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With its big-budget live-action remakes of beloved animated classics, Disney is riding a gravy train on biscuit wheels.  So long as each one keeps making huge sums of money, the studio is going to keep he train chugging along.

In news that's absolutely not surprising, the Disney remake train is going to stop at Mulan station down the line.

Perfectly timed on the heels of the Spectre teaser trailer, the full theatrical trailer for Spy introduces the world's next great secret agent, an expert at espionage who could give James Bond a run for his money.

And the spy of Spy isn't a misogynist or an imperialist, either.  She's Melissa McCarthy.

Wonder Twin powers activa—wait, wait no.  These aren't the Wonder Twins. These, according to the title of a new Avengers: Age of Ultron featurette, are the Super Siblings, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff.

Dame Helen Mirren is an impossibly talented actress and an endlessly enchanting human.  She's won an Oscar, along with a wheelbarrow full of BAFTAs, Emmys, and Golden Globes.  She's been knighted in the Order of the British Empire, for pete's sake.

Yet even with all those distinctions, a legendary career, and worldwide adulation she has yet to fulfill her wildest dream.

"My great ambition is to be in a Fast and Furious movie,” Mirren herself revealed.

Following the first Spectre teaser trailer, Sony Pictures has released several new images from the opening sequence of the twenty-fourth official 007 adventure.

Before the opening credits, James Bond always grabs the audience's attention with a slam-bang action scene that sets the table for the two hours of adventure, womanizing, and product placement to follow.  Spectre is currently shooting its opener in Mexico City, and in addition to the new pictures showing Daniel Craig in action, a comprehensive rundown of the sequence has arrived online.

Action speaks louder than words. 

So even though there's precious little dialogue, these four Mad Max: Fury Road aren't just loud, they're vein-poppingly, throat-wreckingly screaming at the top of their lungs.

Hugh Jackman was there, fifteen years ago, at the dawn of the modern superhero boom, and we all imagined he would be there at the end, too, playing Wolverine with silvered mutton-chops but still inexplicably ripped at 76 years old. The seemingly ageless actor himself recently supported that notion, saying that Birdman had him wondering if he should ever stop wielding Wolvie's claws.

Turns out we won't see a geriatric Jackman still starring as a shirtless mutant thirty years down the line, or even five years down the line, because Hugh Jackman has announced that he only has one more Wolverine performance left in him.

He's already played the most famous mutant in Marvel's roster seven times, most recently in last summer's X-Men: Days of Future Past and he's on board to star in a sequel to The Wolverine, due in theaters March 3, 2017.  Based on Jackman's announcement, though, it sounds like Wolverine 3 will be his final bow, rounding out his tenure at an even eight movies.

What hath Marvel wrought?

As Disney ramps up its Star Wars cinematic universe, Universal brews up a shared world for its classic monsters, Fox triples down on X-movies, and James Cameron preps three Avatar sequels all at once, Paramount and Hasbro are looking to transform Transformers from one overblown, incoherent, but oh-so profitable franchise into a whole constellation of overblown, incoherent, but oh-so profitable franchises.

Sony has pulled back the curtain on the very first teaser trailer for the twenty-fourth official James Bond adventure, Spectre.

Since Spectre is still in the midst of production, it's a very teasery teaser, but it does show off plenty of real footage from the sequel, setting up the rudiments of the story and the (re)emergence of Bond's most famous nemesis, all while making it abundantly clear that this is a direct follow-up to Skyfall, the critical and commercial high point of the whole franchise based on Ian Fleming's murderous, womanizing, suave secret agent.

The more footage Paramount and Skydance show off, the more difficult it is not to be intrigued by Terminator: Genisys.

In the case of a new extended international TV spot, that might be simply because Oscar-winner JK Simmons finally plays a part in the promotion.  Or maybe it's because Terminator: Genisys might have some real narrative ambition.

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