Channing Tatum Roundup: 'Magic Mike 2,' 'Gambit,' and 'Jupiter Ascending'

Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:47 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Channing Tatum Roundup: 'Magic Mike 2,' 'Gambit,' and 'Jupiter Ascending'

A highly virulent strain of Beefcake Fever is devastating the cities and towns of America, threatening to become a full-blown pandemic.

Luckily, there's a cure: Channing Tatum.

In accordance with the CDC's recommendation, Hollywood is administering a thorough dosage of Tatum.  22 Jump Street and Jupiter Ascending both arrive this summer, with Magic Mike XXL now scheduled for next July.  And, if Beekcake Fever proves persistent, Tatum may even end up starring in his very own X-Men spinoff someday.

Back in summer 2012, Magic Mike became the first R-rated semi-autobiographical drama-comedy about male strippers to gross $167 million globally, helping to stem a Beefcake outbreak that flared up at the time.  The sequel has been cooking in the labs at Warner Bros, which just scheduled Magic Mike XXL for July 3, 2015.

Obviously, that being Independence Day weekend, the Mike's next dance-off is against an event movie, the Terminator reboot/sequel.

Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh remains retired from directing movies, so his longtime first assistant director Greg Jacobs is taking over.  Tatum and his producing partner Reid Carolin are currently writing the script in order to shoot this fall.

Tatum himself has assured a panicked populace somewhat, saying he's hopeful Magic Mike XXL will contain essential Beefcake Fever-curing ingredients like Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello.  “I think everyone’s gonna be back, I think," he told MTV.  "Obviously no one’s deals are done which is always kind of scary.”

“This one will be a road trip movie," said Tatum. "Without giving a lot away, we don’t wanna make it a really serious, slice-of-life movie.  We want to have reality in it, but we don’t want to make it some dark drama.  There was some darkness in the last one that I think surprised people and shocked people.  This one, we want there to be a lot of conflict and a lot of struggle, but we also want there to be a shit-ton of fun.  A shit-ton of just ridiculous stuff that you would never see in a movie.”

Earlier this year, X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner declared her ambition to make a Gambit spinoff movie starring Tatum, who publicly professed his love of the character last summer.  In the same MTV interview, Tatum provided an update, saying he's met with Donner about the possibility.  He emphasized, however, that it's still only a possibility. 

"I hope it does [come together].  You never know, it’s a weird industry.  If the stars align, I would play it," he said.  "I’m already working on the accent."

Whether Gambit ever happens or not, this summer has no shortage of Tatum for those suffering from Beefcake Fever.  In the 21 Jump Street sequel 22 Jump Street, Tatum (who also produces) reprises his role as Jenko alongside Jonah Hill as Schmidt.  The action-comedy hits this June 13th, and the first TV spot is making the rounds:

Later this summer, the Lana and Andy Wachowski do their part to fight the Fever with Jupiter Ascending, an original sci-fi space opera.  Tatum plays Caine, a genetically engineered mercenary who is one part wolf, one part albino.  He travels to Earth to protect Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), a Chicago janitor who is actually a space-princess.

It looks like a big, wild, crazy-ambitious ride.  A new image shows Jupiter hitching a ride on Caine's back while he zips about on his rocket boots.

Jupiter Ascending is due in theaters on this July 18th.

At some point before this year is out, we ought to see Foxcatcher, Bennett Miller's drama in which Tatum stars with Mark Ruffalo and an unrecognizable Steve Carell.

If you exhibit any Beefcake Fever symptoms, please seek out your local multiplex.

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