Eva Green Slices, Dices, and Spices Up Five '300: Rise of an Empire' Clips

Saturday, 01 March 2014 13:08 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Eva Green Slices, Dices, and Spices Up Five '300: Rise of an Empire' Clips

A bumper crop of crispy clips from next week's 300 sequel have an aroma of action, a pleasing jolt of Eva Green, and an aftertaste of speed-ramping naval warfare.

Though virtually all the heroes of 300 popped their clogs by the end of that movie, co-writers Kurt Johnstad and Zack Snyder managed to spin 300: Rise of an Empire out of Frank Miller's prequel comic Xerxes.

It's not quite a sequel in some ways, though, since the much of 300: Rise of an Empire happens concurrently with 300. "The idea of this movie was always interesting because it takes place at the same exact time that the first one took place, but it's from a different perspective," director Noam Murro explained in a recent behind the scenes featurette.

The scope is bigger: Xerxes brings the might of Persian down on the Greek city-states, which band together for war following the sacrifice of the 300 Spartans at the Hot Gates of Thermopylae.  Artemisia commands a mighty navy against the Greeks, seeking to avenge the long-ago murder of her family.  As the war enters a decisive stage, it's up to Themistokles of Athens to lead the Greek forces and keep Artemisia's forces off their shores.

These five clips, courtesy of JoBlo, involve plenty of Green as Artemisia and Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton as the heroic Themistokles.

Green generally doesn't get enough credit.  She's good even in bad movies.  You probably know her first and foremost as Bond's doomed love Vesper in Casino Royale, but the French actress has done solid work in movies as varied as Dark Shadows, Kingdom of Heaven, and Bernardo Bertolucci's Dreamers.

300: Rise of an Empire is just one of two 2014 adaptations of Frank Miller comics.  She also stars as the titular dame in this August's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Here, she stars alongside Stapleton, Jack O'Connell, and returning 300 players Rodrigo Santoro, Lena Headey, and David Wenham.

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