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"We all have a sense of Stephen Hawking the icon," says Eddie Redmayne in a new behind the scenes featurette promoting next month's The Theory of Everything.

"I hope that this film will surprise people," continues the actor.  "About his character, about his family, about this extraordinary woman that was the fuel behind a lot of his success.  All of these things that make someone live a full life."

Strap yourself in prepare to pull some serious gees.

A trio of Interstellar TV spots haul ass, going from the dusty plains of heartland America to the farthest reaches of space.

A bumper crop of official images, meanwhile, remind everybody that though Interstellar does indeed star Matthew McConaughey, he's getting support from the best actresses in this galaxy.  Or any other galaxy, as far as we can tell.

Ready for a good cry?

Universal has released a new theatrical trailer for Unbroken, a true story so inspirational you might just squirt a few tears by the time these two and a half minutes are up.

Ryan Gosling has managed to stay kind of a big deal despite eschewing the sort of franchise movies that propel actors to super-stardom.

That could maybe, just maybe, change soon.  After turning down seemingly every superhero role out there, Gosling is reportedly mulling over offers to star in upcoming films from both Marvel and DC.

Marvel Studios has with the actor about getting mystic as Doctor Strange, while Warner Bros. is attempting to woo him into the DC villainous team-up Suicide Squad.

All hands on deck, from swabs to mates!

The first theatrical for In the Heart of the Sea has set sail, and Ron Howard's nautical nightmare looks like it could be great.

They say you can't go home again.  In Katniss Everdeen's case, this is especially true.

A one-minute teaser for next month's The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part I sends her back to District 12 anyways, subjecting the heroine to yet more emotional desolation as she tours the ruins of her hometown.

The bad news: You're probably going to have to watch the Oscars now.

The good news: Neil Patrick Harris is hosting, so the 87th Annual Academy Awards will almost undoubtedly be fun to watch this time.

After months spent attempting to keep a lid on its long term DC Cinematic Universe plans, Warner Bros. inexplicably let the cat out of the bag today, revealing its slate of superhero movies on through 2020.

While a lot of this news concerned rumors that were long ago accepted as fact online, there was at least one big surprise: Not only is a Flash feature film on the way, but the Scarlet Speedster has, in fact, already been cast.

Phenomenal young actor Ezra Miller is set to play The Flash in at least four DC movies.

Big Hero 6 is very, very different from Frozen, the last movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

That doesn't mean, though, that Big Hero 6 doesn't have a wacky, scene-stealing supporting character not entirely unlike Olaf, the snowman who wanted to see summer in last year's massive animated blockbuster.

In next month's animated anime riff, the Olaf figure is Fred, a Kaiju-obsessed young man who gets to fulfill his dream of being a fire-breathing monster.

Warner Bros. has endeavored to keep its DC Comics plans under a tight lid.

Which makes it especially surprising that CEO Kevin Tsujihara just revealed the full DC slate through 2020, announcing Justice Leagues Parts 1 & 2, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Shazam!, The Flash starring Ezra Miller, Aquaman, and even a Green Lantern reboot.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after months and months of rumor and speculation, it's suddenly all official.

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