Jordan DeSaulnier

Jordan DeSaulnier

Eagle eyed viewers who hung out through the credits of the Coen Bros’ True Grit adaptation may have noticed a conspicuous credit for “Mr. Damon’s Ab Double”.  I’m sure everybody’s familiar with the practice, where high-profile actors and actresses maintain their image and put their best foot forward by, you know, using someone else’s foot.

This seems like a devastating blow to enthusiasts of both Matt Damon and his abs, but there’s no need to go crying into your cereal just yet.  If you haven’t seen the movie, you should definitely go do that (it’s awesome), and by the end you’ll notice that Damon’s character La Beouf is, in fact, never topless. So what gives? 

Innovative rental giant Netflix has unveiled the next step in its plan to pants Blockbuster Video in front of the whole school.  Starting this spring, remote controls for a number of Blu-Ray players and internet-connected televisions will come with a handy Netflix button for easy, one-touch access to the addictively vast library of streaming Watch Instantly titles.

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