it, while the partnering of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez not strike up box office gold, it did give us some amazing faux-trailers. And yes, almost everyone agreed that it was Machete that looked ideal for cinema. Ironically, the new film looks and feels exactly the way it should after watching this fake preview. Now if you would, please bring on feature films for “Thanksgiving” and “Don’t”!

7. Arizona and Florida Immigration

Talk about timely. With Arizona and Florida dealing with immigration issues in controversial matters, the story behind Machete is perfect for today’s political climate. We’re not saying that this should be taken as seriously as the real world events, but it is always kind of interesting to see a movie like this tackle major issues, much like Saw VI with the whole health care debate.

6. Jeff Fahey

Jeff Fahey rocked all the way back to Psycho III and The Lawnmower Man. He was an interesting actor back then, but the man has grown to be one of the coolest character actors working today. From Grindhouse to “Lost”, it’s great to see this guy working on a regular basis. Villain or hero, Fahey is better than ever.

5. The Trailers

Marketing is an important part of what makes a movie appeal to moviegoers. Clearly, if it doesn’t connect, they aren’t going to spend their hard earned money on it. However, the trailers for Machete have been increasing my excitement for the film. Sure the movie looked like fun when it was just for pretend, but damn does it look like a modern day bit of sleazy cinema. Somebody bring back the drive-in!

4. Lindsey Lohan

Come on, you can’t tell us that casting Lindsey in a flick like this doesn’t automatically intrigue you? Sure her constant coverage in the media is beyond annoying, but when is the last time we saw her in the theatre? Not knowing much about her role, we here at iamROGUE still believe the girl can act, and hopefully she’ll reward us with an awesome performance as “April”.

3. Robert Rodriguez

Back when El Mariachi blasted itself into pop culture; Robert Rodriguez made a name for himself as a director worth following. While his flicks may not always be great, his style and his keen eye for casting have made him a fan favorite. This movie especially seems to have his blood, sweat and tears, plus an honest to goodness sense of fun poured into it. Hell, we can’t wait for him to make Machete 2!

2. The Hottie Aspect

Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Lindsey Lohan, Cheryl Chin and a bunch of other lovely ladies, many of whom will be topless no doubt… this is a huge draw for the 18-25 year-old demographic. Sure we aren’t going to see the leading ladies shed their clothes, but sometimes seeing a gal like Rodriguez shoot to kill can be just as sexy!

1. Danny Trejo

Yep. Danny Trejo finally takes center stage and wields an arsenal of weapons to take action hero to a whole new level. Danny has been involved in a ton of projects and he shines every single time. He was one of the few characters you felt really bad for in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and he always gives his tough guy characters a certain edge. It’s about damn time that this guy becomes a major star!

Machete opens this Friday at a theatre near you!

From Lindsey Lohan to Robert DeNiro… what excites you most about Machete?

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