Who’s Letting the ‘Catfish’ Out of the Bag?

Friday, 01 October 2010 12:04 Written by  Matt Molgaard
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Who’s Letting the ‘Catfish’ Out of the Bag?

Catfish earned enough notice at the Sundance Film Festival to spark major buzz and a solid theatrical push. While the story details remain a mystery for the most part (unless you‘ve had the privilege of seeing the film, which opened in select theaters September 24th) , the momentum the film has built certainly hasn’t.

That vow of silence (that seemingly everyone involved has stuck to) will soon be broken when Angela Wesselman-Pierce talks Catfish on ABC’s “20/20” next week.

One of the shows publicist’s confirmed that Wesselman-Pierce has been interviewed for a segment about the film, which will air next Friday.

The film follows New York City photographer Nev Schulman who enters into an online relationship with Megan Faccio. Schulman’s brother Ariel Schulman and longtime friend Henry Joost directed the picture.

While Nev has been busy promoting the film, Angela Wesselman-Pierce has remained mum on the topic, avoiding the spotlight at all costs.

“I think she’s probably had a lot of people who want to talk to her, and I don’t know how much she’s comfortable with talking,” Nev Schulman told The L.A. Times. “She said she wasn’t sure how much she wanted to participate in the promotion of the film, and she ended up choosing to be a part of a newsmagazine show.”

According to Schulman, he’s not certain of what Wesselman-Pierce will reveal during the interview.

“Look she’s expressive. She has a voice, and she wants to be heard,” stated Schulman. “All I know is that she told them her side of the story.”

Catfish stars Nev Schulman, Megan Faccio and Rel Schulman. The film opened in select theaters September 24th.

Source: LA Times

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