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When he wasn't dropping Star Wars newsbombs this morning, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that a sequel to Frozen is indeed in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Next year's Star Wars spinoff, the first standalone adventure in a new cinematic universe, has a title, one that suits us just fine.

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced this morning that Gareth Edwards' mysterious space opera is officially called Star Wars: Rogue One

Yes, like iamROGUE, Star Wars is going Rogue.

Disney CEO Bob Iger has Star Wars beans, and he spilled some of them at a shareholders meeting in San Francisco this morning.

Iger announced not only the title of next year's standalone movie, Star Wars: Rogue One, but the release date of the second installment in the new trilogy that kicks off with this year's Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars: Episode VIII will open nationwide on May 26, 2017, just one day off from the actual 40th anniversary of the original Star Wars.


Thursday, 12 March 2015 08:07

He's not exactly the kind of barber you ask to just take a little off the top.

In the upcoming thriller The Barber, Scott Glenn stars as the title character, a barber hiding some deep, dark secrets.

The uniquely grizzled, magnetic Glenn is a part of the badass canon thanks to standout turns in the likes of Silence of the Lambs, Training Day, Backdraft, and The Hunt for Red October.  More recently, you probably caught him as Daredevil's mentor Stick in the latest trailer for Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil series.

The Barber follows John McCormick, played by Chris Coy (AMC's The Walking Dead), the son of a Chicago cop whose life was unraveled by his search for a notorious serial killer in the late 90s.  Twenty years later John, absolutely determined to finish his father's work, arrives in a small town where Eugene Van Wingerdt (Glenn) is the local barber.  John is convinced Van Wingerdt is, in fact, Francis Visser, killer of 17 women. 

In order to deliver him to justice, John claims to be an aspiring killer and requests that Van Wingerdt take him as his murderous protege, setting the stage for an unbelievably tense, twisty thriller that's full of surprises right up until the end.

Glenn and Coy carry the story, but the cast also includes legendary character actor Stephen Tobolowsky (Groundhog Day), Olivia Taylor Dudley (Transcendence), Jessica Lu (MTV's Awkward), Kristen Hager (SyFy's Being Human), and Max Arciniega (Haywire).

In anticipation of The Barber's theatrical and VOD release on March 27th, IAR is happy to debut a set of exclusive, all-new stills and behind the scenes photos.

In his acclaimed academic work on the whirlwind of unstoppable violence/social justice, eminent Seagalogist Vern notes that if you traced Steven Seagal's footsteps, "you will find a trail of broken windows and bones."¹

The latest step on Seagal's mythic path of shattered glass and bones is Code of Honor, a new action-thriller that just starting shooting today.

Guy Ritchie's new movie, The Man From U.N.C.L.E. isn't even in theaters until this summer, but the director kicked off production on Knights of the Round Table this week, and the first photo of he and Charlie Hunnam on set proves it.

Why the Hell is 'TRON 3' Shooting this Fall?

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 08:32

Years after fans gave up hope, TRON 3 is actually happening.

Production on the digi-sequel is set to kick off in Vancouver this summer, with Joseph Kosinski returning as director and Garrett Hedlund, at least, reprising his starring role as Sam Flynn.

So the follow-up Disney was clearly planning when it hyped the heck out out TRON: Legacy five years ago is making the jump from the Grid to the real world.  But we cannot figure out why.

Since it was based on a YA series, you knew The Maze Runner was a setup for at least two sequels even before the movie ended on a blatant setup for at least two sequels.

The first sequel, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, follows Dylan O'Brien and company out of the Glade and into the harsh world beyond the mechanized labyrinth that entrapped them.  Based on the first official images from The Scorch Trials, the former Gladers find a lot more than they bargained for in this dangerous new setting.

As promised, Disney has released a full theatrical trailer for Inside Out, Pixar's first original feature since Brave.

Dumbo is coming down Disney assembly line that turns animated classics into live-action juggernauts and the studio has secured a top-tier factory manager to make sure that the product is up to spec in the overbearing CGI and excessive spiral departments.

With Tim Burton set to direct the big-budget Dumbo, we're betting Johnny Depp is already pondering a role in the circus.

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