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Somehow, Zack Snyder managed to keep his Lex Luthor under wraps throughout the long, long production of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

But now, a year out from the DC mega-movie's release, Snyder has unveiled our first look at Jesse Eisenberg as one of the greatest villains in all comic book lore.

Because TV shows can end but douchiness endures forever, the Entourage movie is heading to theaters this summer.

Don't believe me? The full theatrical trailer and a new poster have landed online, proving that Vinnie & Co. have indeed made the jump from the boob tube to the big screen, giving new meaning to the show's frequent refrain, "Vinnie's gonna do the movie!"

Not content as a mere two-time Academy Award nominated, talented, handsome, and charismatic actor, Bradley Cooper is finally fulfilling his longtime ambition to direct.

And he's chosen a humdinger for his feature directorial debut: Cooper is in talks with Warner Bros. to direct and possibly star in another remake of A Star Is Born.

A live-action Star Wars television series has been rumored, in one form or another, for years and years, going back well before Disney bought Lucasfilm outright.

With Disney doubling down on Star Wars in a huge way, planning a new movie every single year starting this December, is today's rumor of a new show about intergalactic civil war any surprise?

20th century Fox has unveiled the first real poster for this summer's Fantastic Four aka Fant4stic.

Captain America: Civil War kicks off production in a matter of days, so Marvel needs to find a new Spider-Man lickety-split.

The wallcrawler is poised to make his MCU debut in next summer's superhero slugfest.  Even if his appearance is just as a cameo, which we suspect is the case, it's still the introduction of an all-new Peter Parker, and the actor playing Spidey is likely to wear the webs for years and years to come.

We already heard that Marvel and Sony's latest Spider-Man will be young, still very much in high school, but what's surprising is that they're looking at actual teenagers to play him.

Rather than the usual practice of hiring a 25 year-old to play a high school student, Marvel is auditioning real youngsters like 16 year-old Mateus Ward.

Maybe humanity and Skynet don't have to be enemies. 

After all, as this summer's Terminator: Genisys reveals, both people and T-800s have to deal with growing old and watching their hair turn grey.

Arnold Schwarzenegger models his most famous characters new silver fox look in one of four new Genisys pictures that also feature Emilia Clarke as the rebooted Sarah Connor and Oscar winner JK Simmons as Detective O'Brien, a new figure in the Terminator mythos, one obsessed with Sarah and her robotic guardian.

With Joss Whedon stepping out as the series' writer-director after Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel Studios needs someone to take over its single biggest franchise.

For months now, Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been rumored as the directors of the next Avengers.  The rumors are true: The Russo Brothers have closed a deal to direct Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2.

When Jennifer Lawrence first dipped her toe into a pool of blue body paint as Mystique in X-Men: First Class, she wasn't yet Katniss Everdeen, the highest-grossing female action hero of all time.  She also hadn't won an Academy Award and become one of the biggest, most popular movie stars on the planet.

Five years after first shifting shape as Raven Darkholme, Lawrence will close out her run on the franchise with next year's X-Men: Apocalypse.

Like Ethan Hunt in a hot pursuit, Paramount Pictures is wasting no time.  Just yesterday, the studio seemed to empty its Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation promotional clip, unveiling the title, a teaser trailer, poster, and first-look images. 

Turns out there was one round left in the clip, however, because now, less than twenty-four hours later, the full theatrical trailer for Mission: Impossible 5 has smashed online, and it's a doozy.

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